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  • hey guys welcome back to how to  switzerland sarah here today and  

    大家好,歡迎回到 今天這裡的如何在瑞士莎拉,

  • in today's video we are going to talk  about doing laundry in switzerland

    在今天的視頻中,我們將 討論在瑞士洗衣服,

  • so this is episode two of our switzerland basics  series so this series is all about the back to  

    所以這是我們瑞士基礎 系列的第二集,所以這個系列是關於回歸

  • basics if you are fresh in switzerland you  just want to know how basic things work this  

    基礎的,如果你是新手的話 瑞士,你 只是想知道這個系列的基本原理是如何工作的

  • series is for you and we got so many requests for  this one which is really funny but people are so  

    ,我們收到了很多關於這個系列的請求, 這真的很有趣,但人們非常

  • curious how to do laundry like a swiss how  do the swiss do laundry what can i expect  

    好奇如何像 瑞士人一樣洗衣服 瑞士人如何洗衣服 我能期待什麼

  • when i move here so of course you all know by now  i'm sure that switzerland is definitely a country  


  • of rules and rule followers um so there  are a lot of rules that come to doing  


  • your laundry the main one that you need to  know is that you cannot do laundry on sundays  

    你的建築物可能會有標誌 說我們的時間在門上我會

  • your building will probably have signs that say  that ours does the hours are on the door i'll  

    在我們下樓時展示所有東西但是你 絕對不能在星期天洗衣服你不能

  • show everything when we get downstairs but you  definitely cannot do laundry on sunday you can't  

    掛你 我們的衣服在周日上線, 所以確保你在

  • hang your clothes outside on the line on sunday  so make sure you are getting your laundry in  

    周一到週六洗衣服,接下來你應該 知道的是你不能把衣服掛

  • monday through saturday next thing that you should  know is that you cannot hang your clothes to dry  

    在公寓裡面晾乾這是我們的租約 ,它可能會在 你的租約

  • inside of your apartment this is in our lease  and it probably will be in your lease as well  

    以及他們租約的原因是 因為你們看過這些視頻的瑞士房屋

  • and the reason why they have this in leases is  because swiss houses you guys have seen the videos  

    非常密封我會爭辯說, 你知道大多數公寓都非常像

  • i'm sure where i'm showing you um around our swiss  apartment um they're very sealed all the doors all  

    氣密性你怎麼說就像 沒有空氣進出也沒有空氣進出所以如果你掛

  • the windows extremely seal i would argue that  you know most apartments are pretty much like  

    乾衣服顯然水會流到某個 地方它會去 從牆壁到天花板

  • air proof how you say like no air is going in or  out okay no air is going in or out so if you hang  

    ,這不太好,所以我們 在這間公寓裡有兩個陽台,夏天我們把它掛在外面

  • dry clothes obviously the water goes somewhere  and it will go into the walls into the ceiling  

    ,但冬天我們必須把 所有東西都掛在樓下的烘乾室裡,我們

  • and that's not good so we do have two balconies  in this apartment and we do hang it outside  

    會向你展示 因為我們的洗衣機和烘乾機在地下室樓下,所以我一直說我會 在一秒鐘內告訴你,

  • in the summer but in the winter we have to hang  everything downstairs in the drying room which we  

    所以我們住 在一個相對普通的漂亮公寓樓裡,

  • will show you shortly so i keep saying i'll show  you in a second that is because our washer and  

    但在瑞士不一定 有洗衣機和烘乾機的標準 在你的單位里為

  • dryer are downstairs in the basement so we live in  like a relatively normal nice apartment building  

    你自己,你很可能 會有一台共用的

  • but it is not necessarily standard in switzerland  to have a washer and dryer in your unit for  

    洗衣機和烘乾機,嗯,你可能會很幸運, 我之前已經談過這個,我不是說

  • your for yourself um you're more than likely  going to have a shared laundry laundry machine  

    每間公寓都沒有洗衣機烘乾機 但這有點不太可能,特別是如果你

  • machine and dryer um you might get lucky  i've talked about this before i'm not saying  

    在像蘇黎世這樣的大城市,你的 機會可能越來越少,如果你在

  • every apartment does not have a washer dryer but  it is a little bit unlikely especially if you are  

