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  • According to AAA, driving a mile in a new car costs the average American 57 cents.

    根據美國汽車協會 (AAA) 的說法,美國人駕駛一輛新車行駛一英里平均要花上 57 美分。

  • The average American drives 15,000 miles a year, so this adds up to quite a bit of money, about $8,500.

    而一名美國人平均每年會行駛 15,000 英里,加總起來每年便要花上不少錢,大約是 8,500 美元。

  • With shifting societal needs and emerging technologies being announced nearly every day, some people are asking if the cost of owning a car is even worth it.


  • Breaking down that 57-cent figure, only about a dime of that goes towards fuel and maintenance.

    開車一英里所花費的 57 分錢,只有大約 10 分錢花在燃油和維護費上。

  • The most expensive part, by far, of driving a new car is depreciation.


  • On average, a new car loses $15,000 of value during the first five years of ownership, about $3,000 a year.

    平均來說,一台新車會在交車的頭五年損失約 15,000 美元的價值,也就是每年損失約 3,000 美元。

  • While this hasn't been a sales issue to car buyers or manufacturers yet, car makers are worried about the future.


  • Millennials now make up more than a quarter of all Americans, making them the largest generation in the US.


  • And according to a report by the Brookings Institute, a huge number of them are moving to urban centers, where alternative services like Uber and Lyft, as well as public transportation or even walking and biking, are feasible driving replacements.

    而根據布魯金斯學會所做的一份報告,他們當中有相當多的人移居到了城市中心,在那裡,像是 Uber 和 Lyft、大眾運輸工具,甚至是走路與騎腳踏車都是能夠替代開車的移動方式。

  • A few short years ago, if you wanted something, you had to go get it, and that usually meant hopping into your car.


  • But these days, if you need to buy anything, you can just get on your smartphone and have it delivered to your door.


  • And if you live in a city, same-day shipping and grocery deliveries are becoming more and more common.


  • This decreased reliance on the car is changing how we see the automobile.


  • Cars used to be a symbol of what it meant to be an American: freedom and the open road.


  • And because of this, they became an integral part of our society.


  • The classic representation of this is the rush to get your license when you turn 16, finally granting you the ability to do whatever you want, like see your friends or other stuff high schoolers do.

    這種思維的典型呈現例子就是美國人會在 16 歲時急著去考汽車駕照,讓你總算能夠去隨心所欲地做想做的事,就像你看到朋友們或是高年級生做的那樣。

  • Now, though, a study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, who oddly track this kinda thing,


  • shows that fewer teens are choosing to get their driver's licenses, with the total number of high school senior drivers falling nearly 10% from 2006 to 2015.

    越來越少的青少年會去考取駕照了,而高中高年級生的駕車比例從 2006 至 2015 年下降了將近 10%。

  • These teens are choosing not to drive for a number of reasons.


  • These include things like the cost of owning and buying a car, and the fact that public transportation and ride-sharing apps have become more common,


  • and the ability/convenience to do things online without leaving their home.


  • I mean, think about it, when I was in high school, I wasn't going anywhere unless I knew someone with a car or my parents were down to drive me.


  • But now, any 15-year-old with a smartphone and an iTunes gift card can get a ride across town to Lindsey Luckenbach's house when her parents aren't home.

    然而現在一名 15 歲少年只要有智慧型手機和 iTunes 點數卡,就能叫車然後趁人家父母不在時,前往遠在鎮上另一邊的 Lindsey Luckenbach 的家。

  • What a time to be alive.


  • For people my age, the keys to freedom started your car.


  • But now, it's a smartphone passcode.


  • To try to attract these otherwise lost customers, new methods of ownership are being thought up and tried out.


  • Manufacturers like Lincoln and Volvo are launching subscription programs in a number of locations around the world.

    像是林肯與 Volvo 等車廠正在世界上的幾個地點啟用訂閱計畫。

  • Rather than having to deal with purchasing or financing a car, then insuring it and maintaining it, all while dealing with depreciation, subscription programs roll all of that into a single monthly price and no down payment.


