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  • So the idea of a "reverse advent calendar" is that it changes the focus instead of thinking about what you're receiving. It makes people think about what they can give.


  • My name is Heather Lateral, and I'm the coordinator or founder of "reverse advent calendar" in Australia.

    我是 Heather Lateral。我是澳洲地區「反向」聖誕倒數日曆活動的協調人或發起人。

  • You start with an empty box, and instead of taking something out every day, you put something in, so food or toiletries and Christmas treats for 20 days.

    參加活動的方式是找來一個空的箱子,然後連續 20 天,每天往裡面放一點東西,這些東西可以是食物、洗漱用品或聖誕禮物。

  • And at that point, the box is usually pretty full, and the box is then donated to a food related agency, where it can then be given to a family in need.

    20 天後,那個箱子通常都會被放滿東西。被放滿東西的箱子會被捐贈給食品救濟機構,分送給有需要的家庭。

  • I was really seeing the power of it and the impact on my family, but really just planted this seed in me that there was something bigger in this, and I really wanted to see more people do it.


  • So I put on Facebook. Would any of my friends like to join me?

    所以我把我在做的事情貼上 Facebook,邀請我的朋友一起來做這件事。

  • And I thought maybe I would find four friends that would join us that year, but the response was incredible.


  • We ended up with over 70 boxes.

    我們最後收集到 70 多個箱子的物資。

  • I loved it, like it was amazing and I just loved seeing how much other people got from it and then seeing the combined boxes come together to know what a difference it would make.


  • Which blows my mind to think that from one box in my family, in just four years, it's become 4000 families or individuals across Australia.


  • They will have more food in their tummies and also that feeling of that they've been cared for.


  • We hear stories like moms who because of that food, they're able to free up a bit of their own money to purchase their children a Christmas present.


  • One asylum seeker family where the dad was able to choose not to work on Christmas Day because they could afford, because of a box, be able to be with his children on Christmas Day.


  • People often say, it's such a busy time at Christmas, you know, how are you managing?


  • But I find it energizes me. It just gives me so much joy and excitement.


  • But I would love to get to a point where anybody in Australia who wants to get involved and feel the reverse at that kind of box would be able to access one and do it.


So the idea of a "reverse advent calendar" is that it changes the focus instead of thinking about what you're receiving. It makes people think about what they can give.


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聖誕節做件有意義的善事!能幫助人的「倒數日曆」 - BBC新聞 (The “reverse advent calendar” helping people in need at Christmas - BBC News)

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