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  • Terri: So this is Elle, the wombat.

  • Now, I have to warn everyone about Elle, when you look at her,

  • you can see she's got cute little chubby legs and a cute little chubby tummy.

  • And you have to stop and think she got this way on a plant based diet.

  • Bindi: She did fully plant based.

  • So Elle is really special because she actually shares a birthday with me,

  • which I think is wonderful.

  • So we are both twenty fourth of July babies but Elle is a lot younger than I am.

  • She is still very, very little.

  • She has a lot of growing to do but she is amazing

  • because she's the youngest wombat here at Australia Zoo.

  • We have a fantastic breeding program with our wombats,

  • hoping to ensure their numbers for the generations to come

  • because they are having a hard time in the wild hey mum.

  • Terri: Yeah, they are and Elle's just about two years old now

  • but she is a common wombat and there's Southern hairy nosed wombats, flattering name.

  • Just to stay in the trend there are also northern hairy nosed wombats

  • and they are the most endangered, one of the most endangered mammal species

  • in the world with about one hundred individual animals left.

  • So they definitely need our protection, and Bindi, you pointed out something

  • interesting about her.

  • Bindi: Yes, she has a square head.

  • She has a square belly. She has square little hands.

  • Do you have a square hand? And she has a really square little bottom,

  • which is really cute. She just looks like a walking rectangle.

  • We're going to let little Elle and her little belly run around for a minute.

  • Bindi: There you go, come on let's go for a walk?

  • Terri: So Elle's got this really cool bottom, which when she's digging a burrow,

  • if something is trying to eat her, she'll actually put her bottom

  • in the opening of the burrow.

  • And it's really, really hard so nothing can bite into her and that's

  • how she protects where she lives.

  • Bindi: Isn't that amazing.

  • Come on, darling.

  • Elle!

  • Oh, my gosh, Elle.

  • Come on, let's go see the roos.

  • You go. After you.

  • Terri: I'm out of breath Bindi:I know, you guys were fast.

  • We both have the same size legs, it's perfect.

  • Terri: It's awesome when we have little legs, little but powerful.

  • Bindi: small but mighty.

  • Well, thank you guys for joining us in a day in the life of Elle.

Terri: So this is Elle, the wombat.


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透過Terri和Bindi的介紹,一起來了解這隻叫Elle的袋熊吧!(Terri and Bindi Introduce Elle the Wombat)

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