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  • I'm a 38-year-old man. I like to think I'm in touch with the kids.

    我 38 歲。我覺得自己跟孩子蠻親近的。

  • But I'm actually really cool, so I'll probably get most of these.


  • Teenage Slang Explained by Grown-ass Adults


  • "OTP", umm...


  • Out To Parties? Is it "Over the Pants?"


  • "On that Pussy?" "Other than Penis?" "On the Phone! On the phone." "One True Pair", I knew that.


  • OTP(noun): One True Pairing, dream couple who may or may not actually be together


  • "Turn Up", okay, I've heard this one before.

    「Turn Up」,好喔,這個我有聽過。

  • I know you can "turn" things "down" for what. "Turn Up" is when you, like, turn up the charm.

    我知道你可以「拒絕」東西。「Turn up」就像是...施展魅力。

  • Means to increase the volume. It's liketurn up.

    意思是增加音量。就是...「Turn up」。

  • Getting together at this fucking party.


  • Turn Up (verb): Let's party, get hyped, go wild

    Turn Up(動詞):來開趴、狂嗨、大解放

  • We have "BAE." I'm going to assume that it has something to do with "Beyonce."

    接著是「BAE」。 我猜想這應該跟「碧昂絲」有關。

  • "Beyonce?"


  • "Beyonce."


  • "Beyonce."


  • "Buy an Elephant?" "Your BFF or your boyfriend or someone else that you love."


  • BAE (noun): Before Anyone Else, boo, bestie


  • "SHIP", it's a shortened version of "friendship?" I think this is to have sex.


  • When you ship somebody, that's likegoing steady.


  • I don't know what this is, but it's probably a sex thing?


  • "SHIP" is short for "relationship",


  • and it's when two kids put together two people.


  • You may "ship" Jim and Pam on the office.


  • SHIP (verb): to endorse a romantic relationship between two people


  • "THOT?" "Titties, Hoes, or Taints."


  • "Abbreviation for THOUGHT?"


  • Maybe it's, like, "Too Hot?" I think it's "Thanks for being so hot."


  • You walk by, like, a cute girl or cute guy and you just like, "Hey, THOT."


  • A young honey if you will.


  • THOT (noun): That Hoe Over There (plural: thotties)

    THOT(名詞):那邊那個妹 (複數:thotties)

  • I love the slangs that kids are using today.


  • I just wish that when I use it, I didn't look like such a dork.


I'm a 38-year-old man. I like to think I'm in touch with the kids.

我 38 歲。我覺得自己跟孩子蠻親近的。

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