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  • Blocko: Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.

  • You know what I love?

  • Waking up to the sun shining, and seeing a monster at the foot of your bed.

  • Wait.

  • Hold up.

  • What?

  • Kevin: It's me, your Sleep Paralysis Demon

  • Kevin.

  • Blocko: A demon?

  • Umm

  • Animator?

  • Little help here?

  • Kevin: Your Animator has no power here, my little square friend.

  • Kevin: Who dares intrude on mywaitis that a cat?

  • Get away!

  • I'm allergic

  • Blocko: Phew!

  • Thanks guys, that was a close one!

  • Well, as I change my bedsheets for no particular reason at all, let's talk about how important

  • it is to regularly wash your sheets.. and what would happen if you never changed them

  • out at all.

  • While studies have shown that many people will wait a month or more to wash their sheets,

  • it's recommended that you do it way more frequently than that.

  • Experts say that you should try and wash your sheets weekly using hot water.

  • That's because a number of not so great things can build up on your sheets if you

  • let them.

  • You know how you love your bed?

  • Well, a lot of other things love it too, including fungi, bacteria, dirt, pollen, harsh chemicals,

  • and even dust mites.

  • Dust mites are the worst because they leave little bits of feces all over your bed.

  • Gross!

  • But hey, you're not a great roommate either.

  • In addition to your own bodily excretions — I don't need to go into those details,

  • do I?

  • humans shed millions of skin cells every day.

  • That stuff builds up!

  • And according to a 2006 study, adults can produce up to 100 litres of sweat in bed every

  • yearthat's like a full glass of sweat every night!

  • And guess what?

  • Your sweaty bed can be a prime spot for fungus to show up.

  • While mild fungal diseases might not be much worse than a rash, less common ones like fungal

  • meningitis and bloodstream infections can quickly turn deadly.

  • If you're never washing your sheets, all of this stuff is just going to keep on building

  • up over time.

  • That could be especially bad if you have asthma or suffer from allergies.

  • Pollen, dust, moldany of that stuff can aggravate your symptoms.

  • All that grime and dead skin is also terrible for acne, as it can easily clog your pores.

  • Not great for a place where you spend about a third of your life.

  • While never washing your sheets would be bad, according to a recent study, you don't need

  • to wait for years or even months for there to be a problem.

  • Researchers found that bacteria linked to pneumonia and gonorrhea can start growing

  • in your bed in just 7 days.

  • So, if you never washed your sheets, all this bad stuff would happen.

  • Please, do yourself a favor and start washing your bedsheets.

  • I might need to wash mine more frequently if this sleep paralysis demon keeps popping

  • up and scaring me!

  • Kevin: And keep those evil cats out of your room too.

  • Blocko: Hey.

  • Be nice, Kevin.

  • Kevin: Hmph.

  • Finenice kitty...

  • So, be honest, in the comments lemme know, how often do you change your bedsheets, or

  • tell us, what should we talk about next?

  • Curious to know what you should be doing if you have to stay at home for weeks, yeah it's

  • pretty relevant, you should check out this video.

  • Sunlight is your primary source of vitamin D. Without direct exposure your levels of

  • vitamin D will drop, which could put you at risk for poor bone health.

  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been life noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!

Blocko: Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.


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如果你從來不洗床單會怎麼樣?(What If You Never Washed Your Sheets?)

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