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  • (playful violin music)

  • - [Voiceover] Playa Del Carmen has

  • its fair share of tourist traps

  • and cheesy chain restaurants,

  • but there's side of this town

  • that has some really good local food

  • and I'm gonna find out tonight

  • on a Mexican food crawl.

  • So our guide Ivan is from this area

  • so he knows everybody,

  • he knows everything,

  • and I know he's taking us to the good spots here.

  • - He knows what he's talking about.

  • (laughs)

  • Mexican street tacos are probably the best thing

  • in the entire country.

  • You can get them all over the place

  • and really, there's a lot of flavor in these bad boys.

  • Mmmm.

  • - [Woman] The tacos were delicious.

  • I like them.

  • It's perfect for me.

  • - Every time you sit down at a table in Mexico,

  • you get a plate of different salsas

  • and they usually go from hot,

  • hotter, and hottest.

  • That is a huge tamale.

  • I've never seen a tamale that big.

  • - Every place where we go,

  • the taste is very Mexican.

  • It's so good.

  • - Here, we have grasshopper tacos.

  • - As if the tacos with the grasshoppers weren't enough,

  • this is escamole, which is giant ant eggs.

  • So legend has it that this is an aphrodisiac.

  • I'll take two spoonfuls.

  • Watch out, ladies.

  • We've eaten a lot of tacos,

  • a lot of street food,

  • a little bit of ice cream.

  • Now it's time to end the night at Tequila Town,

  • where, yes, you guessed it right,

  • we're gonna drink some tequila.

  • - We got a tequila blanco.

  • (speaking Spanish)

  • - So that is it, my friends.

  • That was an amazing food tour.

  • We got to try all sorts of tacos

  • and street food

  • and sweets.

  • Thank you so much, Ivan.

  • Adios!

(playful violin music)


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墨西哥街頭美食(Mexican Street Food Crawl in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico)

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