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  • hey guys welcome back to how to switzerland it is  sarah here today and in today's video i'm going  

    大家好,歡迎回到如何去瑞士,今天是 莎拉,在今天的視頻中,我

  • to be sharing with you some things i did not know  existed on this earth until i moved to switzerland

    將與你們分享一些 我在搬到瑞士之前不知道存在於這個地球上的事情,

  • so i recently found a youtuber called stefan  tyrone i think is his name it's also the name  

    所以我最近找到了一個名叫 stefan tyrone 的 youtuber 我想是他的名字,這

  • of his channel and he's an american living in  sweden and he had a video like this and i thought  

    也是他頻道的名字,他是一個住在瑞典的美國人 ,他有一個這樣的視頻,我

  • that the video was so interesting and funny and  i thought i could definitely come up with some  

    覺得這個視頻非常有趣和有趣, 我想我絕對可以想出一些我能想到的

  • things that i also didn't know existed untilmoved to switzerland so let's keep this intro  

    東西 在我搬到瑞士之前也不知道存在 所以讓我們保持這個介紹

  • short i've got eight things to talk about let's  jump into it the first thing that i did not know  

    簡短我有八件事要談讓我們 跳進去我不知道存在的第一件事

  • existed was fast knocked and gooken music so fast  knocked is basically carnival carnival um here in  

    是快速敲擊和古肯音樂如此快速 敲擊基本上是 嘉年華嘉年華在

  • switzerland so i had heard about carnival growing  up but i always thought it was something that  

    瑞士,所以我在成長過程中聽說過嘉年華 ,但我一直認為

  • only takes place in brazil and i thought  that it's like similar to mardi gras  

    它只發生在巴西,我 認為它類似於狂歡節

  • mardi gras where it's like a wild party and that's  honestly all i had ever thought about carnival  

    狂歡節 一個狂野的派對,老實說,這 就是我一生中唯一想到的

  • carnival in my entire life and then i moved to  lucerne and in lucerne fastnacht is such a big  

    狂歡節,然後我搬到 盧塞恩,在盧塞恩,fastnacht 是

  • thing so i honestly cannot really compare it to  anything in the united states some people try to  

    一件大事,所以老實說,我無法真正將它與 某些人試圖在美國進行的任何事情進行比較

  • compare it to halloween but i don't really think  that that's very accurate so fasnacht is basically  

    將它與萬聖節進行比較,但我真的不認為 那是非常準確的,所以 fasnacht 基本上

  • a big party in lucerne it's this four day party  it's actually going on like right about now it's  

    是盧塞恩的一個大型派對,這是這個為期四天的派對 ,實際上就像現在

  • usually like in february march and it's outdoors  and there's all sorts of i don't know i'm not  

    一樣,通常就像 2 月的 3 月,在戶外 ,有各種各樣的 我不知道我不是

  • an expert in this because i'm honestly notbig fan of fossnock it's not really my thing  

    這方面的專家,因為老實說,我不是 fossnock 的忠實粉絲,這不是我真正

  • but it's like there's um all sorts of parties in  the street and everywhere and in bars everything  

    喜歡的東西,但就像 在街上和到處都有各種各樣的派對,在酒吧里,一切都

  • is decked out all colorful there's a lot of loud  music which is this um gookin music so they have  

    被裝飾了 外面五彩繽紛,有很多響亮的 音樂,這就是這種 um gookin 音樂,所以它們

  • like trombones and trumpets and drums and i'll  put in a little clip of this music right now

    有長號、小號和鼓之類的東西,我現在會 放一些這種音樂的片段,

  • so yeah this is a genre of music that i didn't  even know existed but it is a big part of fosnox  

    所以是的,這是我喜歡的一種音樂類型 甚至不 知道它的存在,但它是 fosnox 的重要組成部分

  • and just the whole culture around it so i'm  honestly not super educated as to the whole um  


  • story behind the party behind the event that you  see happening in the streets but i believe it has  

    你在街上看到的事件背後的派對背後的整個故事並不 了解,但我 相信

  • something to do with bad energy bad spirits and  winter and kind of getting those out of the town  

