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  • Welcome to the show.


  • My name is Carl Azuz.

    我是 Carl Azuz。

  • It's great to see you on this Tuesday in November. At the gates of an event venue in Houston, Texas, flowers and candles have been placed as a memorial for several people who died on Friday night.

    很高興在 11 月的這個星期二見到各位觀眾朋友。人們在德克薩斯州休斯頓的一個活動場地外圍置放了許多鮮花和蠟燭,以悼念上週五逝去的多個生命。

  • They were among the 50,000 who attended the Astroworld Festival, a music concert at NRG Park that was organized and headlined by Rapper Travis Scott.

    這些身亡者是參加「太空世界音樂節」的五萬名觀眾之一。該音樂節由饒舌歌手 Travis Scott 主辦,並在 NRG 體育場登場。

  • Numerous lawsuits have been filed against him, the concerts promoter and entertainment company and rapper and singer Drake, who was also performing at Astroworld.

    到目前為止,已有多名觀眾向 Travis Scott、演唱會製作單位和娛樂公司,以及同場表演的饒舌歌手 Drake 發起訴訟。

  • The Houston Police Department says its criminal investigation will likely take weeks if not longer, to determine who's at fault, but here's what we know.


  • As Travis Scott was getting ready to go on shortly after 9 o'clock,

    案發當晚,在 9 點過後不久 Travis Scott 準備上台前,

  • thousands of people rushed toward the stage.


  • Those who were already near the front were trapped with nowhere to go,


  • and as Scott started his performance, the situation got worse.


  • Some people were crushed against each other in the stage or trampled by the crowd.


  • Despite a relatively large police presence, people's calls for help couldn't be heard above the music.


  • An ambulance made its way into the crowd to help.


  • Two audience members told CNN that Scott stopped the concert multiple times to point out that people were hurt, but by the time the show was finally called off hundreds had been injured.

    兩名觀眾告訴 CNN,Travis Scott 中途曾多次暫停演出,提醒現場有人受傷,但直到演唱會被叫停時,受傷人數已經破百。

  • More than a dozen were hospitalized and eight people ranging in age from 14 to 27 years old had died.

    當晚十幾人被緊急送往醫院,八人死亡,死者年齡介於 14 歲到 27 歲不等。

  • As of Monday, there were at least five others in critical condition.


  • Who knew what, when, and who's responsible are questions authorities are trying to figure out.


  • In 2019, three people were trampled and hospitalized at this same festival,

    這場活動早在 2019 年就曾發生過三人被踩踏並送院治療的前車之鑑,

  • but an operations plan for Astroworld didn't include a specific strategy for dealing with a surge of concert goers.


  • It was so tragic, many of them describing that they were packed in there like sardines.


  • That it was very difficult to breathe and that now they're so traumatized by what happened.


  • Some of them saying they're never going to a Travis Scott concert again, take a listen.

    有些人聲稱以後再也不去參加 Travis Scott 的演唱會了,我們聽聽看受訪者的說法。

  • I've never been in such chaos, like, so unorganized and just so many people, like, slamming into me.


  • And you could feel, like, everybody pushing up behind you. Like, you couldn't move your arms. You couldn't breathe. Like, you couldn't see anything.


  • It was like, you were seeing the back of, like, really tall people's heads.


  • It's, like, when everybody was moving - there was, like, 15, like, 20 minutes we weren't in control of our bodies.

    當現場每個人都在移動的時候,大概有 15 到 20 分鐘的時間吧?我們完全沒有辦法控制自己的身體。

  • Now all this as new questions are surfacing about Houston officials being concerned before this concert turned deadly.


  • The New York Times reporting that the Houston Police chief went to Travis Scott's trailer before he performed, because he was concerned about the energy in the crowd.

    據《紐約時報》報道,休斯頓警察局長在 Travis Scott 登台前曾前去該歌手的拖車表達對現場觀眾管控的擔憂。

  • Here's what we know about the timeline.


  • According to the Houston Police Department, about 9:15pm was when the crowd started compressing towards the stage.

    據休斯頓警察局透露,當晚 9 點15 分左右,人群開始擠向舞台。

  • By 9:38pm, that event had turned into a mass casualty event according to HPD with one officer describing that there were multiple people on the ground in cardiac arrest, needing medical attention.

    休斯頓警察局一名警員表示,到 9 點 38 分時,現場多人因為心臟驟停的關係而倒下,演唱會隨即演變成大規模的傷亡事件。

  • At about 10:10pm, that concert was shut down and according to the fire chief, it took about an hour for all of those 50,000 people to disperse.

    直到大約 10 點 10 分,演唱會結束。消防隊長說,現場花了快一個小時才將五萬名觀眾疏散完畢。

  • Now Live Nation, Astroworld Festival and Travis Scott issuing statements, all saying that they are heartbroken.

    Live Nation、太空世界音樂節和 Travis Scott 本人均發佈了聲明,表達對事件的遺憾。

  • That they're -- they're devastated, but that's not enough for some of the concert goers.


  • There have been multiple lawsuits already filed. Some of them claiming gross negligence, saying that these concert promoters, that the organizers did not do a good job.


  • That it was not a safe venue, and that's why they are now filing a lawsuit. We're, of course, expecting probably more lawsuits to happen.


  • 10 Second Trivia. Which of these places is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands? Belgium, Faroe Islands, Aruba or Bermuda.

    10 秒問答!這些地方當中,哪一個屬於荷蘭王國的領地?比利時、法羅群島、阿魯巴還是百慕達?

