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  • Back in 1955, the United States Congress reached  the idea of an interstate highway system. Now, we  

  • need a similar effort to build out a zero-carbon  interconnected energy system in the United States.

  • We're seeing challenges across the  country, whether it be California or Texas,  

  • with the need for new infrastructureAnd we see a lot of discussion now  

  • the importance of transmission to  help connect renewable energy but  

  • help to make sure that our grid is  stable and capable to move forward.

  • Right now, in Quebec, there is existing hydro  resources that they haven't been able to get out  

  • of the province. This transmission line will  take that extra hydro energy that is really  

  • being wasted right now and deliver it into the  form of clean electricity into Lewiston, Maine.

  • It's about two nuclear power plants size of  energy. If you look at it from a sequestration  

  • capability, it would be a similar toforest, just about the size of Vermont,  

  • pulling carbon out of the atmosphere every  year. It's three to 3.6 million tons of carbon.

  • What this project does is it bringsnew, huge source of baseload hydro energy  

  • into the New England transmission grid.

  • Right now, we're on track with  construction to have the line  

  • and the converter station in  service by the end of 2023.

  • 72 percent of this project is on existing  

  • transmission line right away  like you see here behind us.

  • The other percentage was carefully  sited so that we avoided sensitive  

  • conservation areas in western Maine.

  • My biggest hope for the project is that everybody  will see how beneficial this project has been and  

  • will be to the state of Maine, both for achieving  carbon reduction goals in the state of Maine,  

  • but also the jobs and economic boost  this project has brought to the region.

  • We have many states in the United States  that are producers of coal, oil and gas

  • We have many differences of opinion about the  direction, but, fortunately, around 70 percent  

  • of Americans in survey after survey say climate  change is serious. We must go to renewables.

  • As the US is moving to a zero-carbon  power system, building out the US grid,  

  • and also interconnecting with Canada, Mexico and  beyond, will become part of the strategy that's  

  • already part of the infrastructure spending  that is getting on to the books this year.

Back in 1955, the United States Congress reached  the idea of an interstate highway system. Now, we  


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能源(Expanding America’s superhighways of clean energy | FT Energy Source)

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