    這與不良的能量、精神不好和 冬天有關,還有一些讓這些人離開城鎮,

  • um to yeah something like that people that are  in these fossnot groups make these crazy outfits  

    嗯,是的,就像 這些 fossnot 團體中的人製造這些瘋狂的

  • a lot of the times they make them like from  scratch by hand they make these crazy humongous  

    衣服很多時候他們從頭開始製作他們喜歡的衣服 他們親手製作了這些瘋狂的巨大

  • masks and outfits and it is just a big thing that  i did not even know existed and i don't think it's  

    面具和服裝,這是一件 我什至不知道存在的大事,我認為它不

  • just in switzerland i think it's also in parts of  austria parts of germany and i was actually just  

    只是在瑞士我認為它也在 奧地利的部分地區德國的部分地區而我實際上只是

  • watching um john venus a youtuber who lives in  norway and he was saying that in norway they have  

    看 um john venus 一個住在挪威的 youtuber ,他說在挪威他們

  • fossnock right now so i don't really know where it  takes place but it's definitely a big thing here  

    現在有 fossnock,所以我真的不知道它發生在哪裡, 但這絕對是一件

  • second thing that i didn't know existed  was panache so panache is a drink that  

    大事,我不知道存在的第二件事 正如 panache 所以 panache 是一種

  • is half beer and half sprite so you usually get  like a tall glass in switzerland it's usually  

    半啤酒半雪碧的飲料,所以你通常會 像瑞士的一個高腳玻璃杯一樣,通常

  • like three deciliters and it's about half sprite  and half beer i just didn't know that people  

    是三分升,大約是一半雪碧 和一半啤酒 我只是不知道人們

  • mix um beer with sprite i had never seen that in  the united states maybe it exists let me know i  

    將啤酒和雪碧混合 我從來沒有在美國看到過 ,也許它存在讓我知道

  • was uh i was 17 when i left the united states so  i don't really know if that is a thing that they  

    我離開美國時是 17 歲,所以 我真的不知道那是不是他們

  • sell in bars over there so definitely let me  know but panache is pretty popular here a lot  

    在那邊的酒吧出售的東西,所以一定要讓我 知道,但是華麗在這裡很受歡迎

  • of the times people just want to have um likedrink but maybe they're not in the mood to like  

    很多時候人們只是想 喝點酒,但也許他們沒有心情

  • get too much of a buzz so just get like a ponish  it's something nice that you can sip that doesn't  

    喜歡得到太多的嗡嗡聲所以就像拋光一樣 好,你可以

  • have a ton of alcohol and i know in germany they  mix um sometimes beer with coke which they don't  

    沒有大量酒精的啜飲,我知道在德國他們 有時將啤酒和可樂混合,而

  • do in switzerland um but yeah here uh beer and  sprite very popular third thing i didn't know  

    在瑞士他們不會這樣做,但是在這裡,呃啤酒和 雪碧非常受歡迎,我不知道存在的第三件事,

  • existed until i moved to switzerland was instant  coffee so if you don't know what instant coffee is  

    直到我 搬到瑞士是速溶 咖啡,所以如果你不 知道速溶咖啡是

  • it's basically you buy it in the grocery store and  it comes in these glass jars all sorts of brands  

    什麼 基本上你是在雜貨店買的 它裝 在這些玻璃罐裡 各種品牌

  • make it like nespresso and there's all sorts of  different versions and all you do is get some hot  

    使它像奈斯派索 有各種 不同的版本 你要做的就是拿

  • water or some boiling water and you put it into  um you take a scoop of the coffee and you put it  

    一些熱水或開水 你把它放進 嗯你拿一勺咖啡然後把它

  • into the water and there's your coffee you don't  have to brew it or wait or anything it's just  

    放進水里你的咖啡你 不必沖泡或等待或任何它只是

  • instant but that doesn't mean that that's what  swiss people normally drink i would say that swiss  

    即時的但這並不意味著這就是 瑞士人通常的做法 喝 我會說瑞士人

  • people generally drink very high quality coffee  a lot of people have nespresso machines at home  

    通常喝非常高品質的 咖啡 很多人家裡都有 nespresso 咖啡機,

  • that's very very popular here people drink express  espresso espresso it's not expresso it's espresso  

