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  • This video was made possible by Hover. Get your custom domain and email address before its gone for 10% off at

    本影片由 Hover 贊助播出。盡速前往 以九折價格購買自訂網域名稱與電子郵件地址。

  • Before I start this video, I just have to tell you guys about the amazing Norwegian vacation I took last week.


  • I stayed at this gorgeous resort called Halden Fengsel.

    我住在一個叫做 Halden Fengsel 的豪華渡假村。

  • It was nestled away in this cute little forest of birch trees and blueberry bushes, with jogging trails and soccer fields, and even its own rock-climbing gym.


  • My room was awesome—I had my own flat-screen TV, a mini-fridge, and this really luxurious bedding, but I tried not to waste too much time cooped up in there alone.


  • I spent most of my vacation taking wood-working classes, learning new cooking skills in their professionalgrade kitchen classroom, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


  • But the best part isand I'm really not joking, hereit was completely free.


  • You see, I was a little jet-lagged when I landed, and my rental car drifted a little bit off the road and a little bit into the side of an orphanage,


  • but the police were so understanding that they actually gave me a free ride and paid for my whole stay at Halden Fengsel.

    可是當地警察超有同理心的,他們竟然就這樣免費載我到 Halden Fengsel,還幫我付了全額住宿費。

  • Speaking of which, I never actually learned what Halden Fengsel translates to!

    說到這個,我還不知道 Halden Fengsel 從挪威文翻譯過來是什麼麼欸!

  • Let me just type it into Google, andit turns out I was in a Norwegian prison.

    讓我到 Google 上查一查,我看看... 結果我根本在一間挪威的監獄裡。

  • In fact, Halden Fengsel is apparently where Norway puts some of its most dangerous criminals, because none of them have ever attempted to escape.

    實際上,Halden Fengsel (哈爾登監獄) 顯然是挪威用來關押最危險罪犯的地方,因為從沒有罪犯曾試著逃獄過。

  • Well, the US has an inescapable prison where they put their most dangerous criminals, tooit's called the ADX Florence, and it works just a little differently.

    而美國也有一個專門關押窮凶極惡罪犯,號稱無法逃脫的監獄。它叫做 ADX 佛羅倫斯,而它的運作方式和哈爾登監獄不太一樣。

  • There are thousands of jails and prisons across the United States, but ADX Florence is in a completely unique category: it's the only federal supermax prison in the entire country.

    全美國總共有數千座監獄,但 ADX 佛羅倫斯有著專屬的獨特分類:它是整個國家中唯一一座聯邦級超高度安全級別監獄。

  • But that begs the question: what, exactly, is a federal supermax prison?


  • Well, the US has two distinct prison systems: state and federal.


  • The vast majority of the 1.5 million Americans currently in prison, which, by the way, is a totally normal number and is only like six times higher than it was in the 1980s,

    在一千五百萬名目前身陷囹圄的美國人當中 (順帶一提,這是個超級普通的數字啦,只比 1980 年代多了大概六倍而已),

  • have been sentenced to state prisons for committing state crimesthings like theft, assault, drunk driving, or doing drugs anywhere other than an Ivy League dorm room.


  • The federal prison system is much smaller, and was originally created to deal only with three things: piracy, counterfeiting, and treason.


  • It's since expanded a bit, and now encompasses things like terrorism, espionage, cybercrimes, political assassinationsin other words, serious crimes, the sort of crimes you need to plan out in advance,


  • and don't just do because you had one too many Dagobah Slug Slingers at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and beat a stormtrooper unconscious with a plastic lightsaber in front of a crowd of screaming children.


  • Now, a federal prison can belong to one of five security categories: minimum, low, medium, high, or administrativeotherwise known as supermax.


  • The ADX Florence is the only prison that belongs to that final category, and the US government uses it to house the country's highest-profile criminals:

    ADX 佛羅羅斯是唯一一座屬於最後那個分類的監獄,而美國政府用它來關押整個國家中最備受關注的囚犯們:

  • people like Ted Kaczynski, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, El Chapo, the Hamburglar, and about 350 more terrorists, spies, and murderers.

    像是泰德·卡辛斯基、焦哈爾·查納耶夫、矮子古茲曼、漢堡神偷,以及其他 350 名恐怖分子、間諜與殺人犯。

  • This was a job previously carried out by Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, which was shut down in 1963 because it was the most expensive prison in the country,

    這個職責本來由惡魔島聯邦監獄所負責,但該地在 1963 年時因為營運費用高居全國監獄第一,

  • and could still be escaped by a suspiciously well-groomed Clint Eastwood.


  • When the ADX Florence was built in 1994, it was designed to be really for-real inescapable this time.

