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  • How did you get your mindset into this alter ego


  • to be comfortable being Black Mamba


  • Right Like how did that happen


  • It's a good separation for me You know emotionally

    對我來說那是很好的隔閡 心理上

  • to be able to put myself in a place where


  • at practice or when I'm training and doing games

    不管我在練習 還是在比賽

  • I switch my mind to something else I switch my mode into something else

    我會轉換我的思想 轉換我的態度

  • Right.


  • For me it's equivalent of Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator

    撿起塵土 聞聞塵土

  • picking up the dirt Smelling the dirt


  • It's go time Right.

    這就是我的思想上的轉變 就像演員準備

  • So that was my mental switch It was like an actor getting ready

    拍電影 你必須把自己關在籠子裡

  • for a film you've got to put yourself in that cage

    在那個籠子裡 你就是那個角色

  • When you're in that cage you are that character Then when you leave there it's something completely

    當你離開那邊 一切都變不一樣

  • different But I'm in that cage bro don't f*cking touch

    可是當我在籠子裡 哥們你最好別碰我

  • me don't talk to me


  • Leave me alone


  • So what is your recruiting approach


  • So if you're sitting down with me


  • I'm somebody you really want


  • you really want me on the team


  • What's your approach to recruit me ?


  • You want first place come play with me


  • you want a second place go somewhere else


  • Trivial things weren't gonna pull my attention It had to be sayings

    那些瑣事是不會影響到我的 只有那些

  • weren't pull my attention It had to be things that were I had a purpose

    不會影響到我的 只有那些我有目的去做的事

  • I wanted to be one of the best basketball player ever play


  • and anything else that was outside of that lane


  • I don't have time for that At what age did that goal become crystal clear


  • ? I made that deal with myself at 13 years old


  • At 13 years old ? At 13 years old I made


  • Crystal clear about it ? Crystal clear

    13歲! ?就是13歲

  • And where did inspiration come from ? the love of the game


  • the love of the game the challenge


  • like I would watch Magic play I'd watch Michael play


  • and I will see them do these unbelievable things

    對比賽的熱愛 那種挑戰的感覺

  • and I say you know Can I get to that level?

    我會看魔術師約翰遜的比賽 邁克爾的比賽

  • I don't know but let's find out Let's find out


  • You know basketball for me was the most important thing


  • So everything I saw whether is TV shows

    我不清楚 那就搞清楚吧 試試看

  • whether it was books I read People I talked to

    你知道的籃球對我來說 就是最重要的

  • Everything was done to try to learn how to become a better basketball

    所以不管我看見什麼 不管是電視節目

  • player Everything

    還是我讀的書 還是和我聊天的人

  • and so when you have that point of view then literally the world becomes your library


  • to help you to become better at your craft


  • I had a kill list and so you know

    所以當你有了這樣的想法 你會發現這個世界就像你的圖書館

  • they used to do these rankings who New Street & Smith basketball rankings


  • and I was nowhere to be found because I was like 6/4 scrawny

    我有個“暗殺名單” 你知道

  • like 160 pounds soaking wet so I was like 57 on the list

    他們很喜歡搞一些排名 New Street & Smith的排名

  • and so I will look at 56 55 all the way up to number one

    當時我的名字都不知道在哪裡 因為我當時6尺4

  • who these players are with club teams they played for

    但只有160磅 瘦骨如柴 當時我的排名大概在57

  • So when we go AAU travel circuit

    所以我就會去看誰在56 55 一直到第一名

  • I got to hunt them down Right and so that became my mission in high

    我會記住這些人 他們在哪個團隊

  • school is to check off every other person


  • all those 56 other names hunt them down and knock them down

    我要一個一個解決掉他們 所以這成了我高中任務

  • That's was it Had a target on him right off the bat


  • That was it Very simple

    那56個名字 盯准他們 解決他們

  • that's unbelievable

    就是那麼簡單 你就是一直在想著這些

  • so we played at 13 I was size you up and see what your strengths and weekness are

    就那麼簡單 僅此

  • how do you approach the game are you silly about it


  • are you goofy about it are you good at it

    所以13歲的我會觀察你 分析你的強項和弱點

  • just because you're bigger and stronger than everybody else

    你是如何對待比賽的 你是不是狡猾的

  • Right.

