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  • 1973 would see the release of hit film 'The Exorcist', in which a twelve-year-old girl is possessed by a demon, and two priests attempt to rid the child of the possession.

    1973 年,一部描述了一名十二歲女孩被魔鬼附身,而兩名神父則嘗試想將魔鬼從這孩子的身上驅逐出去的故事,名叫《大法師》的熱門電影上映了。

  • A year later in West Yorkshire, England, a real-life exorcism would take place and fail with disastrous consequences.


  • Michael Taylor was a 31-year-old man living in the market town of Ossett with his wife, Christine.

    Michael Taylor 是一名 31 歲的男子,與他的妻子 Christine 一起住在名為 Ossett 的市場小鎮上。

  • Taylor worked as a butcher, which is... foreshadowing.

    Taylor 是一名屠夫,而這點本身... 就已經揭露了一些悲劇的端倪。

  • Michael Taylor belonged to a Christian Fellowship group, which is kind of like a book club, I think?

    Michael Taylor 所屬於一個基督教團契小組,大概就類似像是個圖書會之類的?

  • Only there's one book and it's generally frowned upon if you don't have a glowing review for it.


  • It was here Taylor developed strange mannerisms, including speaking in tongues.

    而 Taylor 就是在這裡發展出他奇怪的習慣,其中包括伸出舌頭胡言亂語。

  • The leader of this group was Mary Robinson.

    這個團契的組長是 Mary Robinson。

  • Taylor's wife, Christine, revealed to the group that Michael's interest in Robinson was sexually driven.

    而 Taylor 的妻子 Christine 則向小組成員們表示 Michael 對 Robinson 有性方面的興趣。

  • I think he might have misunderstood the nature of these types of groups orfuck, maybe I've misunderstood the nature of these types of groups.


  • Taylor did indeed admit to feeling evil inside and would eventually attack Robinson verbally.

    Taylor 則承認了他確實在內心抱有著邪惡的念頭,並且最後在口頭上攻擊了 Robinson。

  • Robinson described a wild bestial look overtaking Taylor's face, and feared she would have been killed in the incident had it not been for the intervention of Jesus.

    Robinson 描述一種狂亂野獸般的表情出現在 Taylor 的臉上,並且害怕要不是有耶穌的介入,她可能早已被殺掉了。

  • Taylor's behavior would become increasingly erratic after this, until the group came to the conclusion that Taylor's behavior was a result of him being diabolically afflicted,

    Taylor 的行為在此之後越發無常,讓整個小組都同意 Taylor 的行為是因為惡靈纏身所導致,

  • and that there was only one way to free him and get the old Michael Taylor back.


  • The local vicar called in other ministers he knew to be experienced in deliverance to cast out demons in Michael Taylor.

    當地的牧師於是聯絡了其他有過驅魔經驗的牧師,希望他們能將 Michael Taylor 體內的惡靈驅逐出去。

  • Enter Father Peter Vincent, an Anglican priest who would head up the exorcism, and Reverend Raymond, a Methodist clergyman who would assist him.

    一位名叫 Peter Vincent 的聖公會神父將會主導整場驅魔儀式,而一位名叫 Reverend Raymond 的衛理宗教士則會在一旁協助。

  • The exorcism would be performed in Saint Thomas Church in Barnsley on the night of the 5th of October, 1974.

    驅魔儀式將會在 1974 年 10 月 5 日晚間在位於巴斯尼的聖湯瑪士教堂舉行。

  • In an all-night ceremony, the men invoked and cast out at least 40 demons. Jesus, leave some for the rest of us.


  • Among these were incest, bestiality, blasphemy, and lewdness.


  • The exorcism rite lasted until 6:00 a.m., totally exhausting the priests.


  • They allowed Taylor to go home but feared at least three demons still remained: insanity, violence, and murder.

    他們於是放了 Taylor 回家,但害怕著至少還有三名惡靈還在他的體內,分別是瘋狂、暴力與謀殺。

  • Those seem like three pretty important demons, like surely you should have prioritized those ones!?


  • Like, at the very least, you should have got rid of murderthat's pretty serious.


  • Like couldn't you have maybe swapped bestiality and murder there? Was it really more important to get rid of bestiality instead of murder?


  • "Well, he might kill someone, but at least he won't suck a dog's dick."


  • Imagine a mechanic gave you your car back and said,


  • "Okay, so I fixed the left tail-light, the broken mirror, and the crack in the windscreen. The brakes still don't work, but I think you're good to go."


  • A mere two hours after the exorcism, Michael Taylor would fly into a ferocious rage.

    在驅魔儀式結束的僅僅兩個小時後,Michael Taylor 就陷入了殘暴的狂怒狀態。

  • Neighbors described a fit of laughter and joy emanating from the Taylor household, but what they did not know was Michael had viciously attacked Christine.

    鄰居們描述他們從 Taylor 的房子那頭聽到了一陣陣充滿愉悅的笑聲,但他們不知道的是,在此時 Michael 已經殘忍地殺害了 Christine。

  • With his bare hands, Michael tore her eyes and tongue out, and almost ripped her entire face off.

    Michael 赤手空拳地將她的眼睛與舌頭都拔了出來,還幾乎將整張臉都撕了下來。

  • He left the house, but not before strangling their poodle.


  • Police found Michael aimlessly wandering the streets; naked and covered in blood.

    警方發現在街上毫無目標到處亂晃的 Michael 身無一物且滿身是血。

  • He was maniacally shouting, "It is the blood of Satan!" over and over again.


  • They would soon find the mutilated bodies of his wife and their dog lying in pools of blood on the floor of their home.


  • At his trial in March, Taylor was acquitted on the grounds of insanity.

    在當年三月的審判中,Taylor 以精神錯亂為由被當庭宣判無罪。

  • He spent two years in Broadmoor Hospital before being sent to a secure ward in Bradford for another two years.

    他後來先是在 Broadmoor 醫院待了兩年,接著被送往了一個位於 Bradford 的精神醫院再待了兩年。

  • Michael Taylor was then released. In the years following, Michael Taylor would attempt suicide on at least four occasions, until in 2005 when he would find himself in court again.

    Michael Taylor 接著便被放了出來。隔年他至少試圖自殺了四次,而到了 2005 年他又坐到了被告席上。

  • This time for the indecent touching of an underage girl.


  • A week into his prison sentence for the crime, Taylor began to exhibit the same strange behavior he did before his wife's murder.

    在因為這次的犯行而被關進監獄後的一個星期,Taylor 又再次展現出他在殺害妻子之前的奇怪舉止。

  • When brought back before the court, they again ordered him into a psychiatric treatment.


  • I was unable to find out where Michael Taylor is as of time of recording.

    在錄製本影片的當下,我尚無法得知 Michael Taylor 現在的去向為何。

1973 would see the release of hit film 'The Exorcist', in which a twelve-year-old girl is possessed by a demon, and two priests attempt to rid the child of the possession.

1973 年,一部描述了一名十二歲女孩被魔鬼附身,而兩名神父則嘗試想將魔鬼從這孩子的身上驅逐出去的故事,名叫《大法師》的熱門電影上映了。

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