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  • Hi I'm Brandon and welcome to Chewy!

    嗨,我是Brandon,歡迎來到 Chewy !

  • You're probably familiar with crate training a puppy, but did you know that crate training an older dog can be just as important?


  • Although the process isn't so different from training a puppy, there's still a few important things to know before you begin.


  • So, let's get started!


  • Tip No. 1: Teach your dog to love the crate.


  • Your goal is to teach your dog that their crate is an awesome place to chill.


  • But with an older dog, you want to make sure you do it at their pace.


  • In some cases, if your dog previously didn't have great experiences with the crate, it might take a bit longer to get them to change their mind.


  • But just like any other training session, keeping crate training fun and relaxed every step of the way is bound to win that crate some brownie points with your dog.


  • Tip No. 2: Make the crate a comfy place.


  • Make sure the crate is big enough for your older dog to stand up, turn around, and comfortably lay down.


  • You'll also want a soft mat in there for comfy coziness.


  • If your dog is a little more anxious, dog appeasing pheromone, or DAP products, like a spray or a collar can help keep him cool and collected.

    如果你的狗狗有點太緊張,狗狗安撫費洛蒙、 DAP 系列的噴霧或項圈都能幫助狗狗冷靜跟集中。

  • Tip No. 3: Set your dog up for success.


  • Before you crate your dog, make sure he is fed and exercised so we can just focus on relaxing.


  • Giving him his favorite chew toys can help encourage him to associate the crate with good things.


  • Remember not to crate your adult dog for more than 4 to 6 hours.

    記住,不要把成年狗關著超過 4 到 6 小時。

  • If your dog is over-crated, he might start to resist going in the crate.


  • Remember, the crate is supposed to feel like a chill getaway; kinda like my secret pillow fort.


  • Tip No. 4 : Go back to basics.


  • If your adult dog isn't used to a crate, he might show signs of stress like whining, barking, or destructive behavior.


  • Don't feel discouraged; instead, try going back to basics and working more slowly towards the goal.


  • If your dog is showing extreme signs of panic or distress from being in the crate, he might have separation anxiety.


  • You can try consulting a professional trainer or check out our video on separation anxiety here.


  • Crate training your adult dog can help reduce anxiety, prevent unwanted behaviors, and give them a safe space to retreat to whenever they need a little peace and quiet.


  • And remember, no matter how old your dog is, you can always teach your best friend some new tricks with with a little patience and lots of fun.


  • Do you have any tips for crate training and older dog?


  • Tell us about it in the comments below. I'm Brandon, and thanks for watching. Bye!

    在底下留言告訴我們。我是 Brandon,謝謝你的觀看,掰!

Hi I'm Brandon and welcome to Chewy!

嗨,我是Brandon,歡迎來到 Chewy !


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怎麼對成年犬進行籠內訓練?(How to Crate Train an Older Dog | Chewy)

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