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  • Whether you buy an iPhone, MacBook, or iMac, you'll find that they come with Apple stickers.

    當你買 iPhone、MacBook 或 iMac 時,你會發現裡頭都有附 Apple 的貼紙。

  • And this has caused people to wonder why, which is what I'll explain right now.


  • So, Apple has one of the most loyal fan bases in the world, and this has been the case even as far back as 1984 when the original Macintosh was introduced.

    Apple 有世界上最忠實的粉絲群,早在 1984 年麥金塔推出時,就已經有了。

  • In fact, when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy in the '90s, devoted Apple fans reportedly hung around the Mac section of computer stores and recommended them to shoppers.

    事實上,據報導說當 Apple 在 90 年代面臨破產時,忠實的果粉們會在電腦商店的 Mac 區閒晃,並推薦顧客購買它們。

  • This brand loyalty is fairly unique to Apple, since other tech companies, like Microsoft or Google, don't have such a dedicated following.

    這種品牌忠誠度對 Apple 來說是很特別的,因為像 Microsoft 或 Google 那種科技公司並沒有這麼忠實的追隨者。

  • Apple recognized this was a competitive advantage and did everything they could to strengthen their fan base.

    Apple 認知到這是一種競爭優勢,他們就盡力去鞏固粉絲群。

  • And Apple stickers were a result of that effort, allowing their users to display their favorite brand, similar to wearing a shirt featuring your favorite band.

    Apple 貼紙就是他們努力的結果。可以讓用戶展示他們喜歡的品牌,就像穿著你喜歡的樂團襯衫一樣。

  • Although most people today buying iPhones probably feel indifferent toward Apple, the company wasn't always this popular.

    儘管現在大部分的人只會買 iPhone,對 Apple 不太關注,但這間公司並不是一直都很受歡迎。

  • In fact, Apple used to be the little guy, the only company with a chance to defeat IBM, who was trying to monopolize the entire computer market.

    其實 Apple 在過去是個不容小覷的角色,它是唯一一間有機會打敗 IBM 的公司。IBM 是一間試圖壟斷整個電腦市場的科技公司。

  • So showing your support for Apple by displaying their stickers was a signal to others that you were rooting for the underdog.

    所以當你貼上 Apple 的貼紙支持他們,就代表是支持弱者的標誌。

  • But as Apple grew, so did their marketing.

    但當 Apple 成長時,他們的市場也在成長。

  • They eventually went on to create popular products like the iPod, and the MacBook became one of the most popular notebooks among students.

    他們終於創造出知名的產品,像是 iPod,而 MacBook 則在學生族群中成為最受歡迎的筆記型電腦。

  • Apple weren't really the underdogs anymore, so they became the cool kids instead.

    Apple 不再是弱者,他們反而變成酷小孩。

  • Just consider the "Get a Mac" ad campaign from 2006.

    回想在 2006 年「買台Mac」的廣告活動。

  • The two characters served as humanized versions of a Mac and PC.

    有兩個擬人化的 Mac 和 PC 角色。

  • One was hip, cool, and casual, while the other was a bit nerdy, overdressed, and uptight.


  • This was Apple telling customers that their computer determined their identity.

    這是 Apple 傳達給他們顧客「他們的電腦決定他們自己的身份」的訊息。

  • And if you wanted to be cool, you had to buy a Mac.

    如果你想要變酷,你就要買 Mac。

  • Including Apple stickers with those products further reinforced the notion of brand identity, since they could be displayed almost like a badge of honor that designated you part of the cool "Apple club".

    在那些產品中放入 Apple 貼紙可以更加強化品牌辨識的概念。因為它們就像榮譽勳章一樣,可以展示出你是酷「Apple 俱樂部」的一員。

  • But whether you use the stickers out of love for the brand or because it's cool, it all results in one thing: free advertising for Apple.

    但無論你是因為喜愛品牌或是覺得很酷才使用貼紙,這都會變成 Apple 的免費宣傳廣告。

  • In the early days, word of mouth was what caused the Apple I to be a big hit among computer hobbyists.

    在早期,是口耳相傳讓 Apple I 成為電腦愛好者的首選。

  • And it allowed hype to build around the Apple II and Macintosh.

    並讓 Apple II 和麥金塔能夠被大肆宣傳。

  • Apple has always understood that organic word-of-mouth marketing is the most valuable form of advertising.

    Apple 一直都知道以口耳相傳為基礎的銷售是最能夠獲利的廣告形式。

  • Hearing a family member rave about their new MacBook Air leaves a much bigger impact than glancing at the product in a TV ad.

    聽到家人對新 MacBook Air 讚賞所帶來的影響,會比在電視上看到商品廣告還大。

  • And seeing multiple people around you with Apple stickers provides social proof that there must be something good about their products if so many people are proud to be users.

    看到身邊很多人都在用 Apple 貼紙的社會證據,證明說許多人對成為 Apple 用戶感到自豪,會讓你覺得買他們的產品肯定有好處。

  • So while you can always throw the stickers away, many of us Apple fans like to keep them around as a reminder of the products we love.


  • This is Greg with Apple Explained, thanks for watching till the end, and I'll see you in the next video.

    我是解釋 Apple 的 Greg,謝謝你的觀看,我們下集再見。

Whether you buy an iPhone, MacBook, or iMac, you'll find that they come with Apple stickers.

當你買 iPhone、MacBook 或 iMac 時,你會發現裡頭都有附 Apple 的貼紙。

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