    還是憨憨的 還是說你會贏

  • Or is there actually thought and skill that you put into it


  • and when I play I played to my weaknesses


  • I wouldn't play to my strengths I play to my weaknesses

    所以我打球時 我會用我的弱點去玩

  • because when you're playing summer basketball there's so many games

    而不是我的強項 我是用我的弱點的

  • so there is not a lot of skill work being done so when are you gonna get better ?

    因為當你要打籃球時 到時會有很多比賽

  • When you're playing in competition situations you're only playing to your strengths

    你很難有時間去練習你的技術 所以你要幾時才要變強?

  • Why ? Because you want to win

    你打比賽的時候 只用你的強項打

  • So what I would do I always work on the things during those games


  • that I was week at left-hand

    所以我會做的是 我每次比賽時都是

  • pull up jumpshot post game

    用我的弱點的 左手

  • Right So I have a strategy

    幹拔跳投 背身

  • So then fast forward to when I'm 17 and my game is completely well-rounded

    是吧 所以我是有計劃的

  • and that player at 13 that I saw at 13 is still doing the same sh*t at 17

    所以快轉到我17歲時 我已經非常全面了

  • Now you got a problem Right

    而那些我13歲遇到的球員 17歲還用著一樣的技術

  • You got a problem

    那他完蛋了 對吧

  • Shaq was whispering something in your ear What did Shaq say to you in that moment ?


  • I don't even know You don't remember ?

    沙克當時在你耳邊耳語了一些東西 沙克當時說了什麼

  • No I won't pay attention You know like

    我根本不知道 你忘記了?

  • like it was you know for me

    不是 我沒專心聽 你知道好像

  • it's maybe it's a little like a**hole for me

    就像 對我而言

  • whatever but whatever

    可能是 我可能有點混蛋

  • He was like he was trying to whisper encouraging things

    還是什麼 隨便

  • I was like I'm f*cking fine Okay


  • I shot 5 air balls on national TV in front of millions of people

    [我想的是我完全沒事 好吧

  • that cause us the series and I'm 18

    我在國際電視上投了5個空球 在幾億人的面前

  • I'm fine dude How do you get the mental

    導致我們輸掉了系列賽 我18歲

  • How does somebody get there menatlly with that public humiliation to some people

    兄弟我沒事 你是怎麼做到的?

  • hurst them and they don't come back because you know there was a player Barbosa

    別人要怎麼和你一樣 當眾出醜

  • I don't know if you remember abroad Of course remember

    但是毫不在意 因為你知道有個球員Barbosa

  • He was extremely talented for a quick first step

    我不知道你還記得嗎 當然記得

  • but they said he wouldn't do well when the spotlight was on him


  • How did you get mentally and emotionally so strong


  • where it doesn't bother you at all Well you know you got to look at the reality


  • of the situation You know like for me it's not you know you

    而它完全不困擾你 這個你得看看現實的情況

  • kind of gotta get over yourself It's not about you man

    對我來說 你有些太自以為是了

  • Like ok you feel embarrassed you're not that important like


  • Get over yourself That's where you go

    好吧 你覺得難堪

  • Get over yourself Right.

    別太自以為是了 你就是這麼想的

  • Like you're worried about how people may perceive you


  • and like you walk around it's embarrasing because you shot five air

    是吧 你擔心人家怎麼看

  • balls Get over yourself

    然後你走來走去 你很尷尬因為你投了5個空球

  • and then after that it's ok Well why did those air balls happen


  • Got it High school year before we play 35 games

    所以那之後 沒事了 好 想想為什麼會投不進

  • Max Right.

    知道了 高中前一年我們打35場

  • Week in between spaced out plenty of time to rest


  • In NBA is back to back to back to back to back to back to back

    每週之間 留出時間休息

  • I didn't have the legs So you look at the shot

    在美職籃 一場接著一場接著一場 接著一場接著一場

  • every shot was on line Every shot was all line

    我的腿都不是自己的了 所以你看投籃

  • but every shot was short I got to get stronger

    每個投籃都是在線的 每次都在線

  • I got to train differently The weight training program that I'm doing

    但是每次都很短 我必須更強

  • I got to tailor it for an 82 game season

    我必須用不同方式訓練 我正在做的重量訓練

  • so that when the playoffs come around my legs are stronger and that ball get there


