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  • hey guys welcome back to how to switzerland  sarah here today in my living room we did  

    嘿伙計們,歡迎回到 今天在我客廳裡如何瑞士莎拉,我們

  • some furniture rearranging and some spring  cleaning so i thought i would film in a  

    重新佈置了一些家具和春季 大掃除

  • little bit different setup today let me know if  you like it but in today's video it's going to  


  • be a fun one i am going to address your  assumptions about living in switzerland

    成為一個有趣的人,我將解決你 對生活在瑞士的假設,

  • so the other day i took to the youtube community  tab and i told you to leave your assumptions  

    所以前幾天我進入了 youtube 社區 標籤,我告訴你留下你

  • about living in switzerland and i'm going to  address as many as i can i've got them ready  

    對生活在瑞士的假設,我將 解決與我一樣多的問題 我可以讓他們準備

  • to go right here let's jump straight into it the  first one is swiss people are cold and unfriendly  

    好去這裡讓我們直接進入它 第一個是瑞士人冷酷不友好

  • and it's impossible to make friends so 27 people  thumbs this up so a lot of people want to know  

    而且不可能交朋友所以 27 個人 豎起大拇指所以很多人想知道

  • the answer to this or they also think that  this is true and let's address the first part  

    這個問題的答案 或者他們也認為 這是真的,讓我們談談第一部分

  • okay swiss people are cold and unfriendly i'm  gonna go ahead and say this is only partially  

    好吧,瑞士人冷酷不友好,我 會繼續說這只是部分

  • true so if you are moving to switzerland  from the united states or from a very um like  

    正確,所以如果你 從美國搬到瑞士,或者 來自一個非常像瑞士這樣

  • energetic open friendly type of country like that  switzerland is gonna feel cold in contrast because  

    充滿活力、開放友好的國家 ,相比之下,你會感到寒冷,因為

  • you know in the u.s if you go to a grocery store  or a restaurant the workers are smiling they might  

    你知道在美國,如果你去雜貨店 或餐館,工作人員面帶微笑,他們可能會和

  • chat you up they're you know generally quite  open and say hey how are you doing and oh i  

    你聊天,他們是你認識的 通常很 開放並說嘿,你好嗎,哦,我

  • like your blouse and oh your hair is so cute and  you will not you will not get that in switzerland  

    喜歡你的襯衫,哦,你的頭髮很可愛, 你不會,在瑞士你不會得到它,

  • you will really not get that in switzerland so  if you are used to that it might feel very cold  

    你真的不會在瑞士得到它,所以 如果你習慣了它 可能會覺得很冷

  • in contrast that being said i would not say  which sounds kind of weird but i wouldn't say  

    ,相比之下,我不會說 這聽起來有點奇怪,但我不會說

  • swiss people are cold or unfriendly i think  that swiss people can be very very friendly  


  • but in a different way when you initially  meet them they're going to be more skeptical  


  • that's the word that i would use they're  skeptical to new people they're shy so it takes  

    這就是我會用的詞 他們 對新朋友持懷疑態度 他們很害羞所以他們需要

  • some time they don't open the gate as easily as  americans we were even in the dog park in new  

    一些時間才能像美國人一樣輕鬆地打開大門, 我們甚至在狗公園裡

  • york city once and matthias was talking with  somebody and he was trying to offer him help  

    紐約市一次 nd 馬蒂亞斯正在和 某人交談,他試圖幫助他

  • getting a job and stuff like this so americans  they really opened the opportunity to make friends  

    找到工作之類的東西,所以美國人 他們真的打開了交朋友的機會,

  • it doesn't always mean that they want to be your  friend but if you are looking for friends i feel  

    這並不總是意味著他們想成為你的 朋友,但如果你正在尋找 朋友們,我

  • like there is that opportunity whereas here  since people aren't as talkative aren't as open  

    覺得有這樣的機會,而在這裡, 由於人們不那麼健談,也不那麼開放,

  • it makes it harder but it's not impossible to  address the second part of your question that  