  • The islands of Curacao, St. Martin and Aruba are all part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


  • Environmentalists estimate there are millions of tons of plastic in the Earth's oceans and millions more tons flowing out to sea each year.


  • As much as 80% of it is believed to come from coastlines and rivers, and there are a number of efforts being made around the world to clean it up or prevent it from getting there in the first place.

    他們相信 80% 的塑膠垃圾來自海岸線和河流,因此在全球各地展開了多項努力,在塑膠垃圾流入大海前進行清除或攔截。

  • One of them is a simple catchment system powered by bubbles, as in whew.


  • Now it can't catch everything, but its creators say it has been effective and easy to install in a canal in the Netherlands.


  • I think for me, the ocean or water has always been fascinating.


  • To see plastic in our oceans and how it's damaging our environment, that hurts, obviously,


  • so I was thinking about all sorts of mechanical ways of how we can live more in tune with the environment rather than to exploit it.


  • According the World Economic Forum, 8 million tons of plastic waste are being leaked into our oceans every year.

    據世界經濟論壇表示,每年共有 800 萬噸的塑膠垃圾被洩露到海洋中。

  • That's the equivalent of an entire garbage truck being dumped every three minutes, and the source of the problem, the world's cities.


  • If you see some of the rivers in the Netherlands, but also in Spain, in Indonesia, you can tell that this problem in the oceans, it's being created by us.


  • And if we can stop it closer to home, it also becomes more visible.


  • Here in Amsterdam, a simple solution has been found that could stop up to 86 percent of plastic waste ever reaching the oceans. A barrier made of bubbles.

    在阿姆斯特丹,人們用了一個簡單的方法,成功攔截住高達 86% 的塑膠垃圾,不讓塑膠垃圾漂向大海。那就是一個由氣泡構成的屏障。

  • So the way the "bubble barrier" works is basically it's just a tube that we place diagonally on the bottom of the waterway.


  • The tube has a lot of tiny holes. We pump air through it, and the air bubbles will rise towards the surface.


  • And then so we bring plastic which is in suspension toward the surface, and then at the surface together with the natural flow of the river,


  • we also bring plastic that's already at the surface towards one side of the river which is our second compartment of the "bubble barrier" system.


  • Which is where we retain the waste until it's removed and then taken for processing.


  • I think the simplicity of the system is what is really appealing. In theory, it's just a tube and catchment system.


  • If you want to do anything in rivers, ship traffic is going to be dominant, that's an economic driver, and you won't be able to stop that.


  • So, we will have to find the solution which would be, you know, not hindering all the other existing activities and of course also a good ecosystem.


  • The "bubble barrier" does exactly that. While it provides no impediment to water traffic and marine life can pass through freely, it also catches plastic waste of all sizes.


  • Anything from on millimeter scraps of micro plastic to windsurfing boards and abandoned TVs.


  • So with every "bubble barrier system" that we're implementing, we're trying to work together with the city and, you know,


  • local NGOs to evaluate what the "bubble barrier" is catching to implement new policies and additional measures on land and upstream.


  • So that collectively, in the future, we can work towards less plastic entering into the water in the first place.


  • Our next step is a "bubble barrier" within Europe or actually multiple within Europe and we, of course, want to move to Asia, because we think we can make a lot of impacts there and that's what we're going for right now.


  • "Bubble barrier" is one part of the approach. It's not going to be a silver bullet to just solve the whole plastic pollution problem,


  • but we think it's a significant and very important tool to really, you know, have a pragmatic approach of saying.


  • We know that we have plastic in our oceans. We know rivers and canals are major pathways.


  • We can stop this today to tackle this problem in a more integrated approach.


  • That we look at how are things being produced, how are things being collected, how are they being processed and recycled.


  • The first ever Call to Earth Day is taking place this Wednesday.

    第一屆 Call to Earth Day 將在本週三登場!

  • It's part of a new partnership between CNN and Rolex and it highlights what the companies recognize as a planet worth protecting.

    這是 CNN 和勞力士新合作的一項計劃,我們在這項計劃中作了一些對地球環境保護的表述。

  • If you, your class or your school would like to get involved.


  • Please visit


  • South Dakota State University's mascot is the jackrabbit, but never underestimate the swiftness of the moose.


  • This happened ahead of last weekend's rivalry game between South Dakota State and North Dakota State. Police and stadium officials worked to shew the animal out of the venue.


  • We can't confirm that the moose had any impact on the game, though he would have scored himself if he hadn't stepped out of bounds. But South Dakota State later won.


  • I think the team needs to recruit him. I mean he could run all day.


  • He's got plenty of "moosle". Plus, he could follow in the footsteps of "Baker Moosefield", "Emmose Smith", "Joe Moostana", "Mooka Fitzpatrick", "Joe Namoose", "Mooshall Faulk" and of course "Randy Moose".

    你看看牠,渾身結實肌肉。牠說不定是駝鹿版的足球選手 Baker Mayfield、Emile Smith、Joe Montana、Minkah Fitzpatrick、Joe Moss、Marshall Faulk,甚至是 Randy Moss。

  • That's "moosely" all for today, but before we leave,


  • we want to give a shout out to you, the students of Gar-Field Senior High School watching from Woodbridge, Virginia.

    我們要跟維吉尼亞州 Woodbridge 的 Gar-Field 高中打個招呼!

  • Thank you for your comment on our YouTube Channel.

    感謝你們在我們的 YouTube 頻道留言。

  • I'm Carl "Amoose" for CNN.

    我是 CNN 的主播 Carl「Amoose」。

Welcome to the show.


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