    這在這裡很受歡迎 人們喝 expresso espresso espresso 這不是 expresso 它是 espresso

  • um so a lot of people drink espresso and other  high quality coffee but some people have like  

    嗯,所以很多人喝 espresso 和其他 高品質的咖啡 但有些人喜歡

  • instant coffee and their cabinet um or a lot of  times you use it to make like alcoholic beverages  

    速溶咖啡和他們的櫥櫃,嗯,或者很多 時候你用它來製作酒精飲料,

  • like a coffee schnapps which you might find at  carnival um so yeah growing up i was only really  

    比如你可能會在嘉年華找到的咖啡杜松子酒, 所以是的 在我成長的過程中,我真的很

  • ever familiar with like drip coffee uh also  when i worked in restaurants and just at my  

    熟悉滴漏咖啡,呃, 當我在餐館工作時,我和父母一起在家里工作時

  • home with my parents that's all that i saw so  you have the machine and you put the grinds on  

    ,我看到的就是這些,所以 你有機器,你把磨碎的東西放在

  • top like a lot of coffee grinds and then it  pours through and you make your coffee like  

    上面,就像很多咖啡磨碎一樣 然後它 傾瀉而出,你像那樣煮咖啡

  • that and it takes a very long time um and my swiss  husband thinks that that coffee is like disgusting  

    ,這需要很長時間,嗯,我的瑞士 丈夫認為那咖啡很噁心

  • and watery and you don't find that in switzerland  maybe somebody has a drip coffee machine but i  

    而且水汪汪的,在瑞士你找不到, 也許有人有滴漏式咖啡機,但是 我

  • have never seen one so if you're from switzerland  let me know fourth thing i did not know existed  

    從未見過,所以如果你來自瑞士, 讓我知道我不知道存在的第四件事

  • was revela so rebella is i think like the  unofficial swiss national drink it is this  

    是 revela,所以 rebella 是我認為的 非官方瑞士國民飲料,這是

  • kind of weird soft drink i'm not gonna lie i have  never tasted it so i cannot give my opinion on it  

    一種奇怪的軟飲料,我不會撒謊 從來沒有嚐過,所以我不能給出我的意見

  • and i'm actually vegan now so i cannot um drink  it or i choose not to drink it and you're probably  

    ,我現在實際上是素食主義者,所以我不能喝 它或者我選擇不喝它,你可能會

  • like why can't you drink a soda if you're vegan  and it's actually because it's made with some  

    想如果你是為什麼不能喝蘇打水 素食 主義者,實際上是因為它是用 s 製成的

  • sort of milk product so it's this soft drink made  with milk whey and there's all sorts of different  

    一些奶製品,所以它是用乳清製成的軟飲料 ,有各種不同的

  • flavors it comes in this dark brown bottle i'll  put in a picture here i know people really really  


  • like this drink i know my husband used to drink  a lot of it until we changed our diet um but yeah  

    瓶子裡 喝 了很多,直到我們改變了我們的飲食,嗯,是的,

  • never had it it seems very strange to me a soft  drink made with any sort of milk byproduct kind  

    從來沒有喝過它對我來說似乎很奇怪 用任何種類的牛奶副產品製成的軟飲料

  • of bizarre the fifth thing that i did not know  existed and i'm not gonna lie this one annoys me  

    奇怪的第五件事,我不知道 存在,我不會 說謊這讓我

  • it annoys me a little bit it is a compulsory tv  and radio licensing fee i think in switzerland  

    很惱火它讓我有點惱火 這是強制性的電視 和廣播許可費我認為在瑞士

  • it's called the blog so we actually got this bill  a few weeks ago and i was really surprised and  

    它被稱為博客所以我們實際上在幾週前收到了這個 賬單 我真的很驚訝和

  • confused as to what it was so basically we are  required to pay 365 swiss francs per year they  

    困惑它是什麼 所以基本上我們 每年需要支付 365 瑞士法郎,他們

  • send the bill twice a year so they divide it in  half but we're required to pay this and every  