  • It's sort of like how cell phone companies have started rolling insurance and the cost of a phone and usage all into one bill.


  • For instance, Volvo's subscription services offer a vehicle, maintenance, and insurance, starting at $600 a month for 24 months, with the option to upgrade to a new vehicle after a year.

    舉例來說,Volvo 的訂閱服務提供一輛車、保養服務與保險,簽約 24 個月,每月 600 美元起,並能在開始一年後升級至一輛新的車輛。

  • Although, if you upgrade, your 24 months restart, and that's how they keep you.

    然而若是你決定升級,24 個月的約定期便會重新開始計算,而這就是他們留住你的方法。

  • I'm keeping my eye on you, you Swedish bas


  • And it isn't just Volvo.

    不只有 Volvo 在這麼做而已。

  • Lincoln, Cadillac, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are all trying out subscription programs in one way or another.

    林肯、凱迪拉克、保時捷、BMW 與賓士都在用各種方法來嘗試訂閱制計畫。

  • They're all trying to (bleep) us.


  • Some companies are thinking even further into the future.


  • Unless you've been living under a rock or in my apartment, then you may have heard of Uber and Waymo testing autonomous cars on public streets.

    除非你住在深山老林或是我的公寓哩,不然你應該有聽過 Uber 和 Waymo 正在公開道路測試自動駕駛車輛的消息。

  • Such developments might make car ownership a thing of the past.


  • AAA estimates that your car is doing nothing but sitting, turned off, for 95% of the time that you own it.

    根據美國汽車協會的估計,你的車在你擁有它 95% 的時間中,都只是引擎關閉地停在哪裡,什麼都沒做。

  • In this future world, vehicles are in use 95% of the time, constantly being summoned to and from where they are needed by connected devices.

    而在未來的世界中,車輛有 95% 的時間都在時刻運作著,不斷被需要他們的使用者們利用連線裝置招來喚去。

  • Imagine, it's 2024, you're subscribed to an autonomous ride service.

    想像一下,時間來到了 2024 年,你訂閱了一個自動駕駛服務。

  • You go to work at 8:00 every morning, so a car's waiting outside your house.


  • It already knows where you're going and will combine your trip with others to make the journey more efficient.


  • Your phone will tell the car you're inside, and it'll just drive away.


  • You slip on your Acme-brand VR goggles to distract yourself from the hellish, lonely, subscription-based dystopia, Ubertron is now driving you through.

    你帶上了 Acme 公司製作的 VR 眼鏡,藉此來讓你不用看到 Ubertron 正帶你駛過的這個地獄般、孤寂、訂閱制至上的反烏托邦景象。

  • As you arrive at Obey Corp., your car leaves for the next rider.

    你抵達了任職的 Obey 公司後,車子便離開前去接送下個乘客。

  • And you think to yourself, hey, you didn't even need to find parking.


  • On top of the financial hurdles of such a future is the hurdle of convincing the public, you know, you and me.


  • In Uber's world, cars are simply a means of transportation.

    在 Uber 的世界中,車輛不過是種交通工具而已。

  • You use them to get from point A to point B.

    你能利用它們讓你從 A 點到達 B 點。

  • While this may be true on paper, for many of us, including most of you watching this, our cars are so much more.


  • They're our happy place.


  • Somewhere to escape the day-to-day, to put the hammer down and drive.


  • And even if that's getting more expensive, I'm not ready to give that up.


  • What do you think?


  • Is it inevitable that we give up driving, or would you ever own an autonomous vehicle?


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    這集講的是福特 GT。

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  • Oh, what's that?


  • Oh, my... my Uber's here. Oh, well. See you later.

    啊,我的... 我的 Uber 到了。好喔。之後再見啦。

According to AAA, driving a mile in a new car costs the average American 57 cents.

根據美國汽車協會 (AAA) 的說法,美國人駕駛一輛新車行駛一英里平均要花上 57 美分。

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