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  • hello and greetings from buenos  aires argentina once more  


  • today we're bringing you a food challenge that  only my pizza loving husband could have thought up  


  • with only a couple of days left in the city he  asked audrey what if we only ate pizza for 48  

    他問奧黛麗如果我們只吃披薩 48 小時會 怎樣

  • hours and thus began our epic argentine pizza tour  across buenos aires are we even surprised here  


  • pizza in buenos aires is pretty iconic  given the waves of italian immigration  


  • argentina experience from the late 19th to mid  20th century and today that translates into some  

    從 19 世紀末到 20 世紀中葉,阿根廷 的意大利移民 經歷 的浪潮

  • excellent pizzerias across the city how convenient  that this also happens to be sam's favorite food  

    已經轉化為 整個城市的 一些 優秀比薩餅店多麼方便,這也是山姆最喜歡的食物,

  • so with that in mind we invite you to join us  on this epic buenos aires pizza tour as we visit  


  • 5 of the oldest and most loved pizzerias across  the city wish us luck and let's go eat pizza

    全市 5 家最古老和最受歡迎的比薩店,祝我們好運,讓我們去吃飯比薩,

  • so today we are eating at equato this is one  of the most famous pizzerias in all of buenos  

    所以今天我們在 equato 吃,這是 阿根廷 布宜諾斯艾利斯最著名的比薩店之一,這是

  • aires argentina it's the first one that  we ever ate at on our first visit together  

    我們第一次一起訪問時吃過的第一個 比薩餅店

  • and it has been around since 1934 that isvery long time here on the menu it actually says  


  • thank you thank you to your parents and thank  you to your grandparents because apparently  


  • three generations of people have been eating at  this pizzeria so we've arrived at like almost  

    三代的人已經在這個比薩店吃,所以我們一直在像近 三年

  • three in the afternoon this place is packed we  thought this would be like off-peak lunch hour  

    到達 下午這個地方擠滿了我們認為這就像非高峰午餐時間

  • we'd be able to get a table it was actually a bit  of a struggle to find a place where to sit down  


  • but we have placed our order we have  lots of different argentine pizzas coming  


  • a little bit of wine so we are all set the vino  is here hello oh we know the wine is here and  


  • this place is pretty cool they only have  bodegas low pass wines and def we're not  


  • complaining we're leveled against lopez we've  actually got to visit their bodega and mendoza  


  • let me tell you they make a mighty fine red  wine it's going to go so good with the pizza

    讓我告訴你,他們釀造了 一種 非常棒的上等紅酒,配比薩會很好吃

  • one of these

  • my two chosen slices are now on my plate  the first one here is the anchovies pizza  


  • which has no cheese it is just tomato sauce  

    ,沒有 ch嗯,它只是番茄醬

  • and like pulpy tomato sauce with anchovies  i love the saltiness of the anchovies


  • to me that's one of the best pizza  slices in the world just no cheese  


  • loaded up with tomato sauce and make it salty  that's kind of like what my taste buds enjoy  


  • this other one is loaded so this one does  have the moxa loads of mozzarella tomato sauce  


  • ham and you have a red pepper i should try  and get a chunk of that and it also comes with  

    火腿 艾負載 和你有一個紅辣椒我應該嘗試並獲得一個塊和還配備了

  • green olives i was gonna say green grapes  it is not a grape i'm forgetting my english


  • cheers what do you think of the wine


  • it's a table wine it goes well with pizza yep  man this might be the best like the more i think  


  • about it i really think this one's the best the  anchovies oh i love the anchovies you did well i  

    去想 它,我真的覺得這個是最好的鳳尾魚哦,我喜歡你做得很好的鳳尾魚,我

  • made sure i got one slice of that too sam's  three slices were here guys i've got to say  


  • pizza is probably my favorite food hasn't changed  it's been like that since i was a teenager and you  


  • won't find a better place to have argentine pizza  than in buenos aires it's one of the heavyweights  

    不會找到一個更好的地方來擁有阿根廷 pi ZZA比布宜諾斯艾利斯它是

  • of pizza in the world italy yeah some some would  put italy i would i would put certain places in  

    比薩的 世界 重量級的一個 意大利耶一些有些人把意大利我會,我會把某些地方在

  • italy buenos aires and maybe chicago maybe new  york those are the top four places in the world  