    郊區,你可能會有更多的 空間,所以你可能有洗衣機和 烘乾機,

  • in a big expensive city like zurich your chances  are probably less and less than if you're in more  


  • of a suburb you might have a little bit more  space so you might have a washer and dryer  

    您在尋找公寓時需要妥協的事情,您可能 不得不放棄在您的單位擁有洗衣機的夢想,

  • but i wouldn't expect it and it might be  something that you need to compromise on  

    但我知道人們確實存在 單位裡有洗衣機和烘乾機,

  • when you're searching for apartments you might  have to let go of that dream of having a washer  

    但我們沒有好消息是,如果你 從像紐約這樣的大城市搬到蘇黎世或瑞士

  • in your unit but it certainly does exist i know  people that have washer and dryer in the unit  

    ,你甚至在每棟樓裡都沒有洗衣機 ,你不得不去 自助洗衣店,

  • but we do not the good news is if you are moving  to zurich or switzerland from a big city like new  

    你可能不會在這裡遇到這種情況, 幾乎每棟樓都會有洗衣機,

  • york where you don't even have washing machines in  every building and you had to go to a laundromat  

    現在還早,我不能說 地下室有洗衣機和烘乾機,所以

  • you probably will not have that situation here  almost every building is going to have a washing  

    他們不太可能會說沒有 洗衣設施

  • it's early i can't say washing machinewasher and a dryer in the basement so it's  

    可能會發生的所有設施,但我還沒有看到, 我們看了很多公寓,但我們並沒有

  • not very likely that they'll say that there's no  washing facilities facilities on the premises at  

    真正看到那個,但是如果你發現自己處於 這種情況,蘇黎世的自助洗衣店並不多

  • all it might happen but i have not seen it and  we looked at a lot of apartments and we did not  

    在較小的城市有一些 你可能找不到自助自助洗衣店

  • really see that um but if you do find yourself in  that situation there are not a lot of laundromats  

    所以是的,你的公寓裡可能會有一個, 所以在這間公寓裡,就像我說的,我們有一個共用的

  • here in zurich there are a few in smaller cities  you might not find any self-service um laundromats  

    洗衣機和烘乾機,不幸的是我們必須 支付 單獨它不包括在我們的

  • so yeah you'll probably have one in your apartment  so in this apartment like i said we have a shared  

    租金中 我們必須為每件衣服支付我們 看了一噸公寓,大約是 50

  • washer and dryer and unfortunately we do have to  pay for it separately it's not included in our  

    50。有些建築物在地下室有洗衣房 ,您不必支付每件衣服

  • rent we have to pay for each load of laundry we  looked at a ton of apartments and it was about 50  

    其中一些你確實需要付費,但幾乎 每一個擁有付費機器的人都

  • 50. some of the buildings had laundry in the  basement where you don't have to pay per load  

    帶著這樣的卡 這不是 我以前見過的投幣式洗衣機,但它

  • and some of them you do have to pay but almost  every single one that had a paid machine came  

    更有可能你會擁有這個 一種 卡片芯片系統,所以它是如何工作的,這就是

  • with a card like this it's not coin laundry that  i have seen one of those before but it's more more  

    我們在建築物中按負載支付的方式,我們必須 一次在這裡放 80 瑞士法郎,這

  • than likely you're going to have this kind ofcard chip system so how this works is this is how  

    對於放這張洗衣卡來說是一筆很大的錢,但你 可以 不能少做,不能做多,你必須把

  • we pay per load um in our building we have to put  80 swiss francs on here at a time um that's a lot  

    80 瑞士法郎放在這兒,所以你拿了 80 美元 現金,你把卡放在信封裡

  • of money to like put on this laundry card but you  can't do less you can't do more you have to put  

    ,把你的單位號碼放在上面,然後把它 放在郵箱裡 建築維護人員的照片

  • 80 swiss francs on here so you take the 80 bucks  cash you take the card you put it in the envelope  

    ,他每兩週才上傳一次,所以 不要讓你的 如果至少

  • you put your unit number on it and you put it  in the mailbox of the building maintenance guy  

    在我們的大樓裡資金太少,我相信這是一種標準, 也許每週一次,或者

  • and he only uploads them every two weeks so do  not let yourself get too low on funds at least  

