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  • greetings from luneburg germany today  we're going to be visiting a town that  


  • rose to prosperity during the middle  ages thanks to salt aka white gold  

    在中世紀因鹽又名白金而繁榮起來的 小鎮,

  • this is a legacy that is still visible today  namely in the form of dipping streets and  

    這是今天仍然可見的遺產,即以浸漬街道和 傾斜建築物 的形式,

  • leaning buildings but we'll get to that part  a bit later in the video in today's tour we'll  


  • show you where to get the best panoramic views of  luna bulk the views are just so spectacular we'll  


  • admire that gothic red brick architecture that  dominates the town we'll walk along the river  


  • and spot the old medieval crane we'll sample  some unique chocolate flavors including salt  


  • the local favorite and we'll finish off the day  with some hearty dishes in a cozy german pub  

    當地最喜歡的 鹽 ,我們將在舒適的德國酒吧享用一些豐盛的菜餚以結束一天的

  • the following is our luna book travel guide and  in this video we're going to be sharing 10 things  


  • to do inneburg germany during your visit so  guys that is what we need to climb let's go do it  

    您訪問期間在德國呂訥堡要做的 10 件事 ,所以伙計們,這就是我們需要攀登的地方,讓我們去做吧

  • the water tower the water tower our first  stop of the day was the water tower and  

    水塔 水塔 我們當天的第一站是水塔和

  • fun fact this is the tallest building in  luneburg's old town that is not a church  


  • the tower stands 55 meters tall and offers great  panoramic views okay so we made it into the water  


  • tower and we are currently taking the elevator all  the way to the top and then you get to come down  

    水塔 ,目前我們正在乘電梯一路到頂部,然後你到

  • by the stairs so they've really made it easy for  visitors we are saving our legs for the way down

    從樓梯 下來 ,所以他們真的讓遊客很容易 我們正在節省我們的腿,

  • so we have made it to the top and this is  definitely where you're going to get your best  


  • city views i'm talking 360 degree views you can  see in all directions i actually didn't realize  

    城市景觀的地方,我在談論 360 度全景,你可以從各個方向看到我實際上沒有意識到

  • how many churches there were in the city but being  up here i am surrounded by church steeples in all  

    城市裡有多少教堂,但在這裡我被 四面八方 的教堂尖塔所包圍,

  • directions so that's pretty cool to see we've  also got windmills off in the distance you can  


  • see the beautiful historic town red rooftops all  around and then just forest off in the distance  


  • like this town is surrounded by so much greenery  so yeah it is so worth coming up here so worth it  


  • and something else that's really cool is that this  place gets a hundred thousand tourists a year yeah  

    還有其他非常酷的東西這個地方得到啊每年有 1000 名遊客,是的

  • and about i think 220 weddings two out of every  three days there's a wedding being held exactly  

    ,我認為每三天就有 220 場婚禮準確地舉行婚禮

  • and they also put on concerts a few times a month  but yeah if you find yourself visiting the city  


  • definitely definitely make time for this activity  because the views like i'm saying the views are  


  • just so spectacular they are wow cool little find  here yeah we were just about to leave and this  


  • caught my eye and i was wondering are these donors  no these are the all the couples who got married  


  • look it has their their names and everything  and the date and uh sometimes a little message  

    樣子,上面有他們的名字和一切,還有日期,呃有時 旁邊 還有一條小信息

  • beside it too very cute yeah married at the water  tower yeah what a cool place to get married huh


  • then it was time to make our  way down the tower this is the  


  • part where you get to descend through the  old water tank which is 500 cubic meters

    您穿過 500 立方米的舊水箱下降 的 部分, 然後我們繼續前往 plat amzande,這是

  • we then continued over to plat amzande  which is one of the oldest squares in  

    德國呂訥堡 最古老的廣場

  • luneburg germany and also one of the most  important medieval squares in all of germany  

    之一,也是最重要的中世紀 廣場 之一德國

  • medieval trade routes used to run through here so  if you were to travel back in time several hundred  


  • years you'd find merchants bringing their goods  by cards to trade and haggle in this very spot  

    年前的時間,你會發現商人拿著卡片來交易和討價還價, 我們往往喜歡 在這個地方

  • we tend to enjoy wandering around the new  place without much direction and in this  


  • instance we ended up in front of the basilica  of saint nicolai this is one of the three main  

    情況下,我們最終到達了聖尼古拉大教堂前,這是 鎮上 的三個主要

  • churches in town and it was built between 1407  and 1440 in the gothic style don't forget to  

