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  • Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.

  • The world can have some pretty scary creatures in it.

  • My goldfish here is a little cutie, yes you are Bubbles, but you can find some pretty

  • freaky aquatic life if you journey down into the deep-sea.

  • Let's take a look at some of these scary creatures and maybe learn a bit about how

  • they evolved to be that way!

  • To begin, let's go down to the ocean depths.

  • Wow, it's pretty dark down here.

  • Oh cool, thanks for the light.

  • Wait a minutethat's no ordinary light.

  • That's the bioluminescent glow of one of the scariest, vampire-looking deep sea dwellers;

  • the anglerfish!

  • You see, the female anglerfish's light comes from a piece of their dorsal spine that extends

  • from their forehead.

  • Like a built in fishing rod, it glows with the help of a bunch of bioluminescent bacteria

  • and lures the anglerfish's prey in close enough for them to have a little lunch.

  • It's thought that the angling structure evolved from the spines of the fish's dorsal

  • fin.

  • And according to National Geographic, these underwater rascals have super big mouths and

  • pliable bodies that allow them to gulp down prey bigger than they are!

  • The only person I ever saw do that was Triangle Bob at the buffet last week.

  • Even though he may not have the same radiance, let's not forget about the male anglerfish.

  • Far less intimidating than their female counterparts, male anglerfish are little guys that have

  • evolved into permanent parasitic mates to their females.

  • While you're off having fun in your younger years, these guys are busy latching onto the

  • females with their sharp teeth.

  • The male hooks up to his underwater wife's blood vessels and depends on her to get his

  • nourishment.They even end up physically fusing together over time!

  • And I thought you human couples were clingy!

  • But the female anglerfish isn't alone in her /glowing/ beauty.

  • In fact, it's thought that the majority of eukaryotic life that lives in the deep sea

  • has bioluminescent capabilities.

  • This includes other animals like the lanternfish and the dragonfish.

  • While it may be hard to determine exactly why these animals have evolved to have certain

  • capabilities like bioluminescence, enlarged fangs, or gaping mouths, their similar deep-sea

  • environmental extremes may have played a part.

  • This could include conditions such as little to no penetrable sunlight and high atmospheric

  • pressure.

  • Further trying to understand bioluminescence in deep-sea creatures, a recent study investigated

  • the evolution of species-specific bioluminescent structures in lineages of lanternfishes and

  • dragonfishes.

  • They showed that deep-sea fishes that have these structures, which may be used for communication,

  • are diversifying into new species at a quicker rate than the deep-sea fish that use bioluminescence

  • for things like camouflage or predation.

  • These findings can potentially lead to a better understanding of just how evolution has shaped

  • the modern-day biodiversity in the deep-sea!

  • I don't know about you, but I'd love a little light to follow me around to brighten

  • up my world!

  • So what's the scariest creature that you know of in the deep-sea?

  • Let me know down in the comments below!

  • Make sure you come back every Monday for a brand new video.

  • As always, I'm Blocko and this has been Life Noggin.

  • Don't forget to keep on thinking!

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.


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