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  • What, actually, is the metaverse?


  • Well, if we think of the Internet as something that we look at, the metaverse is a version of the Internet that we're inside.


  • The idea is that we will experience the metaverse as an avatar, a virtual version of ourselves that we control as we explore this new online frontier.


  • But what will we actually do?


  • Okay, so, boss, here we are in what might be considered a representation of... of what the metaverse could be.


  • Yeah, for us, the metaverse is a spatial construct as opposed to the previous web, which was really a very linear kind of 2D flat thing.


  • Uh, we want this one to be immersive.


  • Now, of course, it doesn't mean it has to be virtual reality; uh, it could also just be on a phone or on a desktop computer.


  • You might have noticed that we're using the tools of the metaverse to create a good portion of this item.


  • My avatar has been created by a couple of companies, Ready Player Me and OZ.

    我的數位分身是由幾家公司設計的,它們是 Ready Player Me 和 OZ。

  • They already create tools for people to make avatars from a photo.


  • It's this virtual version of us which will travel between online experiences in any metaverse.


  • And then o... over time, what I'm most excited about is an economy there.


  • Uh, and I mean, you know, economy not just of digital goods, sure, and entertainment, that's great, but also services.


  • Um... in, in a... in an immersive environment, I'm gonna have an avatar, I'm gonna need a stylist, I'm gonna have uh... a home space.


  • Microsoft has adapted its workplace meeting software, Teams, for the metaverse by creating a system called Mesh.

    微軟通過創建一個名為 Mesh 的系統來調整其會議軟體 Teams,以為日後連結元宇宙世界作準備。

  • It's designed to work with a variety of different devices including virtual and augmented reality.


  • AR, as it's known, projects graphics on top of the real world using headsets like Microsoft's HoloLens or mobile phones.

    擴增實境,如其名,可以通過穿戴式設備如微軟的 HoloLens 或手機,把畫面投射在現實世界裡。

  • There's quite a few people that have got fatigued by having to have video chats, meetings, and things of that nature, and that they realized they now crave human contact.


  • Human communication is about 5% speech and about 95% everything else.

    在人類的溝通行為中,只有 5% 為對話,其餘 95% 是各種不同的交流方式。

  • I've been in my... in my, you know, living room with the entire team around the table, right?


  • Making eye contact, um, where the... all the gestures are coming into the right place.


  • So, it changes completely, the... the... you know, call it the screen fatigue we're feeling today.


  • The next piece of the metaverse puzzle isn't just about seeing these virtual worlds, but feeling them as well.


  • Meta has revealed that it's been working on a glove that will let the user feel sensations like holding an object.

    Meta 透露,他們一直在開發一種觸覺手套,讓用戶一戴上去就會體驗到握住物品的感覺。

  • The glove has a number of sensors that measure the wearer's movements, and air pockets across the glove's surface inflate to create sensation.


  • These gloves aren't quite ready for primetime yet, but they're an indicator of the kind of research that's going on behind the scenes.


What, actually, is the metaverse?


由 AI 自動生成

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【BBC 新聞】到底元宇宙是什麼? (What is the metaverse? - BBC News)

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