    意大利布宜諾斯艾利斯,也許芝加哥也許紐約那些 頂部 有

  • to have pizza and uh buenos aires is right up  there so i've got three slices having the same  

    世界四個地方 披薩和呃布宜諾斯艾利斯就在那裡,所以我有三片

  • one as you the anchovy one i've got the classic  which is the mozzarella and i've got the fukusetta  

    和你一樣的鳳尾魚我有經典的馬蘇里拉奶酪,我有 fukusetta

  • which is basically the most that's a mountain of  cheese and you've got tons of onion too and this  


  • one doesn't have tomato sauce so it's a cheesy  affair okay let's start off with the anchovies


  • there's just something about that buttery  crispy crust delicious tomato sauce copious  

    那裡有一些黃油脆皮美味的番茄醬 ,然後是

  • amounts of it and then the saltiness of the  anchovy wow all right the classic mozzarella

    大量 的鳀魚的鹹味 哇 好吧 經典的馬蘇里拉奶酪

  • i got mozzarella so good you know the  classic pizza here is maybe the best  

    我得到的馬蘇里拉奶酪太好了 你知道這裡的經典比薩餅可能是最好

  • as much as people love to have different  ingredients like the mozzarella one is just  

    的 就像人們喜歡有不同的配料一樣 馬蘇里拉奶酪 一種

  • fantastic it's also the cheapest too but  better than anchovies well it's different  

    太棒了 它也是最便宜的o 但比鳳尾魚好,

  • right if you're craving cheese then yeah it is  the anchovies has no cheese now the fukazeta  

    如果你想吃奶酪那就不一樣了, 是的, 現在鳳尾魚沒有奶酪了 fukazeta

  • is where you get all of your  cheese and all of your onions


  • that is a cheese lovers delight  all three are so different from  

    ,奶酪愛好者都喜歡這三個都是如此 彼此 不同,

  • each other but they're all deliciousmean i could probably have five slices  

    但它們都很美味 我的意思是我可能有五片,

  • but you know what we're gonna be doing pizza  for the next two days so i gotta pace myself  


  • a bit time for the bill it was 790  in pesos which at current exchange is  

    花點時間來支付賬單 790 比索目前的匯率是

  • 13 us dollars but half of that was just the wine  so like all that argentine pizza was like a little  

    13 美元,但其中一半只是酒,就像所有的阿根廷比薩一樣 ,6 美元多

  • over six bucks yeah and crazy thing when i went to  pay the bill um the waiter came over to the till  

    一點 ,是的,瘋狂的事情,當我去付賬時,服務員來到收銀台

  • and he was telling the guy at the tail like  exactly everything we had ordered so he could like  


  • bring it up he didn't have any notes photographic  memory from memory he was like they had this wine  


  • and this slice and that slice and two of this one  and i was like what yeah okay it's impressive it's  

    ,這個切片,那個切片和兩個這樣的和我就像什麼 是的 好吧 令人印象深刻 它是

  • impressive to say the least so yeah very good  pizza and that's it that's it a plus a plus


  • all right guys we have brought you to  the next pizzeria this one is called  


  • another institution here in the city of buenos  aires argentina it's located on corvientes which  


  • turns into a pedestrian street at night and yeah  they've been around since 1932. wow long time it's  

    匝數 沒事人 晚上走進一條步行街,是的,他們從 1932 年 就開始營業了。哇,好久不見

  • gonna be 100 years and not too long 12 more 12  more 88 years old and we ordered up five different  

    了 12 多 12 多 88 歲,我們點了五種不同的

  • slices we have the pomadola mozzarella napolitana  this is a slice of pineapple which is actually  

    切片,我們有 pomadola mozzarella napolitana,這是一片菠蘿,實際上是

  • paste and typically you just put this on  top of another slice and you eat it together  


  • so sam's going to demonstrate that i'm going  to start with the special of the house this  

    所以山姆要證明我要從房子的特色 菜 開始,這個

  • one is called pizzagreen and by the looks of  it it's got tomato sauce ham mozzarella cheese  


  • red pepper and green olives so here we go

    紅辣椒和綠橄欖 所以我們去

  • there is loads of ham in there guys  comparing the dough to the pizzeria  

    那裡有很多火腿 伙計們將麵團與 我們昨天去波多黎各

  • we went to yesterday which was in puerto  rico this one isn't quite as fluffy this  