    這讓事情變得更加困難,但 解決您問題的第二部分並非

  • it's impossible to make swiss friends i'm gonna  be completely honest with you i do not have  

    不可能,即我將成為瑞士朋友是 不可能的 對你完全誠實,我沒有

  • swiss friends i do not have swiss friends i find  it difficult just like everybody else um but maybe  

    瑞士朋友 我沒有瑞士朋友 我 覺得這很困難,就像其他人一樣,嗯,但也許

  • it's my fault as well you know you definitely need  to put in an effort to make friends and the swiss  

    這也是我的錯,你知道你肯定需要 努力交朋友,而

  • are not going to be the ones to make the initial  effort so i think you're going to have to be  

    瑞士人沒有 將是做出最初 努力的人,所以我認為

  • willing to make a substantial effort if your goal  is to make swiss friends but it is not impossible  

    如果您的目標是結交瑞士朋友,您將必須願意做出實質性的努力, 但這並非不可能,

  • sorry i don't know if that's a sufficient answermight have to do a whole video on that but they're  

    抱歉,我不知道是不是這樣 一個足夠的答案我 可能需要為此製作一個完整的視頻,但他們

  • not cold and unfriendly it might appear that way  at first and it is possible to make friends but  

    並不冷漠和不友好,一開始可能會出現這種 情況,可以結交朋友,但

  • it is not easy keep in mind one in four people in  switzerland is an immigrant so you're gonna have  

    要記住這並不容易,請記住,瑞士有四分之一的人 是 一個移民,所以如果你想認識和你來自同一個國家的

  • opportunities to meet people that are not swiss  if you're looking to meet people um from the  

    人,你會有機會認識不是瑞士人的 人,嗯,

  • same country as you um yeah sorry i really  don't know how to answer that one very well  

    對不起,我真的 不知道如何很好地回答這個問題,

  • um but that's just my honest honest thoughts  next assumption is i assume oh my gosh this is  

    但就是這樣 只是我誠實誠實的想法 下一個假設是我假設哦,我的天哪這

  • just like the last one swiss aren't very welcoming  to foreigners living there so this had 21 thumbs  

    就像最後一個瑞士人不太歡迎 住在那裡的外國人所以這有 21 個豎起

  • up so a lot of people also assume this so like  i just said actually one in four people living  

    大拇指所以很多人也這麼認為就像 我剛才說的 居住

  • in switzerland is a foreigner they're not swiss  there are two million foreigners living here out  

    在瑞士的人中有四分之一是外國人 他們不是瑞士人 瑞士 800 萬人口中 有 200 萬外國人居住在這裡,

  • of eight million people in switzerland so swiss  people are actually very used to foreigners  

    所以瑞士人 實際上非常習慣外國人,

  • therefore they're very accommodating especially  when it comes to languages and things like that  

    因此他們非常樂於助人 當談到語言和類似的事情時,

  • i see it all the time we were just in lucerne the  other day we were at the schweitzer hope having  

    我一直看到這一點,前幾天我們剛在盧塞恩時, 我們在 schweitzer 希望

  • a drink in the hotel bar and um there were  a bunch of swiss people having drinks there  

    在酒店的酒吧喝一杯,嗯,有 一群瑞士人在那裡喝酒

  • and a worker actually came up to one of the  tables and he didn't speak swiss german or  

    , 一名工人實際上走到其中一張 桌子旁,他不會說瑞士德語或

  • german he he went to the guests and said like  sorry do you speak english and the swiss people  

    德語,他走到客人面前說 對不起,你會說英語,瑞士人

  • were like yeah no problem like what's up  and he's like oh this table's reserved at  

    就像是的一樣,沒問題 ,他就像哦 這張桌子是在六點預訂的,

  • six o'clock just so you know and they you know  they didn't roll their eyes they didn't groan they  