    教堂之一,它建於 1407 年至 1440 年之間,採用哥特式風格,不要忘記

  • look up at the star rib vault which ispretty unique design for northern germany


  • okay so we just finished visiting the basilica of  saint nikolai here in the old town and apparently  

    所以我們剛剛參觀完老城區的聖尼古拉大教堂,顯然 這曾經是水手和鹽桶

  • this used to be the church for the sailors and the  salt barrel coopers so that's a cool little bit of  

    製桶工人 的教堂,所以這是一個很酷的小教堂 那裡有 一點

  • history right there and just as we walked in they  were starting concerts an organ concert so we gave  


  • a donation and we were able to just sit there on  the pews and enjoy the music it was very peaceful  


  • they also have a nice collection of artwork so we  kind of walked around enjoyed a bit of that and  


  • then they have what we thought was a crypt but  actually when we went down there it's a room of  


  • silence where you can sit in prayer and meditation  and ponder um so we visited that as well and yeah  

    安靜 的房間 ,您可以坐在那裡祈禱和冥想並思考嗯所以我們參觀了那也是,是的,

  • i really like it it's gothic architecture once  again it's modeled after saint mary's in lubeck  

    我真的很喜歡它,它再次是哥特式建築,它以呂貝克的聖瑪麗 教堂 為藍本

  • and yeah a very beautiful church it's not the main  one the main one was closed when we tried earlier  


  • after our visit to the basilica we walked over  to the banks of the river ilmanal which flows  

    在參觀完我們走過的大教堂後 早些時候嘗試時,主要教堂已關閉 到流經

  • through the town this is a really picturesque area  and if you're looking for postcard perfect photo  

    城鎮的 伊爾馬納爾河岸邊, 這是一個風景如畫的地區,如果您正在尋找明信片完美的照片

  • ops this is where you'll find them you have the  weeping willow swing next to the river you can  

    ,您可以在這裡找到它們,您可以在河邊 看到

  • see buildings in a variety of architectural  styles all standing next to each other  

    垂柳鞦韆 各種建築風格的建築物並排而立

  • and you also have the old wooden crane which was  first mentioned in documents in the year 1330.  


  • this crane was mainly used for the  transport of salt and salted herring  


  • and although it is not in use today its current  state is still operational which is amazing


  • so we've just been walking down to the river  here and this is probably the most iconic view  

    所以我們剛剛走到這裡的河邊,這可能 是這座城市

  • of the city i mean you just have the old crane you  have the restaurants that are located right by the  

    最具標誌性的景觀 ,我的意思是你只有你擁有的舊起重機位於 河岸邊

  • riverbank and then you also have the stream and  the bridge i mean i also noticed some love locks  

    的餐廳, 然後你也有小溪和橋 我的意思是我也注意到了一些愛情鎖

  • as well well we found a restaurant with a view  we decided not to eat at the river closer to our  

    我們找到了一家有景色的餐廳 我們決定不在離我們 住的地方

  • place i know look at that since we visited the  water tower in the morning we chose a restaurant  

    更近的河邊吃飯 知道看看,因為我們早上參觀了水塔,所以我們選擇了 塔邊的 一家餐廳

  • by the tower so we can continue enjoying the  views yeah and you've got to enjoy outdoor dining  


  • and fall as long as we can so we're we're milking  that uh mid-teen weather the restaurant we ate at  


  • is called frida's ambassador and we had a lovely  meal i got their parmesan cream soup with pesto  


  • and sam went for a giant burger oh so this iswonderful looking burger this is the haida burger  

    和薩姆去了一個巨大的漢堡哦 餐廳 ,所以這是一個美好的期待漢堡,這是中海達漢堡

  • let's open the hood wow look at all the greens  up here looks like we have a kind of a salsa  


  • dressing on top with some onions pickles loads  of cheese and oh wow a nice stick burger you  

    醬,上面放了一些洋蔥 泡菜 大量的奶酪,哦,哇,一個不錯的棒狀漢堡,你

  • think you can get all of that in one bitedon't know it's pretty big guys do the test


  • wow that looks juicy that is a juice  asaurus rex that is a beautiful burger  

    哇,看起來多汁,這是一種汁液 asaurus rex,這是一個漂亮的漢堡,

  • wow but then i have some seasoned fries  over here check those out mayo dip


  • that afternoon we visited johannes kierke  which is the oldest lutheran church in luneburg  

    ,那天下午我們參觀了約翰內斯·基爾克(johannes kierke),這是呂訥堡最古老的路德教堂,

  • much like the basilica we visited earlier this  one is also built in that red brick gothic style  


