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  • I'm Mark, and these are one-minute phrases.

  • Hi, this is Mark, and this is English conversation practice, and this is the one-minute phrase, yay!

  • This is video 46 from the series, so be sure to see all the videos in the series.

  • And today's phrase is: day by day.

  • Day by day means "gradually". Gradually.

  • After an earthquake:

  • Day by day, the situation is improving. That's good news.

  • At work:

  • Day by day, she is learning more about her job.

  • All right! That's the way to go!

  • In a hospital:

  • Her health is improving day by day.

  • Aw, I'm happy for her; that's good news.

  • Talking with a friend:

  • I live for the moment, day by day, not for the past. Carpe diem!

  • Talking about a pet:

  • My cat is growing fast day by day.

  • It's getting big, fast.

  • Learning something new:

  • If you practice hard, you can see improvement day by day.

  • For sure, you can.

  • Okay, good job, everyone.

  • I had fun. I hope you had fun, too.

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  • Okay, great. I will see you next time. Take it easy. Bye.

I'm Mark, and these are one-minute phrases.


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Day By Day - one minute phrase lesson (series #46) | Learn English - Mark Kulek ESL

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