    每隔一周一次,所以我們每個月兩次,我們可以把錢 放在這裡,所以你想確保你 把它

  • in our building i'm sure it's kind of standard  maybe once a week or like for us only every  

    裝滿,這樣我就可以洗衣服了,我有我的小 奇蹟卡芯片,我們下樓吧,

  • other week so two times a month we can put money  on here so you want to make sure that you keep it  

    好吧,我們在洗衣房裡,有些 事情要指出,所以你可能會有這樣的登記

  • full so i've got my laundry i've got my little  wonder card chip thing here let's go downstairs  

    表 基本上你只是 在你想洗衣服的時候寫信,所以我們有嗯,

  • okay so we are down in our laundry room and some  things to point out so you might have a sign up  

    你知道早上時段中午和晚上時段,所以 你可以從早上 7 點到晚上 9 點洗衣服,你可以

  • sheet like this where basically you just write  in when you want to do the laundry so we have um  

    提前幾個月在我們的公寓註冊這些時段, 這很好 像非官方的一樣,有

  • you know morning slot midday and evening slot so  you can do laundry from 7am till 9pm and you can  

    一個人需要星期一我總是星期二 它是星期二嗯還有另一個

  • sign up for those slots um months in advance in  our apartment it's kind of like unofficial there's  

    人像每隔一個星期三一樣然後 它對所有人來說都是免費的但這

  • one person that takes monday i always take tuesday  it's tuesday um there's another guy that takes  

    在我們的大樓裡真的不是問題但我聽說有人 說 他們有真正的 洗衣服很難

  • like every other wednesday and then it's pretty  much free for all but it's really not an issue  

    , 如果幸運的話,

  • in our building but i have heard of people saying  that they have really a hard time getting laundry  


  • done that they can only do it like once a month  if they're lucky um some apartments will give you  

    只能洗一次 洗衣機和烘乾機 有些 公寓可能有不止一個 我們參觀過

  • like a dedicated spot but we quite like having  this because it has some flexibility so you can  

    一些有幾個洗衣機 嗯有些沒有烘乾機 這只是有點取決於但我可以告訴你

  • see we have one washer one dryer some apartments  again might have more than one we've toured some  

    瑞士有很多人 我會說大多數 人都沒有 我們的大樓使用烘乾機,嗯,

  • that had a few washers um some had no dryers  it just kind of depends but i can tell you that  

    我們必須為此付費,而且需要很 長時間,而且人們已經習慣將

  • a lot of people in switzerland i would say most  people nobody in our building uses the dryer um  

    衣服掛在隔壁的房間裡,所以讓我們 把衣服扔進去,這是我注意到的一個主要區別 在瑞士

  • we have to pay for it and it just takes a long  time and people are quite used to hanging their  

    使用 um 洗衣機洗衣機 的原因是 um 滾筒

  • clothes here in the room right next door so let's  throw in some laundry so the one major difference  

    遠小於美國的標準尺寸 我知道這是一個非常像

  • i've noticed with um laundry machines washers  in switzerland is that the um drums are far  

    瑞士製造的高端 fauzou 洗衣機,但 滾筒實際上相對較小 而且不能

  • far smaller than the standard size in america  i know that this is a very um like high-end  

    裝很多衣服,所以我發現自己做了 很多負荷,嗯,而在美國,鼓

  • made in switzerland fauzou washing machine but the  drum is actually relatively small and doesn't hold  

    就像每年都變得越來越大, 好吧,所以我什麼都有了,我只需要

  • a lot of clothes so i find myself doing a lot  of loads um whereas in the us the drums were  

    打開它就可以了 是你給機器供電的方式, 所以我要去這裡打洗衣機

  • like getting bigger and bigger every single year  okay so then i have everything in i just need to  

    ,現在它說很好,這意味著選擇 設備我猜所以洗衣機大笛卡爾

  • turn it on so this is how you power the machine  so i'm going to go here and hit washing machine  

    對不起可怕的口音所以我只是 要堅持下去 現在它說我的預算

  • and now it says great valen which means choose  device i guess so washing machine big descartes  

