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  • On my way here, I saw a woman with a hybrid pushchair and scooter.

  • It was like a regular pushchair, but there was a kind of floor on the bottom that she could stand on.

  • She was absolutely flying along.

  • The baby looked like he had no idea what was going on!

  • I guess it's used by people who need to get their baby somewhere as quickly as possible.

  • I would have to wonder how safe it is, though.

  • There are some really weird inventions out there.

  • Have you seen those baby mops?

  • They're used for getting your baby to clean the floors.

  • They're one-piece suits made of cotton for your baby to wear, but they have cleaning brushes on the arms and legs.

  • That means when the baby crawls around on the floor, they effectively sweep the floor.

  • That's actually not a bad idea.

  • Speaking of good ideas, have you seen the coffee cup that can be used as an iron?

  • Wow, no, I haven't.

  • Is that a real thing?

  • Yes, it's real.

  • It's a regular cup, but it has a metal bottom.

  • The idea is that the coffee will heat the metal and allow you to iron your shirts.

  • It's used for multitasking.

  • You can iron your shirts and enjoy your coffee at the same time!

  • That doesn't sound very practical.

  • Actually, I heard about a cool new thing recently.

  • It's a USB-powered washing device that you can plug directly into your computer.

  • It's a simple plastic container that you can fill with water.

  • The USB power circulates the water.

  • It's used for washing your watch or something similar, without the inconvenience of having to leave your desk.

  • And you said the coffee iron was impractical!

  • How often have you needed to wash your watch while sitting at your desk?

  • Well, you never know!

On my way here, I saw a woman with a hybrid pushchair and scooter.


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