    所以你知道他們你知道 他們沒有翻白眼他們沒有呻吟

  • were just like totally accommodating they are very  used to foreigners they're used to accommodating  

    他們就像完全包容他們非常 習慣外國人他們習慣於容納

  • people with different languages and they do not  get upset about that or anything like that that  

    不同語言的人 並且他們不會 為此感到不安或類似的事情

  • being said this is just my personal experience  i am obviously a white female that could  

    被說這只是我的個人經歷 我顯然是一個白人女性,可能

  • appear as swiss maybe i don't know sometimesget mistaken as swiss if you are from a different  

    看起來像瑞士人也許我不知道有時 如果你來自廣告我會被誤認為是瑞士人 不同的

  • background i don't know i cannot really speak from  that experience but i can say that in general i  

    背景我不知道我不能從 那次經歷中真正說出但我可以說總的來說我

  • find that the swiss are very used to it very  welcoming and the whole kind of you're in my  

    發現瑞士人非常習慣它非常 熱情而且你在我的國家的整個類型

  • country you have to accommodate us that attitude  isn't really a thing here which is obviously quite  

    你必須適應我們 態度 在這裡並不是一個真正的東西,這顯然

  • prevalent in a lot of parts in the u.s that's kind  of the mindset i don't think the swiss thinks that  

    在美國的很多地方都非常普遍,這是 一種心態,我認為瑞士人不這麼認為

  • way i think that they're very accommodating next  assumption is that everyone is in bed by 8 p.m  

    ,我認為他們非常樂於助人下一個 假設是每個人都是 晚上 8 點睡覺

  • this one makes me laugh this had 14 thumbs up  so a lot of people think that this is true um  

    這讓我發笑 這有 14 個豎起大拇指 所以很多人認為這是真的

  • again i'm gonna say this is part true so we live  in zurich which is known to be like the most  

    嗯,我要說這部分是真的 所以我們住 在眾所周知的最

  • busy part of switzerland and there are some days  excuse me where we go work out and we get out of  

    忙碌的蘇黎世 瑞士的一部分,有些 日子,我們

  • the gym around seven or eight and we're on the  way home and we go through like the main heart  

    出去鍛煉,大約七八點鍾離開健身房,我們在 回家的路上,我們像城市的主要中心一樣經過

  • of the city where all the restaurants and bars are  and literally sometimes it's eight o'clock and it  

    那裡所有的餐館和 酒吧實際上有時是八點 它

  • is just like dead like there's nobody there and  i'm like oh my gosh it's a beautiful day why is  

    就像死了一樣沒有人 我就像天啊這是美好的一天為什麼

  • where where are the people aren't we supposed to  live in the busiest place in switzerland so i get  

    人們不應該 住在瑞士最繁忙的地方所以我明白

  • why you say that you can definitely have that  experience if you come here you might be like  

    為什麼你說你 如果你來到這裡,你肯定會有那種體驗,你可能會像

  • where are all the people because it's almost like  six seven eight o'clock like dinner especially on  

    所有人都在哪裡,因為它幾乎就像是 六點七八點,就像晚餐一樣,尤其是在

  • a week night it just kind of clears out so yes it  is a little bit quieter late at night compared to  

    一周的晚上,它只是有點晴朗,所以是的, 晚了一點安靜 晚上與

  • some other other countries again that being said  it depends where you are in switzerland if you  

    其他一些國家相比, 這取決於你在瑞士的哪個地方,如果

  • are in a more college town you will see a lot  of people out at night until very late at night  

    你在一個更大學城的地方,你會 在晚上看到很多人出去,直到深夜,

  • so yes you might find in more of the business  areas or where a lot of people are working it can  

    所以是的,你可能會在更多的地方找到 例如, 商業區或很多人工作的地方

  • get very quiet after 8pm for example but i have  also had a lot of nights when i was in college  

