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  • I'm Mark and these are one-minute phrases.

  • Hi, I'm Mark, and this is English conversation practice, and this is the one-minute phrase, yay!

  • This is video 44 from the series, so be sure to see all the videos in the series.

  • And today's phrase is: come along. Come along.

  • Come with me. Come with me.

  • Talking with friends:

  • We're having lunch. Why don't you come along?

  • Going out:

  • The concert is soon. Come along or we'll be late.

  • Taking the train:

  • Come along or we'll miss the train.

  • Leaving a party:

  • Come along, it's nearly twelve o'clock.

  • Going to a party:

  • How about Sam? Could he come along, too?

  • Going to a movie theater:

  • She wants to come along with us to the movie.

  • Oh, that sounds good. Tell her to come along!

  • OK, great job! I had fun; I hope you had fun, too.

  • And please don't forget to subscribe and ring that bell to get all of my videos.

  • And I will see you again for another one-minute phrase.

  • OK, take it easy. Bye!

I'm Mark and these are one-minute phrases.


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Come Along - one minute phrase lesson (series #44) | Learn English - Mark Kulek ESL

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