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  • The last part of our Japanese supplies you didn't know you needed series is finally here!

  • In this video, we'll show you five types of unique Japanese craft supplies.

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  • Let's get started!

  • Corner punches are an easy way to give photos and cards the perfect finishing touch.

  • The Sun-Star Kadomaru Pro is an excellent tool for craft enthusiasts.

  • It has three different punches to round three corner sizes, in 3, 5, and 8 millimeter radiuses.

  • There's also the adorable Sun-Star Kadomarun, which fits in a pen case for on-the-go crafting.

  • The Kuretake KurePunch is a corner punch with flair.

  • These punches cut out decorative designs

  • that you can use to make beautiful frames or intricate borders.

  • With five different styles, you can experiment with a different look every time you make a card!

  • Multi Scissors and Cutters.

  • Crafters need ergonomic scissors and cutters that slice exactly where you need them to.

  • These Midori Portable Multi Scissors fit the bill.

  • They're small but mighty, and their strong, steel blades

  • can cut through cardstock and other tough materials.

  • They aren't just scissors though--they have a serrated bottom edge for opening boxes,

  • and a wire cutter is built into the hinge.

  • The included cap makes it easy to store them safely with other supplies.

  • The Midori Single Sheet Scrapbook Cutter was made for crafters who need to make detailed

  • cuts for paper projects.

  • The tiny blade slices cleanly through a single sheet of paper and the cutter's rotating

  • head makes it easy to cut in straight or curved lines.

  • Plus, the blades are refillable, so you never have to worry about dull blades again!

  • The Ohto Pen-Style Ceramic Cutter is a similar option without the rotating head.

  • It has the accuracy of a craft knife in the convenient and portable body of a pen.

  • Adhesive and Glues.

  • Almost every craft project needs a little bit of adhesive.

  • These unique applicators make it a cinch to stick things together!

  • The Nichiban Tenori is a convenient adhesive dispenser.

  • You can use the Tenori in two different ways.

  • Press down to stamp a rectangle of adhesive, or angle the body to roll a continuous strip!

  • With the Tenori, you can attach a photo in your journal or seal an envelope with ease.

  • If you hate messy glue bottles, try the Kuretake Zig 2 Way Glue Pen.

  • The pen-shaped body and precise tip

  • makes it easy to put glue exactly where you want it to go.

  • With three different tip sizes, you'll always have a glue pen that works with your current project.

  • The glue is light blue when wet but dries clear, so you know exactly where you're gluing.

  • You can make permanent or temporary bonds with this glue pen.

  • To make temporary adhesive, just wait for the glue to dry completely; then you can stick

  • and restick as you please!

  • Washi Tape Cutters and Holders.

  • If you use tons of washi tape, take a look at our favorite washi tape cutters and holders.

  • The Kokuyo KaruCut is the perfect solution if you've ever struggled with messy tears

  • in your washi tape.

  • This compact cutter clips onto a roll of washi tape and has a serrated edge to tear off clean strips!

  • The KaruCut also comes in two sizes to fit different tape widths.

  • The Sun-Star LaCut isn't just a tape holder.

  • With a strong magnet in the base, the LaCut can be positioned vertically on your refrigerator.

  • The magnet also prevents the dispenser from moving, so you can pull off pieces of tape

  • with one hand.

  • The MT Maki Maki Mini Tape Roll Maker lets you transfer washi tape from one roll to another!

  • Roll tapes onto the flat refill and then you can always have your favorite tapes in your pen case.

  • You can also share the tapes with your friends by making mini rolls.

  • Make your own envelopes and boxes using these handy templates.

  • With the Kuretake Handmade Envelope Templates, you can make unique envelopes in four different sizes.

  • Trace along the holes in the plastic guide on any paper you like: gift wrap, magazines,

  • or even calendars.

  • Then, cut along the line, glue, and fold.

  • The Kuretake Gift Box Templates make it easy to create your own containers for party favors,

  • small gifts, and more.

  • Simply trace along the template, cut out the design, and fold it together.

  • There are two templates with four designs total.

  • We hope you enjoyed this video series of Japanese supplies you didn't know you needed!

  • If you didn't see the first three videos in this series, be sure to check those out too!

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  • Thanks for watching!

The last part of our Japanese supplies you didn't know you needed series is finally here!


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你不知道你需要的 5 種日本工藝用品(5 Types of Japanese Craft Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed)

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