    在這裡我的金額是 6 美元所以 現在機器有動力去它我認為它

  • sorry for the horrible accent so i'm just going  to hold this up and now it says my um like budget  

    只是閃現它是每小時一個坦率但我 不確定價格但它是 絕對

  • on here my amounts on here is six dollars so now  the machine has power going to it and i think it  

    不貴,所以在歐洲,他們 顯然傾向於根據攝氏溫度來洗衣服,

  • just flashed that it's one frank per hour but i'm  not exactly sure on the price but it's definitely  

    所以我認為你實際上應該 在 40 度洗衣服,但我通常會洗 60 度,然後為了

  • not expensive so in europe it seems that they tend  to wash based on temperature in celsius obviously  

    省錢,我就在這裡打了這個小傢伙 它從 1 小時 13 到 39 這是一個曲 ickwash

  • so you're actually supposed to wash clothes  on 40 i think but i usually do 60 and then to  

    對我來說效果很好,所以我們會在 39 分鐘後回來,我會告訴你我們是如何掛起洗衣機的,

  • save money i hit this little guy right here so  it goes from 1 hour 13 to 39 it's a quick wash  

    好的,洗衣一定要確保 你設置一個計時器,我們總是上樓設置一個

  • for me that works just fine so we'll come back in  39 minutes and i'll show you how we hang the wash  

    計時器,因為如果 你確實把它放在裡面太久 了,如果有人下來想洗衣服,你不會註冊一整天

  • okay the laundry is done definitely make sure  you set a timer we always go upstairs and set a  


  • timer because if you do leave it in for too long  and you're not like signed up for the whole day  

    不會害羞地拿走你的東西,把 它放在某個地方也是如此 因為如果你

  • if somebody comes down and wants to do laundry  i would say in my experience swiss people are  

    在烘乾室裡佔用了很多空間並且你的 衣服是乾的,如果有人需要空間,他們

  • not shy about taking your stuff and putting  it somewhere same goes for if you are taking  

    不會害羞地把你的衣服放下 或敲你的門之類的,我知道

  • up a lot of space in the drying room and your  clothes are dry if somebody needs space they're  

    在一些 那些會被視為非常具有 對抗性的文化,但根據我的經驗,瑞士人

  • not going to be shy to take your clothes down or  go knock on your door and stuff like that i know  

    並不害羞這樣做,所以只要 確保你是尊重的,並且盡快移動你的東西

  • in some cultures that would be seen as quite  confrontational but in my experience the swiss  

    我想指出 我們有一整堵牆 我無法向你展示

  • are not really shy about doing that so just make  sure you're respectful um and you move your stuff  

    所有規則 g 但是我們這裡有五張紙

  • as soon as possible also i wanted to point out  we have a whole wall of rules i can't show you  

    ,上面寫著你應該做和不應該做的所有事情,它實際上說每次你使用這個 房間時,你都需要清潔整台機器,

  • everything but we have five pieces of paper here  with all the things that you should and shouldn't  

    就像頂部內部清潔地板清潔 過濾器 嗯,確保基本上你把

  • do and it actually says every time you use this  room you're expected to clean the whole machine  

    所有東西都保持在原始狀態, 這裡都註明了你可以使用

  • like the top the inside clean the floors clean the  filters um make sure that basically you're leaving  

    機器的時間,都是德國的,嗯,但是有很多卷, 但讓我們把這些東西拿出來掛

  • everything in pristine condition it's all noted  here along with the hours you can use the machines  

    起來,就像 我說畫線是這裡的事情,所以 我們有這個大房間,裡面有這些巨大的線條,

  • it's all in german um but yeah lots of rolls  but let's go pull this stuff out and hang it up  

    這實際上非常好,因為現在是二月,你 現在不能把東西掛在外面

  • so like i said line drawing is the thing here so  we have this big room with these huge lines which  

    ,夏天我們在後面有一堆線條 這樣你就可以

  • is actually really nice because it is february you  cannot really hang your stuff outside right now  

    把東西掛在陽光下,夏天你可以 在 30 分鐘內晾乾東西,這真的很好,

  • in the summer we have a bunch of lines in the  back of the building so you can actually hang  

