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  • I'm about to do my first driverless ride ever in San Francisco. Typing in an address, requesting a car.


  • I'm being matched right now. I got matched with Sourdough. Sourdough is car number one here today.

    系統正幫我配對空車。我的車子是 Sourdough,Sourdough 是今天的第一輛車。

  • This is pretty cool; it looks like it's 7 minutes away. Gonna come get me. And, uh... this'll be it, like, you know, 7 years of working on this. This is the first time I'm gonna ride in a driverless car.

    這個體驗蠻酷的,看來車子還要 7 分鐘才到。現在正在來的路上。這種感覺,你知道嗎?我們投入了 7 年的努力,然後我即將第一次乘坐無人駕駛計程車。

  • It's coming to me right now with no one in it. It's ghosting around San Francisco. And, uh... that's... that's pretty spectacular.


  • I'm, uh... I'm thrilled to be doing this. So much hard work has gone into this from the Cruise team, GM team.

    這個體驗令人感到雀躍。Cruise 團隊和通用汽車團隊真的做了很多努力。

  • So... so much energy, just to take a product from R&D, uh, lots of testing, to reach that level of safety performance we need in a really good ride. And then to layer in all the things we need to go driverless.


  • A lot of work, and, uh... uh... very humbled to be rider number one tonight. So, hopefully it goes pretty well. Got, uh, 6 more minutes, I'm just gonna wait it out.

    我們做了很多事情。呃... 呃... 我很榮幸今晚可以成為第一位乘客。希望一切順利,還有 6 分鐘,我再等等。

  • This is really cool, it's coming. It's like, inching its way closer.


  • All right, coming up, 5 minutes. Getting there.

    快到了,再 5 分鐘。

  • Suspense is killing me, man.


  • Just imagining what other people are thinking right now. Like, we're in San Francisco, so I don't think people have seen a car going around, pulling up at traffic lights. When you make eye contact and look over, there's no one there.


  • That's gotta be as crazy for the people on the road tonight, um, as it's gonna be for me, riding in one of these things.


  • About six blocks left; we're getting closer.

    還有 6 條街就到了,越來越近了。

  • That's it right there.


  • It says arriving soon.


  • Is there anyone in that car?


  • What?! Look at that.


  • Oh, I gotta wait for the traffic light.


  • So, I got 4 minutes and 43 seconds to open the door there. Gonna get over there. All right, here we go.

    我還有剩餘 4 分 43 秒的時間可以打開車門。我得過去對面。好了,走吧!

  • Guys, there is nobody in this car. This is... this is nutty. So, uh... I'm gonna pop on in there. This is cool.

    各位,車上沒人!這... 這真的很瘋狂!我要上車了,這真的很酷。

  • All right.


  • Used the wrong seatbelt; I'm so nervous right now. Ooh! All right. So, uh... we've arrived. Start driving; pushing that button.


  • -Hey Kyle.


  • - Hello. - Can you hear me?


  • Yeah, I can.


  • Hey Kyle, this is Colby with peer support. I just wanna let you know that I'm on the line here, and I also have Braden here on the line from the Internet expert.

    嘿 Kyle,我是客服人員 Colby,我想讓你知道,我在線上,負責網路連接的 Braden 也在這裡。

  • Cool. Uh... I'm in a driverless car right now. This is insane. I wish you guys could see this, this is... this is just nutty.

    酷噢!我現在在無人駕駛計程車上。這超瘋狂的!我多希望你們也能看到這一切,這... 簡直是令人難以置信。

  • This is a pretty smooth ride. I feel s... super comfortable in here, and, uh... like, it just... the car feels really confident.


  • I'm actually shocked by just how normal this seems. So... I have a little fun thing here.


  • I'm just talking to the camera for a second, guys. But, uh... I wanted to, of course, I want to bring my little son along on this, this ride, but obviously, that's not where we're at today.


  • But I brought his favorite monster truck. It's his Little Picklehe calls it Little Pickle. So, he's riding along with me tonight.