  • it was here that johann sebastian  bach composed his first works  

    ,約翰·塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫(johann sebastian bach)在這裡創作了他的第一部作品

  • and don't forget to turn around when you reach  the altar because the organ is a work of art

    ,到達祭壇時不要忘記轉身,因為風琴是 後來 的藝術品

  • later that afternoon we joined the guided  walking tour of luneburg which was super  


  • informative and taught us a lot about the history  of the town and its relationship with salt one of  


  • the first stops was the building known as the  pregnant house due to its huge bulging valley  

    的第一站之一是由於其巨大的膨脹 v 被稱為懷孕的房子的建築胡同

  • this occurred because the walls were built using  plaster that contained a large amount of calcium  


  • and because the bricks were fired for too  long they absorbed and accumulated moisture  


  • resulting in the walls expanding outwards  


  • we also visited the town hall building  which came into being over the course of  

    我們還參觀了市政廳大樓當然, 幾個世紀

  • several centuries and therefore comprises  an eclectic mix of architectural periods  

    , 因此 包括 的範圍從北德磚砌哥特式到巴洛克風格,這是

  • which range from north german brick gothic  to baroque this is the largest medieval town  

    在德國北部 最大的中世紀的 市政廳 ,它也有

  • hall in northern germany and it also  has a beautiful rose garden out back


  • during our guided walk we learned how luna bulk  found its wealth through salt in the middle ages  

    一個美麗的玫瑰園了回來 建築時期兼收並蓄

  • during a time when table salt was almost as  valuable as gold the problem is that the salt  

    散裝 在一個時間 發現其財富通在中世紀鹽

  • was underneath the town and water was pumped down  to extracted creating cavities this resulted in  

    當食鹽幾乎和黃金的問題是,鹽 是下面的鎮和水抽到提取創建腔,這導致在

  • parts of the town sinking and it's something that  continues to happen to this day you can see this  

    鎮下沉的部分和 寶貴 這種事情直到今天還在繼續發生,

  • as you walk past medieval houses that aren't quite  level and whose doorways and windows are slanted

    當您走過不太平坦的中世紀房屋時, 您可以看到這一點 d 門和窗戶是傾斜的

  • we also noticed this when we visited saint  michael's church and saw its leaning columns  


  • they actually have a plumb line  hanging to the left of the nave  


  • where you can clearly see  how slanted everything is

    在我們完成徒步旅行後 ,您可以清楚地看到所有東西是多麼傾斜

  • after we finished our walking tour it was time to  try some chocolates we ended up at shokotek which  

    是時候嘗試一些巧克力了 我們最終來到了 shokotek,這

  • is a chocolate shop that carries a wide variety  of hand-selected chocolates from across the globe  


  • we did a little tasting and also bought  some chocolates to take home as gifts  


  • some of the highlights included  the salted caramel chocolate  


  • pistachio and nougat and then black licorice for  sam if you've been watching this channel for a  


  • while you know full well about his salted  licorice obsession one bite there you go  

    時間 了 ,你很清楚他對咸甘草的痴迷, 吃 一口,你去吧,

  • i don't think i've had salty chocolate before  but it's very mild yes and it's a nice saltiness


  • all right guys we have had a very fun afternoon  we just came out of the shokotek it is basically a  


  • chocolate shop that sells chocolates from all over  the world and we got to do a tasting and mayo mai  


  • we ate some amazing chocolates in there seriously  we had a canadian chocolate surprise surprise  

    我們吃了有一些驚人的巧克力嚴重,我們有 一個與羊奶製成

  • that is made with goat milk and it has goat cheese  and it just had like this nice like saltiness to  

    的加拿大巧克力驚喜驚喜 ,它有山羊奶酪,它只是有過這樣漂亮的喜歡鹹味

  • it it was so good then sam tried a salted caramel  that just like oh that was the best and then it  

    吧 太好了,然後山姆嘗試了一種咸焦糖,就像哦,那是最好的,然後它也

  • melted in your licorice as well so i'm going to  show you what we got we just couldn't resist we  


  • had to buy some chocolate this one here it's  a marzipan chocolate with almonds i'm gifting  


  • these to my mom because she loves marzipan  she lived in northern germany for many years  


  • so her taste buds are accustomed to it and  this is another marzipan chocolate with orange  


  • and then along with her chocolate tasting we did  a little bit of a wine tasting the lady who owns  

    然後和她一起巧克力品嚐 我們做了一點品酒 擁有

  • this chocolate shop is originally from franconia  in southern germany and she brings franconian  

    這家巧克力店 的女士 最初來自德國南部的法蘭克尼亞,她帶來了法蘭克尼亞

  • wine let me turn it around franconian wine that's  the very distinct shape of the bottle from that  