    一年寄兩次賬單,所以他們把它分 成兩半,但我們需要支付這筆錢

  • single household in switzerland is required to  pay this and they use this money to subsidize the  

    ,瑞士的每個家庭都需要 支付這筆錢,他們用這筆錢來 補貼

  • swiss broadcasting corporation and as well as some  local regional tv and radio stations which i mean  

    瑞士廣播公司以及一些 當地的地方電視台和廣播電台,我的意思是

  • i just feel like this is very very outdated  i remember when we lived in germany we had  

    我只是覺得這是非常非常過時的 我記得我們住在德國的時候我們

  • the exact same thing and i i don't own a tvdon't own a radio i'm like most people my age  

    有完全相同的東西而且我沒有電視我 沒有 我沒有收音機,我和我這個年紀的大多數人一樣

  • where i watch everything online i don't watch  any swiss we don't watch any swiss news and i  

    ,我在網上看所有東西,我 不看任何瑞士新聞,我們不看任何瑞士新聞,我

  • just find it kind of bizarre that we're required  to pay this and i was looking it up online if  

    只是覺得我們 需要支付這筆費用有點奇怪,我 在網上查了一下,如果

  • you can get out of it if you for example don't  have a television or you you know all sorts of  

    你可以擺脫它,例如,如果你 沒有電視,或者你知道各種各樣的

  • ways like is there a way we can get out of  this because we don't consume tv or radio  

    方式,比如有沒有辦法擺脫 這種情況,因為我們不消費電視或收音機

  • and there is not a way to get out of it and there  were a lot of other people on the internet i saw  

    並且沒有辦法擺脫它, 我看到互聯網上有很多其他人

  • that also thought it was very outdated and needed  to go especially expats i think expats that move  

    也認為它非常過時並且需要 去特別是外籍人士我認為移居

  • here are the ones most shocked and kind of annoyed  about that because it's like 400 a year that is a  

    這裡的外籍人士是最震驚和善良的人 對此感到 惱火,因為每年 400 美元,這是

  • lot of money but of course i paid it there's no  way around it so just something to keep in mind  

    一大筆錢,但這是理所當然的 我付了錢,沒有 辦法繞過它,所以要記住一些事情,

  • because you will probably get a bill no matter  where you live you will get a bill um where you  

    因為無論你住在哪裡,你都可能會收到賬單 ,你會收到賬單,嗯,你

  • have to pay this they might call it differently  in different cantons or areas but yeah the sixth  

    必須支付的地方,他們可能會 在不同的州或地區以不同的方式稱呼它 但是,是的

  • thing that i did not know existed was opero i had  never really heard of this concept or really part  

    ,我不知道存在的第六件事是歌劇 我 從來沒有真正聽說過這個概念或真正參與

  • partaken i never really took part in an opero  until i moved to switzerland and swiss people  

    過我從未真正參與過歌劇, 直到我搬到瑞士並且

  • love opero there is a big opero culture here so an  opero is basically a kind of casual but a little  

    瑞士人喜歡歌劇,這裡有一種盛大的歌劇文化 所以 歌劇基本上是一種隨意但

  • bit of formal social gathering where people say  i'll give you an example so and then a friend  

    有點正式的社交聚會,人們說 我會給你舉個例子,然後朋友

  • invites you uh to their house or a family member  invites you to their house when you go to their  

    邀請你去他們家,或者 你去的時候家人邀請你去他們家 到他們

  • house you probably will have an opera i'm talking  of course like a little bit more formal like if  

    家,你可能會有一部歌劇,我說 的當然更正式一點,比如如果

  • you're going over for for a dinner party before  the dinner you will have an opera as part of the  

    你在晚餐前去參加一個 晚宴,你將有一場歌劇作為

  • dinner party so basically people tend to stand  at an opero you stand at like i don't know high  

    晚宴的一部分,所以基本上是 pe ope 傾向於站在 你站在的歌劇旁,就像我不知道高

  • tables or like a like a i don't know people are  standing usually during an opera and you have like  

    桌或像我不知道人們 通常在歌劇期間站著,你喜歡

  • little finger foods this could be like um chips  or nuts or it could even be like some warm like  