    當 ADX 佛羅倫斯建於 1994 年時,這次整個監獄真的是以完全無法逃脫為原則所設計的。

  • Now, if you're out there thinking, “Oh yeah? Well I'm an insufferable contrarian on the internet and I bet I could escape it,” let's walk through exactly how impossible that would be.


  • Firstly, after being sentenced to life in the ADX for being an insufferable contrarian on the internet, you would be escorted to your cell by armed guards, wearing shackles on your hands, feet, and torso.

    首先,在因為專門在網路上跟人家唱反調而被判無期徒刑並被關押到 ADX 佛羅倫斯之後,你的手上、腳上和身上都會被戴上鐐銬,然後由武裝獄警一路護衛到你的牢房。

  • So, basically, unless you could flex your abs hard enough to break steel, you're not escaping quite yet.


  • Now your cellwhich you'll be kept in for 23 hours a day in nearly complete solitary confinementis only 7 feet by 12 feet or 2 by 3.5 meters,

    接著你之後一天中會有 23 小時得在完全單獨的狀況下待在裡面的牢房只有 7 乘 12 英尺大,也就是約為 2 乘 3.5 公尺,

  • and encased in reinforced, soundproof concrete, complete with matching concrete furniture that can't be disassembled or moved.


  • Your shower and your sink are flood-proof, your lights are controlled entirely remotely,


  • and your one window is only 4 inches wide and angled towards the sky in such a way that you can't ever tell where in the prison you're being held.


  • So if you thought about planning an escape with the other prisoners, which, again, wouldn't even be possible since you're being held in a solitary soundproof room,


  • you wouldn't know where they were or where to go once you got out of your cell.


  • You also shouldn't get too excited about that one hour a day you spend outside your cell, because you're spending it alone in a windowless concrete pit with a single chin-up bar,


  • also designed to prevent you from knowing where in the prison you're located.


  • If you're really good, you might get to spend that hour in a communal recreation yard,


  • as long as your definition of communal includesbeing locked in a cage sort of near other people locked in their own cages.”


  • And that might not sound like a lot, but it's a lot more socialization than you can expect during other hours of the day,


  • since guards are instructed to have little to no interaction with the prisoners at all, and instead monitor you, 24 hours a day, from a central control room.

    因為獄警們被告誡不能與囚犯們有任何的互動,相對的他們會一天 24 小時從中控室監控著你。

  • If you still think you're somehow built different and can punch through a concrete wall without anyone noticing,


  • you should also know that the central control room can shut every door in the prison with a single button,


  • the entire thing is surrounded by 12-foot-tall razor wire and more armed guards, and you're also in the middle of nowhere in Colorado.

    整座監獄都被 12 英尺的帶刺鐵絲圍牆還有一堆武裝獄警圍繞,而監獄的位置在科羅拉多州一片荒蕪的空地上。

  • The closest semblance to civilization is probably the Half as Interesting offices in this undisclosed location,


  • but our sponsors said we're not allowed to shelter enemies of the state anymore, so you're really out of luck.


  • Speaking of whichif you're trying to form a grassroots movement to break you out of ADX Florence, or really actually do pretty much anything,

    說到這個... 如果你正在組織一場把你從 ADX 佛羅倫斯救出的草根運動,或是正在準備任何種類的活動,

  • you need a website and you need an email address.


  • Of course, if you want a better shot of success, you need a professional website and email address, and Hover can help with both.

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  • Whenever I come up with an idea for a new YouTube channel or podcast or prison escape scheme, the first thing I do is grab a corresponding domain on Hover.

    每當我想創辦一個新的 YouTube 頻道或是 podcast,或是規劃越獄計畫的時候,我所做的第一件事就是趕快上 Hover 註冊一個相對應的網域名稱。

  • That's because once someone else has a domain, it's gone for good, but Hover's transparent and fair pricing means I know I'm always getting the best deal for a domain,

    這是因為只要有其他人把網域註冊走了,就沒辦法再使用一樣的名稱了。但 Hover 透明且公道的定價讓我總是能用最棒的價格獲得網域,

  • and they're usually not expensive at all.


  • Plus, you can set up a custom email address at that domain in a minute.


  • It's what we use for our company email addresses, and it really goes a long way to have a custom email address rather than one ending in Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud.

    我們公司的電子郵件就是這麼做的,而比起使用結尾是 Gmail、Yahoo 或 iCloud 電子信箱,這種給人的觀感更好。

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This video was made possible by Hover. Get your custom domain and email address before its gone for 10% off at

本影片由 Hover 贊助播出。盡速前往 以九折價格購買自訂網域名稱與電子郵件地址。


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