  • So I look at it with rationale and say ok

    所以季后賽來臨時 我的腿足夠強壯 球就會進籃了

  • Well the reason why I shot air balls because my legs aren't there

    所以我是理性看待它的 說好吧

  • I go well next year they'll be there


  • That was it Done

    下次就會變好了 它們會到位的

  • Done

    就是這樣 完成

  • What was realy your work ethic like and for how long did you stay discipline


  • well I mean everyday I mean since 20 years

    你的職業道德是怎麼樣的 還有你保持自律多久了

  • it was an every day process in trying to figure out strengths and weaknesses

    每天啊 我的意思是20年

  • for example Jumping ability

    這是一個日常的行程 用來找出你的弱點和強項

  • Man my vertical was a 40 wasn't a 46 or 45

    比如說 彈跳能力

  • My hands are big but they are not massive

    大哥我的垂直高度才40 不是46還是45

  • So you got to figure out ways to strengthen them

    我的手大 但不是巨大

  • so your hands are strong enough to be palm a ball

    所以你要找出解決方案 強化它們

  • and do things that you need to do Quickness


  • I was quick but not insanely quick

    或者做任何你想做的事情 速度

  • I was fast but not ridiculously fast

    我很快 但不是超級快

  • So I had to rely on skill a lot more I had to rely on angles a lot more

    我迅速 但不是超級迅速

  • had to study the game a lot more and but I enjoyoyed it though

    所以我必須更多地依賴技術 更多地依賴角度

  • So like from the time I was I can't remember when I started watching the game

    更多地觀察比賽 但是我很享受

  • I studied the game and it just never change

    所以就像我忘記什麼時候了 我開始會觀察比賽

  • What was the conversation like with your wife to say listen this the schedule

    我琢磨比賽 然後就不曾改變了

  • because look you know some entrepreneurs

    你和你妻子地對話是怎麼樣的 告訴她這就是我的行程

  • they're coming home at night and late all my gosh my wife is upset because I came

    因為你看 很多生意人

  • home at 7:30 Oh my goodness what a sacrifice I'm making

    他們回家晚了 我的天 我的妻子肯定失望了因為我

  • You know this life you know I don't know if I can do this

    7:30 到家 我天 我犧牲了好多

  • You're on the road 9 months out of the year escpecially you play Olimpic

    這是什麼人生啊 我可以繼續過這種生活嗎

  • you won two gold medals so you're doing that on the off season

    你一年有9個月要出門 尤其是你要比賽

  • Are you trying to get that part going and training for doing your camps

    你要贏獎牌 所以你賽前要準備

  • What is the conversation life would like with your wife and kids

    你在這一方面努力 然後有訓練營

  • to say listen this is what I'm doing How did that conversation go

    所以你會和 你妻子和孩子們

  • Well with the kids is difference So like the communication with the with our

    說這就是我的行程 你是怎麼樣溝通的

  • children is that Pa is working hard

    和孩子是不一樣的 所以我跟孩子們的對話

  • This is the level of attention to detail you need to have in everything you do

    是這樣的 爸爸在努力工作

  • So it's setting the example Same thing with my wife


  • My wife is a stay-at-home wife It's the hardest job man

    你要成為榜樣 [我老婆也是一樣

  • So she works really hard at that I mean it's you know

    我老婆是家庭主婦 兄弟 那是最難的工作啊

  • So her attention to detail with that as well are examples our children

    她真的在這方面很努力 我的意思是

  • and then for my wife It's you know

    她必須投入所有的精神 當孩子們的榜樣

  • she's as competitive as I am She just like listen man

    然後我的老婆 你要知道

  • if you're gonna training 8 hours a day if you're gonna spend 9 months out of the

    她和我一樣強勢 她會說 你給我聽著

  • year away from the family you better f*cking win the championship

    如果你一天要花8個小時訓練 如果你一年有9個月不在家

  • What are we doing this for Go ahead


  • Okay what are we doing this for what are we doing

    要不然我們是為了什麼 去吧

  • what are we doing for you know

    我們做這些為了什麼 要不然為了什麼

  • but it's a balancing act and that's the thing

    為了什麼 你知道吧

  • that's important is understanding that

    可是這是平衡的 還有一樣

  • we have to have so much energy because for like Natalia and Gianna

    這個很重要 就是要明白

  • when they were babies especially Natalia

    我們必須充滿能量 因為好像Natalia和Gianna