    小手指食物,這可能像嗯薯條 或堅果或 它甚至可能像一些溫暖的

  • uh things i don't know basically just finger foods  and typically there is prosecco or opera spritz  

    東西,我不知道的東西基本上只是手指食物 ,通常有普羅塞克或歌劇

  • or just these opero type of beverages a beer so  it's just kind of a way for everybody i suppose to  

    烈酒,或者只是這些歌劇類型的飲料和啤酒,所以 這只是我想混在一起的每個人的一種方式

  • mingle and talk so operos don't only happen at  somebody's house for example you could be at a  

    談話,這樣歌劇不僅發生在 某人家裡,例如,你可以參加一

  • work conference the whole day maybe you're  sitting through presentations and seminars  

    整天的工作會議,也許你經常 坐在演講和

  • a lot of the times at the end you're going to  have an opero so everybody kind of gets up and  

    研討會上,最後你 會有歌劇,所以每個人 有點起床,

  • stands and mingles walks around has prosecco um  and the food is not really enough to replace a  

    站著,混在一起走動,有普羅塞克 嗯 ,食物並不足以代替一

  • meal it's more just things to nibble on so for  me it was just kind of new because it is pretty  

    頓飯,它更像是可以吃的東西,所以對 我來說,這只是一種新的東西,因為它是

  • formal coming from the united states if you go  to somebody's house you might more just kind of  

    從美國來的非常正式的 如果你走的話 到某人家,你可能更喜歡

  • have a bowl of chips on the table and it's  more casual the host might say oh there's  

    桌上放著一碗薯條, 主人可能會說哦,

  • drinks in the fridge if you're thirsty of coursemean it varies depending on how you grew up where  

    如果你渴了,冰箱裡有飲料當然我的 意思是這取決於你在什麼地方長大

  • you grew up in the us and i guess all that kind  of stuff but for me the very formal like have a  

    在美國長大,我想所有這些 東西,但對我來說非常正式,比如

  • prozac go and cheers with everybody and stand and  and talk and nibble was a very new concept to me i  

    喝百憂解,和每個人一起歡呼,站著 說話和啃咬對我來說是一個非常新的概念,

  • i had never seen anything like this and now  i love opera i think opero is the best thing  

    我從來沒有見過這樣的事情 現在 我喜歡歌劇,我認為歌劇是有史以來最好的東西

  • ever and i love that it's so popular here okay  number seven i'm just gonna call this a the food  

    ,我喜歡它在這裡如此受歡迎,好吧, 第七名,我只是把它稱為

  • category some foods that i didn't know existed  first food i never saw until i moved here was  

    食物類別,一些我不知道存在 的食物,直到我第一次看到 我搬到這裡是

  • paprika chips which probably sounds funny to you  if you live in europe because paprika chips are  

    紅辣椒片,如果你住在歐洲,這對你來說可能聽起來很有趣, 因為紅辣椒片

  • probably the most popular kind of chip i would go  as far to say in switzerland it's definitely the  

    可能 是我在瑞士

  • most popular kind of chip so i've seen i saw  these within i don't know the first few days  

    最流行的一種芯片,它絕對是最受歡迎的芯片,所以我見過 我在裡面看到了 這些 不知道我剛到瑞士的頭幾天

  • when i arrived to switzerland and usually you have  like plain chips and paprika chips at like opera  

    ,通常你會 在像歌劇

  • or whatever and i instantly as a person from the  united states thought that the orange chips would  

    或其他什麼的時候吃普通薯片和辣椒片,我作為一個來自美國的人 立刻認為橙片

  • be like cheddar um or cheese flavored because  in the u.s we have a lot of chips that are like  

    會像切達干酪或奶酪一樣調味,因為 在美國,我們有很多像

  • cheese flavored that's very popular um but thenbit into it and it wasn't the same flavor at all  

    奶酪味的薯條,非常受歡迎,但後來我 咬了一口,味道根本不一樣,

  • it was completely different and somebody told  me it's paprika and i was like what paprika  

    完全不同,有人告訴 我這是辣椒粉,我就像辣椒粉一樣

  • i don't even think i've ever cooked with paprika  in the united states and now i am a huge paprika  

