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  • Welcome to preposition park!

  • Today's contestants will have to go into, out of, up, down and around

  • a variety of dangerous obstacles so YOU can  learn how to use prepositions of movement

  • the contestants are about to start. Let's join them in the park!

  • The first challenge is to get across alligator river. Oooooooooohhh!

  • Steph reaches the river first. She's taking  the bridge across the river.

  • It's the easiest way across - but also the longest!

  • Alan decided to swing across the river...

  • Hope he doesn't get bitten!

  • Jessica is taking the zip line across...

  • and she gets to the other side first!

  • Next, the contestants have to jump over the  three pits, each more dangerous than the last!

  • Jessica jumps over the fire pit easily...

  • ...then the snake pit...

  • Oooh, she landed in the quicksand!

  • She'll have a hard time getting out of there.

  • Alan is next.

  • He has an easy time jumping over the first two pits...

  • and look at that!

  • He stopped to help Jessica out of the quicksand.

  • Meanwhile, Steph jumps over the fire pit easily.

  • Wait, what is she doing?

  • She's going around the snake pit! Is that even allowed?

  • Uh oh! The snakes are slithering toward her  and she's running away from them fast!

  • Run to the forest! Run!

  • Now for the third obstacleSteph has to crawl under the electric wires,

  • then into one of the three dark pipes.

  • Steph chooses pipe number one.

  • She crawls into the pipe, followed by Alan, who chooses pipe number three,

  • and Jessica is last to crawl under the wires, so she gets pipe number two!

  • The contestants are all crawling through their pipes.

  • Jessica comes out of her pipe at the bottom of the mountain,

  • ready for the final challenge!

  • Uh-oh! Alan has come out of the pipe  as well and into the dirty pond. Gross!

  • Where is Steph?

  • Oh there she is, coming out of pipe number one at the beginning.

  • She chose poorly, and has to crawl into and through pipe number two.

  • Jessica has started the final challenge, with Alan right behind her.

  • They must climb up the mountain, and along the edge of a steep cliff.

  • They are both scared, but doing well!

  • Qops, Alan almost fell off of the cliff, but Jessica has saved him!

  • They're really looking out for each other.

  • Meanwhile, here comes Steph,

  • up the mountain and along the cliff edge in a hurry.

  • Careful, girl!

  • They have gotten to the top, and there are three ways off of the mountain.

  • Alan chooses to fly off of the mountain,

  • and Jessica decides to ski down.

  • Steph is last, and she grabs a parachute.

  • Oh, it's a close race.

  • All three are racing toward the finish line.

  • It's going to be close!

  • It's a photo finish. And the winner is...

  • It's incredible!

  • All three crossed the finish line at the exact same time!

  • We have three winners today!

  • Our contestants are all going onto the podium together.

  • What a beautiful moment!

  • We're just glad they all survived!

  • Thanks for joining us for this episode of Preposition Park.

  • If you enjoyed the show, don't forget to like and subscribe!

  • Bye!

Welcome to preposition park!


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Prepositions of Movement in English(Prepositions of Movement in English)

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