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  • In western society there are a lot of markers of adulthood like getting a job, moving out


  • of the parental home, getting married, and having children.


  • And people tend to get anxious when they fail to check one of those boxes while they are


  • reaching a certain age.

  • In my opinion, this is kind of dumb, life is a non-linear game, why do people always


  • treat it like it's a linear one?


  • But that being said, I am a hypocrite cuz I have checked the first two boxes in my early

    但話雖如此,我是個偽君子,因為我在 二十 出頭的時候

  • twenties.

    達了前兩標 。

  • Anyway, as soon as you check the second box aka moving out of the parental home, you are


  • bound to ask yourself: How Often Should I Call my Parents?


  • Let's find out with people also ask!


  • Hi, I am Shao Chieh Lo, welcome to what people also ask, where I search for something seemingly

    嗨,我是 Shao Chieh Lo,歡迎來到「別人Google了什麼」,本節目中我會搜索一些看似

  • obvious and share with you some of its PAA, aka People Also Ask, which is a feature telling

    顯而易見的 東西, 並與您分享一些 PAA,又名 People Also Ask,這是一個功能,告訴

  • you what other people are searching on Google that relates to your query.

    您其他人在 Google 上搜索了什麼與您的查詢有關的問題。

  • Today's query is How Often Should You Call Your Parents, we will talk about some statistics


  • about how often American young adults calling their parents, how much parent calling is


  • too much, and some advice on what to talk to your parents about.


  • So let's start with our first PAA How often should adults call their parents?

    那麼讓我們從我們的第一個 PAA 開始吧 成年人應該多久打電話給他們的父母?

  • Google's auto-generated answer is linked to an article titledGood Question: How

    谷歌自動生成的答案鏈接到一篇題為“好問題: 我們 多久

  • Often Do We Talk To Our Parents?” published by CBS Minnesota which is an affiliate of

    與父母交談一次?”的文章。由 CBS Minnesota 出版,CBS Minnesota 是

  • the CBS network focusing its original news coverage on local issues.

    CBS 網絡的附屬機構, 專注於本地問題的原創新聞報導。

  • According to this article, CBS News found 24 percent of adult children thought they

    根據這篇文章,CBS 新聞發現 24% 的成年孩子認為他們

  • should call their mothers at least once a day.


  • Another 24 percent thought they should call a few times a week, while 35 percent answered

    另有 24% 的人認為他們應該每週打幾次電話,而 35% 的人每週

  • once a week.


  • And 12 percent deemed once a month or less is appropriate.

    12% 的人認為每月一次或更少是合適的。

  • And 33 percent of Mothers with children under the age of 18 thought adults should call their

    33% 有 18 歲以下孩子的母親認為成年人應該 每天至少 給

  • mothers at least once a day.

    母親 打電話 一次。

  • But there are also generational differences because only 14 percent of Baby Boomers reported

    但也存在代際差異,因為只有 14% 的嬰兒潮一代報告

  • calling their parents once a day.


  • This article also mentioned another very interesting article published on AARP aka the American

    這篇文章還提到了在 AARP aka 美國 退休人員協會上

  • Association of Retired People.

    發表的另一篇非常有趣的文章 。

  • This article argues that most cultures have maintained closeness between parents and children,


  • so the baby boomers in America is actually the odd generation that overemphasizes independence.


  • Very interesting article, I will put the link in the description.


  • So chances are that you are watching this video because you are worrying that you are


  • not calling your parents enough so you are being a terrible child.


  • And something like that.


  • But some of you, might actually be worrying about the opposite-like do I call my parents


  • too much?


  • So let's talk about our next PAA: Is it normal to call your parents every day?


  • Google's auto-generated answer is linked to an article titled “11 Signs You Should

    谷歌自動生成的答案與 發表 的一篇題為“你應該

  • Talk To Your Parents Lesspublished by which is an online magazine founded

    少和父母說話的 11 個跡象”的文章相關聯 , 是一本 於 2013 年

  • in 2013 targeting young millennial women.

    創立 的針對年輕千禧一代女性 的在線雜誌 。

  • So what are those 11 signs?


  • I encourage you to read the whole article to find out, but to sum up, basically if:


  • Either party is too dependent.


  • Like you are asking your Mom what to get for dinner every day.


  • Either party is too controlling.


  • Like you don't think your Dad can take care of himself so you call him three times a day

    就像您認為您的父親無法照顧自己一樣,所以您每天 給

  • to make sure he is still alive.

    他打電話三遍 以確保他還活著。

  • Your relationship with your parents involves a lot of Money borrowing, no need to explain


  • for that one.

  • The conversation always turns into an argument.


  • In this case, you probably want to analyze if there is any issue in your relationship

    在這種情況下,您可能需要分析您 與父母 的關係是否存在任何問題

  • with your parents and adjust accordingly.


  • So, in the scenarios listed above, you should probably call your parents less and, in some


  • cases, consider setting some boundaries.


  • While some people should consider speaking with their parents less, others may not speak


  • with their parents quite enough and so have no idea what to say when they do.So let's


  • talk about next PAA: What should I talk to my mom about?


  • Google's auto-generated answer is linked to an article titled “38 Interesting Questions

    谷歌自動生成的答案鏈接到 赫芬頓郵報發表 的一篇題為“

  • To Ask Your Mom Right Nowpublished by Huffington Post.

    現在就問你媽媽的 38 個有趣問題 ”的文章。

  • While this article specifically provides some fun questions you can ask your mom, most of


  • those questions can apply to your dad too.


  • Again, highly encourage you to read this article which I will put the link below, but some


  • of those fun questions are: How many serious relationships were you in before you settled

    有趣的問題是:在您安定 下來 之前 (如果您這樣做) ,您有多少認真的關係

  • down (if you did)?

  • What were they like?


  • When did you lose your virginity and to whom?


  • Is there a moment or event that radically changed the way you saw the world?


  • Have you ever done something really impulsive?


  • How did it go?


  • What do you want your funeral to be like?


  • What was life like for you at my age?


  • Again, highly encourage you to read this article, so just do it now.


  • Today we learned how frequently Americans believe they should call their parents based


  • on surveys.

    給父母打電話的頻率 。

  • When you should probably call your parents less.


  • And some questions you can ask your parents as conversation starters.


  • If you made it to the end of the video, chances are that you enjoy learning what people also


  • ask on Google.

    Google 上提出的問題。

  • But let's face it, reading PAA yourself will be a pain.

    但是讓我們面對現實,自己閱讀 PAA 會很痛苦。

  • So here's the deal, I will do the reading for you and upload a video compiling some

    所以不如這樣吧,我會為你閱讀並上傳一個視頻, 每週一次

  • fun PAAs once a week, all you have to do is to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon

    編譯一些 有趣的 PAA ,你所要做的就是點擊訂閱按鈕和鈴鐺圖標,

  • so you won't miss any PAA report that I compile.

    這樣你就不會錯過我的任何 PAA 報告編譯。

  • So just do it right now.


  • Bye!


In western society there are a lot of markers of adulthood like getting a job, moving out



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