    我什至不認為我曾經 在美國用辣椒粉做飯,現在我是一個巨大的辣椒粉

  • chip fan but i was just confused and surprised  when i first moved here never saw that before  

    芯片迷,但是 當我第一次搬到這裡時,我只是感到困惑和驚訝,之前從未見過

  • oh and over here they actually have paprika  pringles which are so so good another food  

    哦,在這裡他們實際上有辣椒粉 品客薯片太好吃了另一種

  • i never saw before was alper macrone excuse  the pronunciation but this is like a mac and  

    我以前從未見過的食物 alper Macrone 原諒 了發音,但這

  • cheese pasta dish that you usually get like in the  mountains or in winter and it's pasta and it has  

    就像你通常在山上或冬天吃的通心粉和奶酪意大利面 ,它是意大利面和它 裡面有

  • potatoes in it and it's really creamy andneed to learn how to make a vegan version of  

    土豆,它真的很奶油,我 需要學習如何製作素食版本

  • this because i used to love this dish it was like  my favorite thing in winter of course i grew up  

    ,因為我曾經喜歡這道菜,就像 我冬天最喜歡的東西,當然我是

  • eating mac and cheese but this is just ten times  better i also never heard of roshti or spotsley  

    吃通心粉和奶酪長大的,但這只是十 好多了,我也從來沒有聽說過 roshti 或 spotley,

  • so roshti is like this kind of like a massive hash  brown it's like these shredded potatoes that you  

    所以 roshti 就像一個巨大 的土豆泥,就像你

  • cook in oil and it's like this big potato hash  brown pancake love it one of my favorite things  

    在油裡煮的這些土豆絲,就像這個大土豆土豆泥 棕色煎餅喜歡它,我最喜歡的東西之一

  • i'm such a potato person so i love roast teacook it all the time and the other thing it spotly  

    我” 我是個喜歡吃土豆的人,所以我喜歡烤茶

  • are these little weird funky noodles i don't  even know how to describe them i'll just put in  

    不知道是否存在,我猜是不是 有點像這些冷醃乾肉,

  • a picture last food i didn't know existed wereguess kind of like these cold cured dried meats so  

    所以我當然聽說過在美國長大的意大利臘腸 ,就像醃肉一樣,你可以

  • of course i had heard of salami growing up in the  u.s which is like a cured meat that you just slice  

    切片吃,但在這裡我記得我第一次 搬到這裡的時候 我看到人們像一個大金磚

  • and eat but over here i remember when i first  moved here and i saw people with like a big brick  

    k 他們會像切掉一片 [ __ ] ,它看起來像一片熏肉

  • of bacon and they would just cut a [ __ ] like  a slice off and it looked like a slice of bacon  

    ,然後他們就像一塊麵包一樣把它放在上面 ,他們會吃它,但不會煮

  • and then they would just put it on like a piece of  bread and they would eat it and they wouldn't cook  

    它, 我就像為什麼人們吃生培根 這對我來說真的很奇怪嗯所以是的我

  • it and i was like why are people eating raw bacon  this is really really strange to me um so yeah i'm  

    不太確定那叫什麼我不 知道我知道它已經治愈或乾燥或類似的

  • not exactly sure what that's called like i don't  know i know it's cured or dried or something like  

    東西但是是的我會放 在一些照片中, 第八件我不知道存在的最後一

  • that but yeah i'll put in some pictures all right  number eight last things i did not know existed  

    件事與嗯去上學有關,所以第一 件事是瑞士人回家

  • have to do with um going to school so the first  thing is that people in switzerland go home for  

    吃午飯我不知道這是否流行,如果這是 一件事情的話 除了我丈夫之外的每一所學校

  • lunch i don't know if this is pop if this is  a thing in every single school but my husband  

    ,呃,他長大後 仍然說,孩子們從

  • for sure uh said when he was growing up and still  to this day kids go home over lunch starting from  

    很小的時候就回家吃午飯,我問他 回家吃午飯要多久,他說可以了 直到

  • a really young age and i asked him how long he was  going home for lunch and he said it can be up till  

    16 歲。嗯,我不知道這 對我來說是一件沒有意義的事情 因為我在想

  • age 16. a