    的比薩餅店進行比較 這不是曲它蓬鬆,這個

  • one is more doughy the other one was more  buttery this one is just slightly more dense  

    更 柔軟, 另一個更軟,這個更濃稠,

  • but very good and while we're at it i'm  just going to help myself to the napolitana  


  • which has slices of tomato obviously  like you know tomato sauce mozzarella  


  • look at all that cheese a fresh  tomato with oregano here we go


  • i gotta say i think the pizzas here are  guarini are even cheesier like they just  


  • load them with mozzarella cheese yeah like  you really gotta choose that thoroughly hey  


  • so i can't wait to try my pizza but  first i want to talk about the drink  


  • pasta which is empty which is empty  and then pour it into here this is  

    空的意大利面,這是空的,然後倒入這裡 這是

  • a grapefruit juice grapefruit soda right it's  busy grapefruit soda i should say yeah it is  

    一種葡萄柚汁 葡萄柚蘇打水 沒錯,它很忙 葡萄柚蘇打水 我應該說是的,它是汽水

  • fizzy and so i've got two different slices to try  yeah the classic mozzarella and then i forget the  

    等等我有兩種不同的切片可以嘗試 是的 經典的馬蘇里拉奶酪 然後我忘記了

  • name of this one that one is pomade it looks like  it could be tomato sauce with onions on top um

    這個 的 名字 一個是潤髮油 它看起來可能是番茄醬,上面放著洋蔥 嗯

  • that's exactly what it was it's kind of  sweet onions and a little bit of a sweeter  

    ,這正是它的樣子 它是一種甜洋蔥和有點兒一個更甜的

  • tomato sauce too no cheese on that one at all  okay okay so now i'm going to take the final  

    番茄醬,上面也沒有奶酪,好吧,現在我要 切下

  • cut off the slice and i'm not sure if this is how  you're supposed to do it but from what i remember  

    最後 一塊,我不確定這是否是你應該做的,但我記得

  • being told from a pizza video we made a long time  ago was that you're supposed to eat it with the  

    從比薩視頻被告知我們做了很久以前是,你應該用 比薩餅

  • pizza yeah so what i'm doing is i'm takinglittle piece and now i'm going to take a slice

    吃它 呀,所以我做什麼是我要帶一小片的,現在我要分得一杯羹

  • and try them both at the same time you're  basically having a bite of pizza with a bite  


  • of chickpea face which is an interesting  combination i'm not sure where that came  

    鷹嘴豆臉,這是一個有趣的組合,我不確定 這是

  • this is interesting i mean to be honestprefer the the pizza on its own but it does add  

    從哪裡來的, 這很有趣,我的意思是說實話,我更喜歡上面的披薩自己的,但它確實

  • a bit of an extra element to the slice  i guess it would fill you up faster too  

    為切片 添加 了一些額外的元素,我想它也會更快地填滿你,

  • it certainly would it certainly would  fill you up i'm going to try it on so


  • you know what i actually prefer having it on song  yeah with a slice of argentine pizza yeah for me  

    你知道我實際上更喜歡 穿 什麼歌曲 是的 有一片阿根廷披薩 是的 對我來說

  • it suits my taste better in between slices  of the palette cleansing yeah there you go  

    它更適合我的口味 在調色板之間的切片清潔 是的,你去

  • there you go price point oh that pizza was  so good so so good so moving on to the price  


  • point yes it was just under 600 pesos at current  exchange that is slightly less than 10 us dollars  

    點是的,目前的匯率不到 600 比索,略低於 10 美元

  • that included the four slices of pizza the  fina and the two drinks so seven items for  

    ,其中包括四片比薩餅和兩杯飲料所以 十塊錢買

  • ten bucks what a deal we will we are  going to keep this pizza quest going  

    七件東西, 我們會多麼划算,我們將繼續這個披薩任務

  • we're moving on to the next place just  a few blocks away excellent let's do it


  • we are now at pizzeria bunchero and for this next  one sam has ordered yes classic drinks classic  

    我們開始 吧, 我們現在在比薩餅店,下一個山姆已下令對經典飲品經典的

  • drink so i'm getting the fernet with pepsi  down for that is kind of a medicinal tasting  


  • alcoholic beverage that i think  

    酒精飲料 的 ,我認為

  • doesn't it come from cordoba well it's really  popular in cordoba but it came from italy okay  


