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  • This year, I'm cooking my bird two ways for maximum flexibility.

  • Most people's Christmas meals are centered around this, the mighty turkey.

  • And I think this year, more than ever, because we can't cook for so many people, people are really thinking like I am, like, "What size turkey do I get? A big one, a small one."

  • I want to show you what I'm gonna do this year.

  • I'm a massive lover of tradition at Christmas, but this year, I'm gonna change it up for the first time, and I'm really excited about it.

  • So, the way I'm doing my turkey this year is in two parts.

  • So, I'll use one stuffing for both the crown and the legs; it's gonna be amazing.

  • They both cook at the same time, they both cook to perfection, they're both really easy to serve.

  • And we're gonna use the trivetwe're gonna use the giblets, we're gonna make gravy; this is gonna be fantastic.

  • Let's get going; sowe have this amazing stuffing, and take that neck skin, and just slip it in there.

  • It's super easy to do, but what you get is a lovely plump side of the turkey like that.

  • That is the crown, and you might just want to do that, and it will be amazing.

  • But this is where the fun starts, because I was kind of thinking, "Okay, what do we do with the legs?"

  • When you go to Italy, you have the porchetta, the rolled, beautiful loin and belly of pork.  

  • And I'm thinking, "I want to do that with my beautiful turkey legs."

  • So, I've got my butcher to take the legs off when he did the crown, and debone the leg.

  • Then I can take this stuffinguse this to kind of patch any gaps, roll it up, and that's what you get.

  • Don't worry if it's not perfect; the flavors are gonna be amazing.

  • So the great thing about this is the crown and those rolled legs are going to cook at exactly the same time.

  • Look at that!

  • Get some of those amazing juices there; it looks absolutely sumptuous.

  • Just kiss those with a little bit of honey, and that will just protect the lovely, crispy skin.  

  • Beautiful way to finish it.

  • Let that rest for an hour.

  • We'll start with the beautiful, honey-glazed, rolled turkey leg; it's beautiful, it's juicy, it's a bit different.  

  • Let's have a little look at the crown here.

  • That really is beautiful turkey crown; look at that.

  • That cross section of the white meat, the stuffing meat, the lovely gravy here.

  • - Hello. - Come on.

  • - I know you smelled the gravy, didn't you? - Yeah.

  • - You gonna try it with the turkey? - Yeah.

  • Without doubt, the kids are the toughest critics.

  • There you go.

  • The skin on the brown meat is so crispy.

  • The brown meat's falling apart; it's juicy, and the stuffing is really, really good.

  • - Can I have some more? - Yeah.

  • - White or brown? - Uh, brown.

This year, I'm cooking my bird two ways for maximum flexibility.


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Jamie's Christmas Turkey | Keep Cooking At Christmas | Jamie Oliver(Jamie's Christmas Turkey | Keep Cooking At Christmas | Jamie Oliver)

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