    但我發現冬天在 這種環境中掛東西需要大約 24 小時

  • the stuff out in the sun and in summer you can  dry stuff in like 30 minutes which is really nice  

    或長達 1 天 你和半取決於所以 是

  • but i find hanging stuff in winter in this  kind of an environment it takes about 24 hours  

    的,順便說一下,如果你還在 這裡看這個,我會把它掛在公寓裡,我不知道

  • or up to a day and a half kind of depends so  yeah i'm just gonna hang this up okay back in  

    關於如何洗衣服的 10 分鐘視頻讓我知道 評論,如果你還在看,順便說一句,

  • the apartment by the way if you're still  here watching this i don't know 10 minute  

    我實際上想對所有 住在瑞士的人說,

  • video about how to do laundry let me know in the  comments if you're still watching and by the way  

    請在下面的評論中留下你洗衣服的經驗, 我知道這真的會幫助

  • i actually wanted to say for all the people  that live in switzerland that are watching  

    正在看的人 這個視頻正在 考慮搬到瑞士,當然,

  • please leave your experience with laundry in the  comments down below i know it will really help  

    你知道每個州的每棟建築 都會略有不同,所以也許就

  • the people that are watching this video that are  thinking about moving to switzerland and of course  

    在你住的地方,以及關於你 洗衣情況的一點點,人們會脫掉你的衣服

  • every building every canton you know they're  going to be slightly different so maybe right  

    是什麼樣的 規則你有沒有在下面留下你的評論 ,這樣每個人都可以閱讀不同的

  • where you live and just a little bit about your  laundry situation do people take down your clothes  

    體驗,如果他們搬到這裡,他們可能會遇到這些體驗, 但基本上現在我只想向

  • what kind of rules do you have leave your comments  down below so everyone can um read about different  

    你展示最後一件事,對不起,我知道 他的視頻 談論如何洗衣服的時間很長,

  • experiences that they might expect to run into if  they move here but basically now i just want to  

    但我提到我們 夏天在陽台上曬衣服,我只是想給

  • show you one last thing sorry i know this video is  getting very long talking about how to do laundry  

    你看,以防你以前從未見過其中一種 我從未見過其中一種 在美國長大,

  • but i mentioned that we dry our clothes outside  on the balcony in the summer i just wanted to show  

    嗯,所以這些很常見,基本上 就像一個晾衣架,非常方便,這個

  • you in case you've never seen one of these before  i never saw one of these growing up in the united  

    是宜家的一點點,你可以穿上這裡,就像 你的襪子和內衣在陽台上彈出一樣

  • states um so these are very common it's basically  like a drying rack it's super handy this one's  

    ,然後我們也有一個 這裡很大, 基本上是同一種鋼,但很抱歉,

  • just little from ikea and you can put on here like  your socks and underwear pop it out on the balcony  

    我們這裡沒有很多壁櫥空間,實際上這是 我們唯一的壁櫥,嗯,所以它

  • and then we also have one that's large here it's  basically the same kind of steel except it's sorry  

    基本上相同,但更寬更大,它有一些翅膀 ,然後扇動 我們這裡有一些夾子

  • we don't have a lot of closet space here this is  our only closet actually um so it's just basically  

    可以掛在這裡,所以它們都可以在夏天放在我們的 陽台上,還有

  • the same but wider bigger and it has some wings  that flap out and then we have some clips here  


  • to hang it on here so these both just go on our  balcony in the summer and also the ironing board  

    的熨衣板 會有 熨燙更多,因為 東西會變得有點像鬆脆

  • here i should point out when you if you're new to  line drying your clothes you'll probably see that  

    在這方面,很多 Steam 確實有幫助

  • you're gonna have to iron a lot more because  stuff can get kind of like crunchy as opposed  

    ,但這就是今天的視頻。 我希望你們喜歡這個瑞士的基礎知識

  • to when you put stuff in the dryer it comes out  fluffy um a lot of times your pants and shirts  


  • and stuff will be kind of like crunchy crinkly so  ironing them with like a lot of steam really helps  

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  • um on that front but that is it for today's video  i hope you guys enjoyed this switzerland basics  

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  • you

hey guys welcome back to how to  switzerland sarah here today and  

大家好,歡迎回到 今天這裡的如何在瑞士莎拉,


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