  • it's like a liqueur what do you think it's like  you look here and i'm adding pepsi to it here  


  • typically you mix it with coke yeah not pepsi  but this is what they had on hand let's try that


  • you know what this is really growing on me the  very first time i ever tried it i didn't like it  


  • but almost like you know bad medicine but when you  mix it with enough pepsi or coke it it sweetens it  


  • enough that makes it a bit more palatable and  it's just it's a very interesting drink right  


  • like i i it's not it's unlike anything else  i've ever tried to be honest it has a bit of  

    就像 ii 它並沒有什麼不同否則,老實說,它有一點

  • a medicinal flavor and yeah you mix it with coke  or pepsi oh my oh my four more slices and a finer  

    藥味,是的,你將它與可樂或百事可樂混合,哦,我的哦,我的另外四片, 上面

  • on top so we got anchovies this looks nice good  presentation two little anchovies hanging out  

    還有一個更細的 ,所以我們得到了鳳尾魚,這看起來不錯,展示了兩個小鳳尾魚出去 玩

  • then sam got the spinach with lots  of matzah cheese and a cream sauce  

    , 然後山姆買了菠菜,裡面有很多無酵餅奶酪和奶油醬

  • that's not a topping you see on pizza every day no  tomato just cream sauce and we've just learned the  

    ,這不是你每天在比薩上看到的配料 沒有番茄只是奶油醬 我們剛剛 在最後 了解了

  • difference between fugasa and fugazeta at the  last place or was it yesterday maybe yesterday  

    fugasa 和 fugazeta 之間的區別,或者是這樣昨天也許昨天

  • which is onions and cheese fugaza it's  just the onions no cheese it does have  

    ,這是洋蔥和奶酪 fugaza 這只是洋蔥 沒有奶酪 它

  • a little bit of oregano sprinkled on top but no  cheese my friend no that's a difference i don't  

    上面撒了一點牛至但沒有奶酪 我的朋友 不,我

  • think we knew that when we were ordering i've  always i've always wondered that's a difference  


  • now we know but another interesting thing reading  the napkin here it says they are the creators of  

    現在我們知道 這是不同的, 但另一件有趣的事情是閱讀這裡的餐巾紙,它說他們是

  • the fugaza with cheese this restaurant apparently  created we've got to order a slice then we're  

    這家餐廳顯然創建的帶有奶酪的 fugaza 的創造者, 我們必須訂購一片然後我們

  • going to get a fifth slice oh my gosh we got to  order it it's just this with cheese no no no no  


  • no no we got to get the real deal i will order  that i will i will eat it don't worry let's  


  • eat this okay okay oh my gosh okay and then we  got a slice of mozzarella with the fina on top  


  • this is going to be a challenge like i'm feeling  pretty stuffed from our previous pizzeria but here  


  • we go eating eating all this pizza tough work huh  and guess what's happening tomorrow more two more  


  • more pizzas happening tomorrow so we are going  for the anchovy which is my favorite type of pizza  


  • and it is good i'm a happy girl so i also  ordered anchovy pizza when we were at el puertito  

    ,很好,我是一個快樂的女孩,所以我第一 天 在 el puertito 的時候也點了鳳尾魚披薩

  • on day one and i will say over  there they give you more tomato  


  • sauce here i feel like the tomato sauce  is more painted on top of the slice so

    醬這裡我覺得番茄醬更白nted 在切片的頂部所以

  • i think i prefer the other one just because it's  juicier but i really like the dough it's like  

    我想我更喜歡另一個只是因為它多汁但我真的很喜歡麵團 它

  • thick but very like spongy it's actually a good  slice of pizza i do like this and next up we are  

    很厚但很像海綿 它實際上是一塊很好的比薩 我喜歡這個 下一步我們正在

  • digging into the mozzarella and guys i madediscovery i thought mozzarella pizza always had  

    深入研究馬蘇里拉奶酪和伙計們 我發現我認為馬蘇里拉奶酪披薩總是有

  • tomato sauce not here not at bunchero here it's  just cheese so you've got like the pizza dough  

    番茄醬 不是在這裡不是在 Bungero 這裡它只是奶酪所以你就像比薩麵團

  • thick layer of cheese and well i added the fine  on top the chickpea paste but that was shocking  

