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  • There are so many things that you can do to improve your English learning.


  • But there is one thing that I think is the most important.


  • The thing I think is the most important.


  • The thing you should do to improve your English learning is to stay motivated.


  • So, in this English lesson, I'm going to give you five tips.


  • I'm going to tell you about five things that you can do, starting right now, starting today, to improve your English learning.


  • One of the first things you can do to improve your English learning is to create a daily reminder: Do something so that you will be reminded every day that you should be learning a little bit of English.


  • Here's a really cool way to do that.


  • Think of an English-speaking country and find a picture of their flag, or think of an English-speaking city in that country and find a picture of that city.


  • Print it out or cut it out of a magazine and tape it to the wall somewhere in your house or your apartment.


  • Uh, tape it to the wall somewhere where you know you're going to walk past it multiple times per day.


  • Each time you walk past, you'll see that picture or you'll... or you'll see that flag, and you'll be reminded that you are learning English.


  • And you'll probably be reminded that you're excited about it and maybe you even want to visit that city or country someday.


  • So, job number one to improve your English: Find a picture, find a flag, tape it to the wall somewhere in your apartment or house, and as you walk by it multiple times each day, be reminded that you're learning English.


  • Hey, I just wanted to jump in to the middle of this lesson and remind you that if this is your first time here, don't forget to click that red subscribe button over there.


  • And give me a thumbs up if this video is helping you learn just a little bit more English.


  • Now, back to the lesson.


  • The second thing you can do to improve your English learning, especially on those days when you don't feel like doing it, is to just say to yourself, "I'll just study for five minutes."


  • I walk for exercise, and some days, I don't feel like walking, and this funny thing happens:


  • If I just say, "I'll just go for a five-minute walk," when I get outside and I start my walk and I walk for five minutes, I end up walking for 30 or 40 minutes.

    如果我說:「我只要到外面健走五分鐘」,一開始會健走五分鐘,但最後我卻走了 30 或 40 分鐘。

  • Sometimes it's just a matter of getting started.


  • So on those days when you don't feel like studying English, on those days where you have no motivation, just say to yourself, "You know what? I'll just study for five minutes," and you might be surprised; you might end up studying for a lot longer.


  • So, the second thing you can do to improve your English learning on days when you don't feel like doing it: Just say to yourself, "I'll just do it for five minutes," and see how long you actually do it for.


  • Are you a competitive person? Do you like competing with other people? Do you like playing games? And do you like to win?

    你是一個好勝的人嗎?你喜歡和別人競爭嗎? 你喜歡玩遊戲嗎? 你喜歡贏嗎?

  • Well, if you build competition with another person into your English learning, it will really improve your English learning.


  • Find a friend or a relative and challenge each other, maybe to learn a certain number of vocabulary words each week or maybe to watch a certain number of videos on YouTube, to help you learn English each week.

    找個朋友或親人一起挑戰每週要背一定數量的單字,或每週在 Youtube 上觀看一定數量的影片來幫助你學習英語。

  • When you compete with someone, it builds in another level of motivation.


  • If you use the app called Duolingo, this is actually built in; you can track each other's progress, and when you see your friend or relative, uh, performing really well on Duolingo, it motivates you to do more Duolingo and to learn more English.

    如果你有用一個叫 Duolingo 的 app,這其實是內建的,你可以跟蹤對方的進度。當你看到朋友或親人在 Duolingo 表現得非常好,就會激勵你用 Duolingo 學習更多的英語。

  • So, the third thing you can do to improve your English learning: Find someone else who's competitive and set up little challenges for each other each week and see who ends up winning.


  • The fourth thing you can do to improve your English learning is to keep track of your progress.


  • Now, I've mentioned this many times before, so of the five things I'm telling you today, this one isn't really new, but it's still a really good one.


  • Get a calendar, put the calendar on the wall somewhere.


  • On days where you do study English, even if it's only for five minutes, put a nice green checkmark.


  • On those days where you didn't have time to study English and you didn't study it at all, put a big red X.


  • As you go through the days and weeks and months, you will be motivated to put green checkmarks on the calendar.


  • It just looks a lot better when there's lots of green checkmarks instead of lots of red ones.


  • So, another way to motivate yourself is to simply keep track of those days where you've done English learning and put it on the calendar somewhere, maybe write it in a journal, do whatever you need to do so that you can look back and see the success that you've had.


  • And, hopefully, there's not too many red Xs 'cause it's not nice to look back and see a lot of failures.


  • The fifth thing you can do to improve your English learning is to stay positive and make sure you don't aim for perfection.


  • Learning a language is, by its very nature, going to be filled with mistakes.


  • You are going to make mistakes, you are going to aim to study for five hours a week and only study for three, you're going to have an English conversation and you're going to make mistakes.


  • Do not aim for perfection; when you aim for perfection, you end up becoming disappointed.


  • So, be realistic, be positive, set goals each week.


  • If you don't hit those goals, at least get part of the way.


  • If your plan was to study for five hours a week and you study for four, celebrate that; be realistic that maybe there just wasn't enough time to do five hours, and always keep looking forward.


  • If you fail one week, do better the next week.


  • If you fail one day, do better the next three days.


  • Always think about moving forward instead of dwelling on past failures.


  • Well, hey, thank you so much for watching this English lesson.


  • I hope the five tips that I gave you will help you stay motivated, and if you stay motivated, I know that will improve your English learning.


  • So, try all five, or maybe just try one or two, and see if they help.


  • Anyways, thank you again for watching; if you're new here, don't forget to click that red subscribe button over there and give me a thumbs up if this video helped you learn a little bit more English.

    無論如何,再次感謝你的觀看。如果你是新來的, 別忘了點擊旁邊的紅色訂閱按鈕。如果這段影片對你學習英語有幫助的話,幫我按個讚。

  • And if you have the time, why don't you stick around and watch another English lesson?


There are so many things that you can do to improve your English learning.


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今天你可以做的5件事來提高你的英語水平 (5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your English)

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