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  • From a green shoot in 2007 to a forest of funding today, the growth of sustainable finance has been unstoppable.

    從 2007 年僅只有寥寥數家,到現今到處可見各種永續基金的投資機會,永續金融產業的發展已然勢不可擋。

  • Global ESG assets could exceed 53 trillion US dollars by 2025.

    到 2025 年時,全球的 ESG (環境、社會和企業治理) 總資產估計將能超過 53 兆美元。

  • This means that food producers and manufacturers have more opportunities to help feed a growing global population efficiently and sustainably.


  • Sustainable financing is really booming within the F&A (food and agriculture) space.


  • Currently, we're almost at 20 percent of all loans issued within the space having a sustainability-linked element, showcasing it as a great tool to help support global food systems.

    目前該領域有將近百分之 20 的貸款中包含了與永續發展有關的要素,顯示出這是個能幫助全球食物系統發展的良好工具。

  • But what products are available and how do they work?


  • There are two main types of sustainable financinguse of proceeds debt and sustainability-linked debt.


  • Use of proceeds debt financing varies.


  • Green bonds raise money for projects or assets that have a positive impact on the environment.


  • Social bonds are like green bonds, except they're designed to fund causes that have a positive impact on society, such as access to education, food or healthcare.


  • Sustainability bonds combine the benefits of green and social bonds.


  • Green or social loans are financed by banks and taken out by companies to fund a specific green or social project or asset.


  • Unlike green bonds and loanssustainability-linked debt comes with no restrictions on how the proceeds can be used.


  • In sustainability-linked finance, borrowers commit themselves to predefined environmental or social key performance indicatorsso-called KPIs.

    在永續關聯金融產品中,借貸者會努力達到事先擬定好的環境或社會關鍵績效指標,也就是所謂的 KPI。

  • A great example of this is organic supermarket chain Ekoplaza, who committed to reducing and monitoring their food waste across all their stores.

    有個名為 Ekoplaza 的連鎖有機超市便是很好的例子,他們藉此致力於減少並管控所有店內造成的食物浪費。

  • If they hit their KPIs, their annual interest rate will go down; if they miss their KPIs their annual interest rate will go up.

    如果他們的 KPI 達標,貸款的年利率就會下降;如果他們沒有達標,年利率就會上升。

  • Currently, sustainability-linked bonds or loans represent a fraction of all sustainable financing debt in the market,


  • but analysts predict issuance will jump from $10 billion in 2020, to as much as $60 billion in 2021.

    但分析師預測貸款額很可能會從 2020 年的 100 億美元,到 2021 年躍升至 600 億美元。

  • Sustainable finance is clearly a burgeoning market.


  • But investors will only buy into it if they're confident the money they lend will be used to better the planet and the people living on it.


  • The industry uses several principles that set out best practices for each type of product.


  • For agricultural and food industries, these new financial models offer an opportunity to build a more sustainable business that is fit for future global demand.


From a green shoot in 2007 to a forest of funding today, the growth of sustainable finance has been unstoppable.

從 2007 年僅只有寥寥數家,到現今到處可見各種永續基金的投資機會,永續金融產業的發展已然勢不可擋。


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