    在晚上 8 點之後會變得非常安靜,但 我在盧塞恩大學的時候也有很多

  • in lucerne where we were out until the sun came  up basically so you do have both sides of that  

    夜晚,我們一直在外面,直到太陽 升起,所以你確實有 兩邊

  • it might not be so widespread across the whole  city but definitely people that want to go out or  

    它可能不會在整個城市如此普遍, 但絕對是想要出去或

  • want to stay out late or whatever they they know  where to go and you will definitely find people  

    想要在外面呆到很晚或無論他們知道 去哪裡的人,你肯定會發現人們

  • out partying on a monday till late at night um  but it's not like you walk outside and you see  

    在周一到深夜聚會, 但它是 不像你走到外面,你會

  • a ton of people but if you can at the same time  it really really depends 8 p.m definitely not on  

    看到很多人,但如果你能同時看到, 那真的取決於晚上 8 點,絕對

  • the weekends by the way um but you know on a week  night yes yes it can be very very quiet okay this  

    不是周末,順便說一下,但你知道在一周的 晚上是的,它可能非常非常安靜 好吧,這

  • is similar to the last one and the assumption  is that the only food you can get after 10 p.m  

    和上一個類似, 假設晚上 10 點之後你唯一能買到的食物

  • is mcdonald's so 10 people agreed with this so  when it comes to opening hours of restaurants and  

    是麥當勞,所以 10 人同意這一點,所以 當談到餐廳和酒吧的營業時間時,

  • bars actually a lot of bars are open super late  way later than in the united states for example  

    實際上很多酒吧都營業到很晚 例如,比在美國晚得多,

  • however it is pretty true that most kitchens  will shut down at a certain point sometimes 10  

    但確實大多數廚房 會在某個時間點關閉,有時是 10 點

  • sometimes 11. so it can be kind of hard if you're  out late for example at a bar and you want to find  

    有時是 11 點。 找到

  • some food a lot of people go to mcdonald's that  is definitely true otherwise there are like k-pop  

    一些 f 很多人都去麥當勞,這 絕對是真的,否則有像 k-pop 之類的

  • you know stands and stuff like that but the whole  kind of like 24-hour culture or like getting  

    攤位之類的東西,但整體 就像 24 小時文化,或者

  • delivery late at night getting some chinese food  at one in the morning you're not really gonna  

    喜歡在深夜送貨,一次吃一些中國 菜 早上你真的不會

  • have that here you know it's switzerland  you have to be a little bit pre-planned  

    在這裡吃你知道這是瑞士 你必須有點預先計劃

  • you have to think these things through a little  bit but yeah food after 10 pm mcdonald's it is  

    你必須仔細考慮這些事情 但是晚上 10 點之後麥當勞的食物

  • kind of true isn't it because there's not there's  no 24-hour grocery stores and stuff like that  

    是真的不是 因為 沒有 24 小時營業的雜貨店之類的東西,

  • um 10 p.m i think even the latest grocery stores  will be will be closed down um yeah kind of kind  

    嗯,晚上 10 點我想即使是最新的雜貨店 也會關閉,嗯,是的

  • of accurate to be honest next assumption is that  the air quality is better there's less pollution  

    ,說實話,有點準確,下一個假設 是空氣質量更好 污染少了,

  • and a cleaner atmosphere definitely true i don't  know the statistics on this but i know some days i  

    空氣更乾淨了,我不 知道這方面的統計數據,但我知道有些日子我

  • wake up open the windows and i'm like do you feel  that i'll be like matthias do you how fresh and  

    醒來打開窗戶,你 覺得我會像馬蒂亞斯一樣,你是多麼新鮮和

  • clean does that air feel it's crazy and we're in  the city and if you go to the mountains i mean you  

    乾淨 那個空氣fe 這太瘋狂了,我們 在城裡,如果你去山上,我的意思是你

  • definitely notice it right away if you're up inmountain village or something you just want to go  

    肯定會立刻注意到,如果你在 山村或者你想去的地方,

  • you just want to breathe it in because it's  like so crisp and fresh and i definitely notice  

