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  • When the vaccines for Covid-19 were  approved this past winter, I think the  

  • whole world breathed a huge sigh of relieffinally, the end to the pandemic was in sight.

  • But it's been months since then, and while  some social restrictions have lessened,  

  • we're still in a pandemic. So, what gives? How  long until things really get back to normal?

  • That actually depends on you. Well, not  just you, but everyone that is able to  

  • get a Covid-19 vaccine. Because that's our  best, and fastest, way out of this thing.  

  • A large majority of covid 19 deaths in the united  states are coming from those who are unvaccinated.

  • You see, a pandemic doesn't end until  the virus is no longer widespread.  

  • And to slow or even stop it from spreading, the  vast majority of people need to become immune.

  • Immunity can happen either by getting and  surviving the illness or by getting a vaccine.,,,  

  • In both scenarios, your body creates the  antibodies necessary to fight it off.  

  • And once enough people have developed an  immunity, we get what's called herd immunity.

  • This protects not just those who are immunebut people who are unable to get a vaccine  

  • or are unlikely to survive the illness, like  newborns or people who are immunocompromised.  

  • This is because, if lots of people are immunethe virus has less opportunity to spread,  

  • making it unlikely for those who  aren't immune to encounter it.

  • We've seen this happen for diseases like measles,  

  • smallpox, and polio, where vaccines helped  to establish a herd immunity and have either  

  • eliminated the disease completely - like polio and  smallpox - or make it very rare - like measles.,

  • The amount of people that need to be immune for  herd immunity to work varies depending on how  

  • contagious the virus is, which is measured by how  many people an infected individual can infect.,

  • For example, measles is very contagious, so it  needs a high number of people to be immune for  

  • herd immunity to kick in - between 90 and 95% of  the population. For Covid-19, estimates range from  

  • 70 to 90% of the population, though this could  change if more contagious variants emerge.,

  • These high percentages are why vaccines are  so important and why experts are strongly  

  • advocating for people to get a Covid-19 vaccine  and not to rely on infection to become immune.,  

  • Even if you've had Covid-19, they still recommend  that you get vaccinated to increase your immunity.  

  • In fact, herd immunity has never been achieved  for any major infectious disease like Covid-19  

  • without vaccination. If we didn't havevaccine, the virus would continue to spread,  

  • cause unnecessary infections and deathskeep mutating, and become harder to control.,

  • So far, as of June 2021, world vaccination  numbers are pretty low. In some countries,  

  • over 50% of their population has received at  least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine - the  

  • United States, for instance, just reached  this number. But the majority of countries  

  • have a much lower percentage and worldwide only  10% of people have gotten at least one dose.  

  • I know some people are nervous about getting the  vaccine, but if this helps even a little bit,  

  • Triangle Bob got the vaccine  and nothing bad happen to him,  

  • and if you watch Life Noggin you know that bad  things always happen to him! But yeah, he's fine!

  • So, if you are already vaccinated,  

  • THANK YOU for helping us all get this pandemic  under control. And if you are not vaccinated yet,  

  • please please please get vaccinated to help  get the numbers up, stop the spread - and  

  • mutations - of the virus and get things back to  normal. I personally really miss Ronbus' parties,  

  • they are wild! I mean -i mean 8 layer dipThat's just - That's too much! but what  

  • are your plans once the world is vaccinatedWhat are you really looking forward to doing?

  • Thank you so much to our  friends over at Vaccinate LA  

  • and Hollywood Health and Society  for sponsoring this video!

  • For more information on how to get vaccinatedvisit the website on the screen here.

When the vaccines for Covid-19 were  approved this past winter, I think the  


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如果每個人都打疫苗後可以免疫新冠肺炎嗎?(What If EVERYONE Got the COVID-19 Vaccine?)

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