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  • Ahtohallan.

  • Dive down deep into her sound

  • But not too far or you'll be drowned

  • Why do lullabies always have to have some terrible warning in them?

  • I wonder that all the time.

  • Earth giants.

  • What are they doing down here?

  • Hide.

  • They're coming!

  • This is why we don't play with fire.

  • Oh, I can't stay mad at you.

  • Why are you so cute?

  • Please tell me you are not about to follow them.

  • What if I can settle them like I did the wind and fire?

  • Or what if they can crush you before you even get the chance?

  • Remember, the goal is to find the voice, find the truth, and get us home.

  • Hey guys, that was close.

  • I know.

  • The giants sensed me.

  • They may come back here.

  • I don't want to put anyone at risk again.

  • And you're right, Anna, we've got to find the voice.

  • - We're going now. - Okay.

  • We're going; let me just...

  • Wait.

  • Where are Kristoff and Sven?



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A2 初級 美國腔

Elsa Meets the Earth Spirits | Frozen(Elsa Meets the Earth Spirits | Frozen)

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