    所以我把他最愛的怪獸卡車——小 Pickle,他都叫它小 Pickle。小 Pickle 今晚陪我搭車。

  • Going on ride number one and hopefully, when my son's a little olderhe's only three nowhe'll know that his monster truck was on ride number one for the first Cruise driverless cars. So that's... that's a little special moment for me right there.

    成為無人駕駛計程車的第一位乘客,我的兒子現在 3 歲,等到他再大一點,我會告訴他,他的怪獸卡車是 Cruise 第一位無人駕駛汽車的乘客。所以現在這個時刻對我特別有意義。

  • Ah, nice little nudge for those bikes there. There's a guy at a bus stop here. Doesdidn't even notice that there's no one in the front seat of this car.

    啊... 很棒的腳踏車導流設計。公車站有一位男士,他沒注意到這輛車的前座沒人。

  • I saw the little Pride AV over there, that was neat. Wow. Wow.

    我看到了那邊有一台 Pride 無人駕駛汽車,很棒!哇嗚~哇嗚~

  • I don't think any other drivers had noticed yet. I guess it's nighttime, and so the headlights are on; you can't really see, you know, into the driver's seat.


  • But... I'm surprised. I mean... I guess maybe this car is just behaving so normally that it's not drawing any attention to itself.


  • I cannot wait until we get to have this experience inside the origin. This is... this is really just the beginning, I think, of a pretty transformational change in how people get around and a friction from getting one place to another.


  • I've always thought that we were trying to build basically the magic carpet for cities. You know, you just get on it and, sort of, whisper where you wanna go, and then you're magically whisked away to that location. And then the way this thing drives, it... it feels like that.


  • It just feels effortless and smooth. Um... I can't wait 'til more people can experience this.

    整個過程既不費力又順暢。嗯... 我迫不及待讓更多人體驗這個服務。

  • If you are a Cruiser watching this clip for the first time, I have to say thank you, and also thank you to, you know, your... your families and significant others and all the hard work that, uh, you put into making this happen.

    如果你是第一次收看這部影片的 Cruise 團隊成員,我很感謝你和你的家人,還有所有重要的相關人士,感謝你們為了促成這件事情而投入的努力。

  • This is, um, nothing short of spectacular. Um, I'm personally very grateful; I know the rest of the Cruise leadership team is.

    這個成果令人感到嘆為觀止,我個人真的很感恩,我認識 Cruise 領導團隊裡的每一個人。

  • But, uh, this is something that, you know, 7 or 8 years ago, many, many people said was simply not possible. You know, said we were crazy for trying to embark on something like this.

    但,你知道,7、8 年前我們嘗試做這件事情的時候,很多人都說我們瘋了,認為這件事情不可能發生。

  • And, uh, here we are making it happen. That feels pretty good, so thank you.


  • We're going, uh... it's, like, 5 or 6 more blocks, and I'm hopping out pretty close to The Independent. So, we'll see if we've got some traffic over there.

    我們還有 5、6 條街就要到目的地了。我會在 The Independent 音樂展演空間附近下車。看看那邊有沒有什麼人潮。

  • I see a closed street on the right, AV's picked that up. That's pretty cool.

    右邊有一條街道被關閉 ,無人駕駛計程車的導航資訊有被更新到,很棒。

  • I'm hoping on this ride, ride number one, we get at least one reaction. I feel like I'm the only witness to something pretty incredible right now. And that's cool, but, you know. Come on, San Francisco, where you at?


  • Pulling over right now. Like right in front of The Independent, that's pretty cool.

    汽車正在靠邊停,停在了 The Independent 的正門口,了不起。

  • We're here. All right, I'm gonna hop out, then, I guess.


  • Well, that was it. That was ride number one. That was so smooth, so cool.


  • It... it just worked. That was, uh... that was amazing. I don't know what to say, and um, it feels good.


  • And thank you Cruise, you guys made this happen.

    感謝 Cruise 的每一個人,沒有你們,就沒有今天這一切。

I'm about to do my first driverless ride ever in San Francisco. Typing in an address, requesting a car.



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