  • area and it's won a number of awards we tried that  one very good yeah and so that's another gift the  


  • see nirvana grape so overall yeah a really good  experience we highly recommend going there yes  


  • we would choco tech a lot of fun and some tasty  chocolates to take back home with souvenirs yes

    我們會巧克力科技很有趣,還有一些美味的巧克力帶著紀念品帶回家 是的

  • by then it was dinner time so we went off in  search of food we ended up at klone for some  

    ,那時是晚餐時間,所以我們去尋找食物,我們最終在 klone 享用了一些

  • hearty german pub fare and a beer of course  hello from the german pub we are at crone  

    豐盛的德國酒吧美食和啤酒,當然,你好來自德國酒吧,我們在 crone

  • so i am having right now the local pilsner it  is called officially the lune burger pilsner  

    所以我有現在當地的 pilsner 它被正式稱為 lune burger pilsner

  • and this is the big one of course 400 ml  my first official beer here in germany

    這當然是最大的一個 400 毫升我在德國的第一個官方啤酒

  • with you with your apple juice by the way

    和你的蘋果汁順便 說 一句

  • that's a great pilsner always good  to go local guys if you're traveling  


  • go for the local beer and yeah we're gonna have  uh we haven't even actually ordered our food yet  


  • but we're going to get some hearty potato dishes  for supper tonight that's what we've decided on  


  • came out here fast so i got a giant  baked potato with what appears to be  

    出來的快到了,所以我得到了一個巨大的烤土豆o 看起來

  • like a bit of a yogurt sauce yeah it's got  pickled herring and apples fancy schmancy

    有點像酸奶醬 是的,它有醃鯡魚和蘋果 花式 schmancy

  • looks so good that's good i feel  like i'm having a potato salad  


  • with a bit of herring on the side look you  can see the chunks of fish there oh you can  


  • so nice look at that there's the fish it's like  sweet and sour cause it's been marinated yeah so  


  • you get that sourness and onions as well and it  came with a side salad trying to balance things  

    你也得到了酸味和洋蔥,還有一份沙拉試圖平衡 這裡的

  • out here because we are eating quite heavy nice  hearty meal for a fall evening though is it not um

    一切 ,因為我們是一個秋天的晚上吃了很豐盛的一頓豐盛的大餐,不過

  • you know what i love about pub food they  do not mess around with the portions  


  • this is a big plate so i'm basically having  a potato pancake it comes with mushrooms  


  • chicken and a gravy creamy gravy sauce so first  bite get some chicken in there go to petite hmm


  • so delicious the crispy  pancake creamy sauce chicken  

    很好 吃脆煎餅奶油醬雞肉

  • mushrooms oh yeah that's so hearty  so good perfect for fall day


  • all right guys we are back in the hotel  after a very fun day exploring yeah  


  • how did you like it i loved it i think you know  what it's been my favorite city to walk around  

    ,你喜歡它嗎 我喜歡它 我想你知道這是我最喜歡步行的城市

  • on foot yes charming everything about it i lovemean we got to visit some fascinating cathedrals  

    是的,它的一切都很迷人 我喜歡我的意思是我們必須參觀一些迷人的大教堂

  • the views from the water tower we met some great  local people some guides it just was a great day  

    從水塔上看到的景色 我們遇到了一些很棒的人當地人 一些導遊 這只是美好的一天,

  • like everything was positive everything was fun  and the weather held off like we did not get the  


  • rain even though it was teasing us all dayknow so that was great really able to cover  


  • a lot and yeah as you said we had a great timeloved the architecture in this place you know that  


  • hanseatic style with the red brick gothic it was  so cool and right now we are coming to you from  

    紅磚哥特式的漢薩風格非常酷,現在我們從 我們住在達斯州

  • our hotel we are staying in das state house and  it's pretty cool because it's a historic property  

    議會大廈 的酒店 來找你 很酷,因為它是一個歷史建築

  • and that means all the floors are crooked and like  if you look at the doorways they're like slanted  

    ,這意味著所有的地板都是彎曲的,就像你看門口一樣 , 它們是傾斜的

  • which is perfect because the whole town is like  this yeah we had a really lovely stay here lots  


  • of cool artwork in this hotel it's very bright  and colorful so we really enjoyed it and tomorrow  


  • we are saying goodbye to luna book and we are  continuing on towards cele so we will see you  


  • in the next episode yeah thanks  so much for watching guys

    在下一集耶感謝這麼多看 你

  • you


greetings from luneburg germany today  we're going to be visiting a town that  



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