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  • Which Dog Suits Me? - Husky - 20 Facts

  • Husky: Loyal, adventurous, mischievous

  • Husky: Grooming: 2/5; Shedding: 3/5; Energy level: 5/5; Trainability: 5/5

  • Overview: Huskies are large sled dogs. They originate from Siberia.

  • Huskies love: to run, to cuddle + snuggle, to play

  • Top Activities: Hiking, biking, jogging

  • Huskies are highly energetic. They love to run.

  • Personality: Huskies are friendly and gentle.

  • They are a very smart and curios dog breed.

  • They are fun and playful.

  • If trained properly, Huskies are very obedient.

  • Pros & Cons: They are friendly towards strangers.

  • They seldom bark, but they howl and sing!

  • Huskies get along well with other dogs.

  • They tolerate cold weather.

  • Huskies are responsive to training.

  • But it requires a lot of patience and persistence.

  • Huskies can be stubborn.

  • Huskies need lots of exercise.

  • They shed constantly and need regular brushing.

  • They need a home with a large yard.

  • Huskies are expert escape artists.

  • Huskies make poor watchdogs. They are too friendly.

  • Is the Husky the right dog breed for you? Grooming: low; Shedding: medium; Energy level: high; Trainability: high

  • Huskies do best with experienced owners!

  • They're best suited for families with older children and singles.

  • They'll do best in homes with yards.

Which Dog Suits Me? - Husky - 20 Facts


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我適合養哈士奇嗎?20件關於哈士奇的事!(Is a Husky the Right Dog Breed for Me? 20 Facts About Huskies!)

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