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  • I think I need bigger lungs.

  • How do you like my sandcastle, Lucy?

  • It's not very realistic.

  • No one could ever live in a castle like that.

  • No, ma'am, I'm not going in the water yet.

  • I just like being prepared.

  • I even brought this appropriately-themed novelty cup full of fluids so I can ensure I stay properly hydrated.

  • H20.

  • Sally, have you seen my beach ball?

  • It just left for Hawaii.

  • Snoopy, if you're going surfing, I don't want you going out too far.

  • And no riding the big waves; only the small ones.

  • Surf's up!

  • And no carving the A-frames! Or hanging ten!

  • And no hot-doggingif you'll pardon the expression.

  • Cowabunga!

  • Looking good, Snoopy.

  • Say, Snoopy's doing all right out there.

  • I can't bear to look.

  • Watch out!

  • Can I look now?

  • I wouldn't, Charlie Brown.

  • - Snoopy's about to... - Wipe out!

  • Snoopy, over here!

  • You can swim back if you want.

  • He can probably walk back.

  • What a goofball.

I think I need bigger lungs.


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史努比衝浪(The Snoopy Show — Surf’s Up Snoopy | Apple TV+)

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