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  • No one can say with any certainty what happens after we die.


  • And it's the one unknown all of us will face.


  • So, what if our existence wasn't temporary?


  • What if there was life after death?


  • How long can your brain live after you die?


  • Could your loved ones still communicate with you?


  • And does your body contain the zombie gene?


  • This is WAHT IF, and here's what would happen if there were life after death.

    這是 WHAT IF,我們要來看如果死後還有生命會發生什麼事?

  • According to a study in the year 2013, 72% of Americans believe in an afterlife.

    根據 2013 年的研究,72% 的美國人相信死後世界。

  • And some people, like Professor Robert Lanza, have proposed a theory that death is just a figment of our imagination.

    有些像 Robert Lanza 教授的人提出理論說死亡只是我們虛構的想像。

  • The theory states that death has no actual boundaries that define it, and therefore, it just isn't real in the sense that you've been trained to accept.


  • We perceive the sky as blue, but if the cells in our brain changed to make us think the sky was green, our perception of reality could all be faulty programming.


  • So, is the sky blue, or is it all just in our heads?


  • If our final moments on Earth are all just an illusion, does that mean you can come back from death?


  • At what point do you stop living and become dead?


  • First, remember that death is a process, not an absolute.


  • And for 95% of people, the process starts when the heart stops beating.

    對 95% 的人來說,死亡是從心臟停止跳動開始。

  • After that, your breathing stops and your muscles lose tension.


  • It's just a matter of time before your brain shuts down, but you're not on the other side yet.


  • A study called AWAREAWAreness during REsuscitationlooked at thousands of survivors of cardiac arrest who had been pronounced dead.

    一項叫認知和復活的研究,簡稱 AWARE,觀察上千位心跳中止過且被宣布死亡的存活者。

  • Some of the people interviewed recalled the exact moments of their death, and they reported seeing and hearing the events leading to their resuscitations.


  • How is that possible?


  • Well, it turns out that your brain can remain alive for up to 10 minutes after your heart stops.


  • That means you might hear the doctor declaring you dead.


  • 9% of people who had a near-death experience described floating above their body, tethered by an invisible string.

    9% 有經歷過瀕死經驗的人形容那就像從他們身體裡飄出來,被一條隱形的細繩拴住。

  • While you might hear everything going on, your body would remain dead without oxygen or blood pumping to your organs.


  • But what would be going on inside you?


  • Well, while rigor mortis sets in and your muscles begin to stiffen, other cells would just be getting to work.


  • Over the next 12 hours, your body would start to shut down fully.

    12 小時過後,你的身體會完全停止運作。

  • And during this time, some genes stimulate inflammatory cells called glial cells to clean the inside of your brain.


  • These cells would continue to expand and thrive while your body grows colder and your other systems shut down.


  • These "zombie genes" would grow arm-like appendages and develop while the genes in your brain disintegrate.


  • But once you're dead, would your loved ones ever be able to communicate with you again?


  • Before the development of infrared photography, seances were common among family and friends who wanted to speak to their dead loved ones.


  • Now, we have the technology to prove a fake spiritual encounter, but since we don't have definitive proof of life after death, it's understandable that many people find peace in the thought of talking to their dearly-departed.


  • But what if we did have prove of what happens after death?


  • I mean, if we could prove that something else was waiting for us after we leave our bodies, our perceptions of this life might grow dim.


  • But the end of our lives may not be a spiritual experience at all.


  • Instead of seeing a white light, you might see ones and zeroes.

    你可能會看到 1 跟 0 而不是白光。

  • Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google, predicts that we could upload digital copies of our brains online.

    Google 工程部經理 Ray Kurzweil,預測說可以把我們的腦袋複製成數位,並上傳到網路上。

  • If your consciousness was uploaded into the cloud, your mind would live on as long as the server lasts.


  • So, you might wanna think of paying for some backup storage.


  • If we could prove there is life after death, you might view yourself and your life with a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation for what you have now.


  • But what if you didn't have the time to appreciate your life on Earth?


  • What if you only lived for 24 hours?

    如果你只能活 24 小時呢?

  • Well, that's a story for another WHAT IF.

    那是 WHAT IF 的另一個故事了。

No one can say with any certainty what happens after we die.


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你相信死後世界嗎?(What If There Were Life After Death?)

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