    你只想呼吸它,因為它是 像那麼脆和新鮮,我絕對注意到

  • a difference and i can say also with our dog he's  a brachiocephalic dog so he has the squished nose  

    了一個不同,我也可以說我們的狗是 一隻頭臂型狗,所以他的鼻子被壓扁了

  • and when we lived in in new york he had  a lot of issues not issues with breathing  

    ,當我們住在紐約時,他 有很多問題而不是呼吸問題,

  • but he would sometimes be sneezing a lot or  wheezing or his nose would get all dried up  

    但他會 有時打噴嚏或 喘息或他的鼻子會全部乾涸

  • and after a few weeks after we moved here his  nose got nice and moist and he hasn't really  

    ,在我們搬到這裡幾週後,他的 鼻子變得又好又濕,他還

  • had these like sneezing attacks so i think that  he is a definitely good indicator that the air  

    沒有像打噴嚏這樣的發作,所以我認為 他絕對是個好人 表明

  • quality here is a lot better next assumption once  again people aren't friendly with nine thumbs up  

    這裡的空氣質量要好得多 下一個假設 再次假設 人們不友好,豎起九個大拇指

  • i'm gonna just give my answer that this is only  half true initially they might seem unfriendly  

    我只想給出我的回答,這只是 一半正確 最初他們可能看起來不友好,

  • but they're definitely very uh very friendly  people here you just have to get to know them  

    但他們絕對非常非常非常 友好的人 在這裡,你只需要了解他們

  • and i know people could say that's like every  culture but it is a little bit it is a little  

    ,我知道人們可能會說這就像每一種 文化,但它

  • bit more extreme here they're going to takelot of time um to warm up to you and kind of  

    有點極端,在這裡他們會花 很多時間來讓你熱身 有點

  • get kid friendly to you because they're they're  going to be a little bit skeptical at first um  

    讓孩子對你友好,因為他們一 開始會有點懷疑,

  • so they're not going to meet you and then five  minutes later invite you um for a coffee or to  

    所以他們不會見你,然後五 分鐘後邀請你喝咖啡或

  • their you know kids birthday party or something  like that and i have experienced all of that in  

    他們你知道的 孩子們的生日聚會或類似的 事情,我在美國經歷了所有這些

  • the us you know for reference next assumption is  that switzerland is the richest country in europe  

    ,你知道供參考下一個假設 是瑞士是歐洲最富有的國家,

  • you have a lot of high technology there okay  switzerland is the richest country in europe  

    你有很多高科技,好吧, 瑞士是歐洲最富有的國家,

  • i don't know if that's true is matthias gonna  fact check i don't i don't think that that's true  

    我不知道 不知道這是否屬實,馬蒂亞斯會進行 事實檢查,我不,我不認為那是真的,

  • i feel like it's luxembourg or something like  that and you have a lot of high technology there  

    我覺得它是盧森堡或類似 的地方,那裡有很多高科技,

  • switzerland is actually constantly rated one  of the most innovative countries in the world  

    瑞士實際上一直被評為最先進的國家之一 創新型國家 世界

  • so there's always a lot of technology  coming out people are definitely into  

    所以總是有很多技術 出來人們肯定會進入

  • modern things and you always hear about swiss  scientists doing all these tests and all this  

    現代事物而且你總是聽說瑞士 科學家在做所有這些測試和所有這些

  • stuff so yeah there's a lot of that kind of  stuff going on here so matthias just did a quick  

    東西所以是的這裡有很多這樣的 東西所以馬蒂亞斯只是做了一個 快速

  • google search and yeah it is actually according to  his quick google search luxembourg norway and then  

    谷歌搜索,是的,實際上是根據 他的快速谷歌搜索盧森堡挪威然後

  • switzerland and i think it is usually like it's  always luxembourg right there's such a small small  

