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  • It's the week after Easter and that means that homes all across America

  • are overflowing with stale peeps. Now you could eat those peeps OR you could

  • use them to calculate the speed of light. "Finding the Speed of Light ... With Peeps!"

  • The speed of light is one of those numbers that people have chased for centuries.

  • Galileo wanted to figure out how fast light moves

  • "Buona notte" So he proposed an experiment

  • "Facciamolo!" He would uncover a lantern, and when the light

  • reached his assistant The assistant would quickly uncover his own

  • lantern. Using a water clock, Galileo would keep track

  • of the time between uncovering his light, and seeing his assistant's light.

  • Up close there was no noticeable delay except for the split second it took his assistant

  • to react. Then, they started moving away from each other.

  • Galileo figured the delay would get longer and longer

  • because the light would need more time to travel the greater distance

  • But even when they were a mile apart, there wasn't a noticeable pause.

  • "Che rabbia!" He couldn't have guessed that light had made

  • the trip in 1 hundred thousandth of a second.

  • Centuries later, in 1849, a French scientist whose name I can't pronounce

  • "Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau" Came up with an even better way to measure

  • the speed of light Which was pretty impressive considering that

  • people weren't even using lightbulbs yet. He took a toothed wheel

  • and spun it faster and faster He shot a beam of light between the teeth

  • [PEW] and reflected that beam of light off a mirror

  • 5 miles away [BOING]

  • By the time the light got back a tiny fraction of a second later, the teeth had moved over

  • just enough to block the light. BONK PEW BOING BONK

  • No light made back through But if he made the wheel spin a little faster,

  • PEW BOING the teeth would move over one position and

  • the light could get through So when "Fizeau" saw the light he knew the

  • wheel was spinning so fast that a single tooth was moving over one place in the time it took

  • light to travel 10 miles. With some quick math

  • "Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau" determined that the speed of light was 700,000,000

  • miles per hour wHICH WE NOW KNOW WAS ONLY 5% OFF THE Actual


  • Today I can find the speed of light in my Kitchen

  • Which brings us back to the peeps "Finding the Speed of Light ... With Peeps!"

  • And a microwave And just a little bit of physics

  • Microwaves travel at the speed of light And like all waves, their speed is determined

  • by how fast they go up and down - that's the frequency

  • And their wavelength

  • The frequency is written on the side of my microwave ... right here 2450 MHz

  • so we've go the frequency To calculate the speed we just need to know

  • the wavelength. and we can find the wavelength by microwaving

  • peeps I'll set it on low so the peeps don't just

  • explode

  • And let it run for a minute or two. Inside microwaves are bouncing around. In some spots

  • there isn't much energy at all, and the peeps in those area stay cold.

  • In other spots there's lots of energy and the peeps get really hot

  • Those hot spots are half a wavelength apart So in theory if I measure the distance between

  • melted peeps I can find the wavelength

  • Sure enough some of the peeps are really gooey, while others haven't melted at all

  • Poking around, I found the rough location of a handful of hotspots

  • And measured the distance between them... Those average out to 2.43 inches - so that's

  • half a wavelength - so multiply by 2 so the wavelenght is 4.86 inches

  • So now to find the speed of the microwaves - which IS the speed of light - I just have

  • to do the math Frequency times wavelength - 2450 MHz times

  • 4.86 inches Gives us about 12 billion inches per second

  • - or ... 676,534,091 mph

  • and that's pretty close to the actaul speed of light

  • "We Just Found The Speed of Light ... With Peeps!"

It's the week after Easter and that means that homes all across America


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用 Peeps 棉花糖測量光速(Finding The Speed Of Light With Peeps | SKUNK BEAR)

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