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  • downtown dallas

  • he's out of member obvious coming and I'm not a member countries six years old and I'm

  • from hollywood California

  • and it seems he says that ten years old the musical theater records and in that sense

  • that perhaps if and I made a lot of noise and which his energy

  • and so they had to find an outlet for me

  • and I loved it

  • I decided to come out of this information at all now after watching the past two years

  • so you know you know Clinton I would do that

  • it's like big chance to I want to go out there and

  • the Michelle

  • well on of the star I'm not scared

  • I am there is a real on pay

  • no

  • are you

  • our next

  • in is that

  • and that task like it

  • you know that this is a also

  • I am for agreements in you have to look at all it's a stereotypical definitive evidence

  • she knew them

  • could have gone against war

  • lots to do

  • on this day

  • thank you

  • I

  • otto who hadn't happened

  • you know I think they're really good singer

  • think you I think that one of the

  • the walls that are seen as different

  • it really realistic for what it's worth on it they you all

  • often triple this cinema

  • yeah it's a mess

  • if he's a good singer to we put in for at this point

  • but the week several individual bolivia's here

  • in America it was the first year of his name

  • you are dancing

  • okay I and I think I think it's time probably Clinton

  • for somebody like the fact that the readiness of are going to say yes i'd like to stop be

  • right thank you know the claims that celebrating what is that

  • yes sir

  • well with

  • it's like leukemia

  • linda is the answer for he said yes if that's what he believes in this

  • the after calling ask that you got in place and from right now thoughtful serious is well

  • well I respond by that

  • now did you know live going to see conflict

  • well they say thank you for that

  • things it will cost

  • of up

  • nineteen ninety five

  • the visit with a taking the time

  • I well I don't know what it is it is there

  • they can help you God

  • oh

  • that's the issue

  • we'll see it's a case like this is a

  • I'm going on in I'm going back home so I do and I mean

  • when we return

downtown dallas


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A2 初級 美國腔

亞當-蘭伯特在《美國偶像》(總部)的第一次試鏡。 (Adam Lambert's first audition on American Idol (HQ))

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