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  • They're finally here,


  • Along with colder weather, warm sweaters, sugar cookies, and hallmarks' annual countdown to Christmas, Starbucks' holiday beverage lineup and their festive red cups have become a big part of our annual holiday celebrations.

    聖誕節的年度倒計時 星巴克的節日飲料陣容和他們的節日紅杯已經成為我們每年節日慶祝活動的一個重要組成部分。

  • It's a small wonder, then, that many of us get a little bit giddy when the time comes that we can all start knocking back coffees and festive flavors like Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee, and Chestnut Praline Latte.


  • But just because they fill us with good cheer and make the dark days a bit brighter, doesn't necessarily mean that they're good for us, particularly because those yummy flavors come with a cost: excess sugar and empty calories.


  • Perfection.


  • It's the reason Dr. Elizabeth Klingbeil tells Mashed that, while we might be tempted to indulge a littleor a lotbecause these drinks are only available for a limited time, it's always wise to recognize these festive treats for what they are.


  • Beverages to be enjoyed occasionally, you know, like treats.


  • Dr. Klingbeil, a registered dietitian nutritionist who also works as an assistant professor at Johnson & Wales University, said, "I think that it's always good to view sweetened beverages as a treat."


  • Besides the large amount of added sugars they usually provide, our bodies are really bad at measuring calories consumed via beverages or liquids.


  • Our stomachs don't stretch as much, and we digest them quickly, decreasing the amount of satiety that we gain from any calories and drinks, meaning you won't stay full from a Peppermint Mocha, which contains 440 calories the same way you would from a Cranberry Bliss Bar, which contains only 290.


  • Dr. Klingbeil also tells Mashed that, like all treats, some of Starbucks' festive drinks are "naughtier" than others on the holiday menu.


  • The nutritionist warns that the Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee, Chestnut Praline Latte, and Toasted White Chocolate Mocha all contain the highest amounts of calories and saturated fats.


  • She told Mashed, "A 16-ounce size of these drinks provides around 50% of the daily saturated fat limit."


  • "Added sugars and saturated fats offer little nutritional benefits, and research shows that excessive intake of these nutrients may increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other obesity-related health conditions."


  • Of all the options on the Starbucks holiday drink menu, Dr. Klingbeil suggests staying away from two drinks especially: the chain's Peppermint Mocha and Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, since they both have 10 grams of saturated fat.


  • There is, however, a nice option on the Starbucks holiday menu.


  • Dr. Klingbeil recommends anyone trying to avoid empty calories order the Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte.


  • This drink made history in 2021 as the coffee chain's first dairy-free holiday drink.


  • It has no saturated fat and contains 25 grams of added sugars in a 16-ounce serving, which is much less than other options on the menu.


  • Dr. Klingbeil also says there is still a way to enjoy these drinks without breaking your daily calorie bank.


  • Here is her pro tip, "Three very easy swaps you can make to any Starbucks order to decrease your saturated fat and added sugars include switching to skim milk rather than 2% or whole, either decreasing the pumps of sweetener or syrup or asking the baristas to use sugar-free syrup flavors."


  • "And lastly, the third way you can decrease the sugar and fat content is by removing any toppings like whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or sugars."


  • Even with these tweaks, Dr. Klingbeil isn't inclined to recommend anyone enjoy these Christmas coffees on a daily basis.

    即使有了這些調整,醫生Clean bill也不傾向於推薦任何人每天享受這些聖誕咖啡,她建議。

  • She advised, "If someone is drinking Starbucks coffee every day of the week, I try to encourage them to avoid drinks that are high in added sugars and saturated fats most days. The most important thing to consider is moderation."


  • We all deserve a sweet treat these days, especially during the holidays, so there's no reason to agonize over calorie counts.

    這些天我們都應該享受甜食,特別是在節假日期間,所以沒有理由為卡路里數而苦惱,清潔博士指出。嚴格來說,食物沒有好壞之分。 個人應該優先考慮他們目前的飲食適度和平衡,以促進健康的飲食方式。

  • As Dr. Klingbeil notes, "There are technically no good or bad foods. Individuals should prioritize moderation and balance of their current diet to promote a healthy approach to eating."

  • "So basically, go enjoy that holiday drink you've been excited about, but maybe don't drink it every day this week."


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They're finally here,



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你可能不想點這些星巴克的節日飲品 (You Might Not Want To Order These Starbucks Holiday Drinks)

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