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  • Hey, do you want to speak English more fluently? I can help you with that.

  • Hi, my name is Rosa, I'm from Manchester in England, and I want your English communication skills to radically improve.

  • I want you to have incredible confidence in yourself and to fall in love with the language.

  • Now, I learnt Spanish as an adult; I didn't learn it at school.

  • I started when I was 25 and it was not easy for me, especially not at the beginning.

  • At the beginning, I thought it would be impossible for me to learn Spanish.

  • I'm sure that you know the reputation that English people have with learning languages.

  • Well, in my case, it was true.

  • I was terrible at languages at school.

  • I had no confidence in myself at all, and to top it off, I was really shy.

  • Speaking to people in Spanish used to be so embarrassing for meseriously, it was awfulbut this technique of listening and repeating is something that has helped me enormously.

  • And I love it, because it's a way of improving my speaking skills by myself.

  • And it allows me to prepare before going out into the real world in a relaxed way.

  • This technique has helped me to feel more confident with expressing myself and I find talking to people so much easier.

  • Now, it's proven that we learn better when we are relaxed.

  • When we are afraid or we feel stressed, the brain doesn't retain the information as easily and it's harder to learn new things.

  • So here you have a way to improve your English speaking skills by yourself, at home, without having to travel or do English classes, and very importantly, it's free!

  • You can do it with this video or with any video on the Internet.

  • But you actually do have to do it, and regularly, otherwise it doesn't work.

  • I recommend that you try it, and if you do, you'll see the results for yourself.

  • And if you would like to know some more tips for increasing your level and your self-confidence with speaking, then watch the following videos on this channel.

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  • I hope you have a lovely day, see you next time, bye!

Hey, do you want to speak English more fluently? I can help you with that.


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Improve your English speaking skills by copying out loud!!

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