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  • One way to ward off mosquitoes is to light a coil that releases mosquito repelling vapors.


  • These coils manufactured in Thailand contain three natural ingredients traditionally used in this country to keep those biting bugs at bay: eucalyptus, citronella and turmeric.


  • The first step is to mix them with certain non-active natural ingredients which form the coil.


  • Coconut shell powder, sawdust, tapioca starch and joss powder, an adhesive made from the bark and leaves of the Litsea glutinosa tree.

    材料分別有椰殼粉、鋸末、木薯澱粉和膠樟樹粉 (一種由潺槁木姜子樹的樹皮和樹葉所製成的黏合劑)。

  • Then they add the coil's only chemical active ingredient: meperfluthrin.


  • Its vapors are toxic to mosquitoes' nervous systems, yet harmless to humans at low doses.


  • A conveyor belt transports it to an extruder, which squeezes the paste through a slot shaped die, producing sheets approximately 5 mm thick.

    傳送帶將其輸送到擠壓機,而擠壓機將原料糊通過一個槽形模子擠壓後,產生出大約 4 毫米厚的原料片。

  • A stamping machine then punches out 7 coils per sheet.

    一臺沖壓機接著在每張原料片上沖壓出 7 片蚊香片。

  • The leftover paste travels back to the extruder to be reformed into fresh sheets.


  • After 5.5 hours, the coils come out of the drying chamber hard and sturdy.

    經過 5.5 小時後,從乾燥室送出來的蚊香片變得既堅硬又紮實。

  • After conducting another visual inspection, workers transfer the dried coils to the automated packing line.


  • The machine's first station stacks the coils and piles of five.

    該機器的第一個站點會將蚊香以 5 片為一堆的疊放起來。

  • Workers place a metal coil stand on each stack.


  • Then the machine's next station packages each stack in clear plastic film.


  • The package holds the five coils tightly together so they don't rattle against each other and get damaged.


  • It also prevents the scent from dissipating before use.


  • At the next station, a high speed robotic arm grabs and opens the retail boxes aligning them opposite the arriving packages of coils.


  • The machine inserts the package of coils into each box, then closes the box.


  • Provided they're kept sealed in their plastic package and stored away from moisture, the active ingredients remain effective for at least 10 years.

    在塑膠包裝未被開啟且遠離潮濕處放置的情況下,蚊香內部的活性成分能夠持續有效長達至少 10 年之久。

One way to ward off mosquitoes is to light a coil that releases mosquito repelling vapors.



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蚊香|它是如何製成的 (Mosquito Coils | How It's Made)

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