    瑞士,我認為它通常就像它 總是盧森堡 權利有這麼小的小

  • country uh but yeah that's uh kind of true one of  the most richest countries in europe now this is  

    國家 呃但是那 是最富有的國家之一 現在在歐洲,這是

  • a really good assumption or an interesting one it  is that living in switzerland as a german is quite  

    一個非常好的假設或一個有趣的假設,那 就是在瑞士作為一個德國人生活非常

  • hard you either have to learn swiss german which  is for us like learning a dialect and hence we  

    困難,你要么必須學習瑞士德語, 這對我們來說就像學習方言一樣,因此我們

  • feel like we are mocking the swiss by imitating  their accent or we just speak german and swiss  

    覺得我們在嘲笑瑞士 通過模仿 他們的口音,或者我們只會說德語和瑞士語,

  • people think we don't want to integrate with eight  thumbs up so this is a super super interesting  

    人們認為我們不想用八個大拇指來整合, 所以這是一個超級超級有趣的

  • assumption because the whole language thing here  is so complicated and confusing but i can tell you  

    假設 因為這裡的整個語言事情 是如此復雜和令人困惑但我可以告訴你

  • um let's see the first part was that germans  um should learn the dialect and then if they're  

    嗯讓我們看看第一部分是德國人 應該學習方言然後如果他們

  • speaking the dialect they feel like they're  mocking the swiss okay in my experience here  

    說方言他們覺得他們在 嘲笑瑞士 根據我在這裡的經驗,

  • germans don't learn the dialect um i went  to school with a lot of german professors  

    德國人不會學習方言,我 和很多德國教授一起上學

  • and they've been living in switzerland some  of them for like 10 years and they just stick  

    ,他們在瑞士生活 了 10 年左右,他們只是堅持

  • with speaking high german with standard germandon't know a lot of germans that come here and and  

    用標準德語說高水平的德語,我 不知道 不認識很多來這裡並嘗試學習方言的德國人,

  • try to learn the the dialect certainly they need  to learn to understand it but as far as speaking  

    他們當然 需要學習理解它,但就說話而言,

  • if you're german living in switzerland let me know  but i i feel like that's not normal for um germans  

    如果你是住在瑞士的德國人,請告訴我, 但我覺得這對他們來說不正常 嗯,德國

  • to learn swiss german and then the second part  of the question is that if we just speak german  

    人學習瑞士德語,然後問題的第二部分 是,如果我們只說德語,

  • swiss people think we don't want to integrate  that assumption is completely untrue i think  

    瑞士人認為我們不想融入 這個假設是完全不正確的,我認為

  • if you're a german in switzerland and you're  speaking high german the swiss or anybody else  

    如果你是在瑞士的德國人 你 說的是高德語,瑞士人或其他

  • living here doesn't think oh shame on them they  don't want to integrate they literally just think  

    住在這兒的人並不覺得他們可恥,他們 不想融入他們實際上只是

  • oh they're german they're from germany you know  obviously they hear it immediately um but nobody  

    想他們是德國人他們來自德國你知道 很明顯他們會立即聽到 嗯,但沒有人

  • thinks that you're you're not integrating i don't  think they would expect that from you you guys and  

    認為你是你沒有融入我不 認為他們會期望你們和

  • i can tell you i've worked with a lot of germans  when i used to work here um i had professors that  

    我可以告訴你我以前在這里工作時和很多德國人 一起工作過我有教授 那

  • were german doctors that were german there's a  lot of germans in switzerland so they're quite  

    是德國醫生, 他們是德國人,在瑞士有很多德國人,所以他們對

  • familiar with this situation and what i can say is  the swiss will appreciate if you understand them  

    這種情況非常熟悉,我可以說的 是,如果你理解他們,瑞士人會很感激,

  • so they don't have to switch to high german  because obviously swiss people prefer  

    所以他們不必改用高級德語, 因為很明顯 如果可以的

  • to speak swiss german in their in their country  if they can