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  • Hi, nice to meet you. Lovely to see you.

  • Nice to see you, too. It's great to be here.

  • For those who don't know, tell us what sets this apart from other vampire films.

  • It's about love in the end.

  • The vampire conceived by Jim Jarmusch. It's something that's a way of exploring the idea

  • of immortality, and if you were two lovers who could live forever, how would your love

  • change? How would the nature of your acceptance of each other change? It's full of Jim's particular

  • wit and his love of music and poetry and art.

  • I've never seen a film like it, and I'm so proud to be in it.

  • It looks very different, from the clips that I've seen, it looks very different to other

  • vampire films. What was it like working with the incomparable Tilda Swinton? She is just

  • amazing.

  • She is amazing. Tilda's been working for I don't know many years now, but she's never

  • the same.

  • As a woman, she has such an extraordinary curiosity

  • and a warmth. And I think she has the capacity to extend herself towards other types of characters

  • we've seen in her other films, but in this film, she's so warm and wise and intelligent

  • and it was really fun to dance with her.

  • I can't wait to see how the relationship between you two works. I wanted to ask you. If you

  • had a choice, and you could live as a vampire walking the earth but with a lover to share

  • it with or you could be a god, pure evil, who was hated by all? Which would you choose

  • and why?

  • I think I'd be the vampire lover, don't you think?

  • Well, you have all the power in the world if you're a god.

  • Yeah, I don't know if power makes you happy. I think lovers stand more of a chance.

  • And there's you. There's Benedict Cumberbatch, and there's Matt Smith. You have a cult following.

  • What would you say are some of the craziest things that fans have done that you've seen?

  • I don't know, you know. Fans, in my experience, have actually just been very benign, and their

  • passion is expressed very generously. I try to stay away from the internet. The internet

  • is where all the crazy things happen, so...

  • The fans are very nice to me. Nothing too mad.

  • Well, I didn't stay away from the internet, and one of the best things I saw this week

  • was you dancing in Korea. Right. Is there any chance you're going to break out a few

  • moves on the red carpet tonight?

  • Tonight? It's getting a little bit chilly.

  • It's a great way to keep warm.

  • That's true. Maybe, you know... The thing about Korea is that there was a DJ, and he

  • asked me to dance a specific track. I don't mind telling you I do dance in the film, so

  • there will be dancing by me, if not live, tonight for sure.

  • Brilliant. Thank you so much, Tom.

Hi, nice to meet you. Lovely to see you.


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湯姆-希德勒斯頓採訪。我們在 "只剩戀人 "首映式上討論吸血鬼問題 (Tom Hiddleston interview: We talk vampires at Only Lovers Left Alive premiere)

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