    厚厚的奶酪層 我在鷹嘴豆醬上加了罰款但是那令人震驚的是

  • mozzarella pizza with no cheese no cheese no sauce  have you ever encountered mozzarella pizza with no  

    沒有奶酪沒有奶酪沒有醬的馬蘇里拉披薩你有沒有遇到過沒有 番茄醬的 馬蘇里拉披薩

  • tomato sauce maybe not no i feel like this is  the first here only at banchero only a vancero  


  • i mean we still have more pizzerias left to visit  so we'll see if that happens again yeah but i was  


  • in shock like i thought tomato sauce was kind  of a requirement perhaps not perhaps not perhaps  


  • someone forgot i doubt it i doubt it your turn  my turn i'm still hungry guys i can go i can go  


  • hard with the pizza so i'm trying the espanaka  this one has cream sauce instead of tomato sauce

    努力比薩餅 所以我正在嘗試西班牙菜 這個有奶油醬而不是番茄醬

  • exactly it's almost a bit soupy in its  consistency it's very very good i mean  

    它的稠度幾乎有點濃稠 它非常非常好 我的意思是

  • i still prefer classic slices with mozzarella  and tomato sauce but this is a really interesting  

    我仍然更喜歡經典切片配馬蘇里拉奶酪和番茄醬 但這是一個非常有趣的

  • piece of pizza now we're moving  on to the fugaza not the the gaza

    作品比薩餅現在我們要轉移到 fugaza 而不是 gaza

  • and this is just onions you know what i thought  the difference would be between fugas and fugazeta  

    這只是洋蔥 你知道我認為 fugas 和 fugazeta 之間的區別

  • i thought maybe they would chop the onions  finer yeah i thought it was like a question of  

    我想也許他們會把洋蔥 切得更 細 是的 我認為這就像一個問題

  • the size of the onions but no it's the lack of  cheese has no cheese what do you think of it  

    洋蔥 的 大小,但沒有它缺乏的奶酪有沒有奶酪你有什麼想起來

  • onions they're both good um this is it's  nice and juicy yeah um i still i still prefer  


  • classic slice though just paid the bill oh my  goodness am i ever stuffed well we both are  


  • um guys it's not groundhog day but the bill is  just about the same as the other two places 625  

    嗯,這不是土撥鼠日,但賬單和其他兩個地方 差不多 625

  • pesos approximately 10 us dollars that included  the four slices the piece of fina the fifth item  

    比索 大約 10 美元,包括四片 fina 第五件

  • also we got soda water and my  drink with pepsi and fernet and  

    我們也得到了蘇打水我喝了百事可樂和 fernet 又喝

  • again a great deal and my goodness and my  forever full there'll be no dinner tonight

    了很多,我的天哪,我永遠吃飽了 今晚沒有晚餐

  • good afternoon my friends another day in buenos  aires another pizzeria today we're at another  

    下午好 我的朋友們改天在布宜諾斯艾利斯 另一家比薩店 今天我們在另一家

  • institution one of the originals las portetas  yes and this is again on corientes street  

    機構 las portetas 的原作之一是的,這又是在 corientes 街上,

  • but it's on the other side of nueva de julio  9th of july so the ones we visited before  

    但它在 nueva de julio 的另一邊 7 月 9 日,所以我們之前訪問過的那些我們

  • we're on the the left-hand side and now  we're on the right-hand side yeah so we've  


  • crossed the biggest avenue in  the city by taxi not quite taxi  


  • and i'm starting off with a chop over here  that's what they're called in argentina  


  • a beer of this science is a chop how is that beer  on a hot summer day it's it's a requirement on a  

    一種科學的啤酒是一種啤酒在炎熱的夏天如何一天它是 像今天這樣的一天 的要求

  • day like today it's basically 30 degrees i'm still  not used to the heat having arrived from patagonia  

    它基本上是 30 度我仍然不習慣 像幾天前一樣

  • like a few days ago and um yeah this is gonna  cool me down and we've got more slices coming  

    從巴塔哥尼亞到達的熱量, 嗯,這 會讓 我冷靜下來,我們還有更多切片來

  • your way soon all right so we got four slices i'm  trying to remember what exactly it is we asked for  


  • this is the mozzarella with anchovies because if  you order straight up anchovies it doesn't come  


  • with cheese it comes with just tomato sauce  which would have been fine i do like that  


  • but yeah but we haven't tried it with cheese  yet yeah the waiter did seem concerned that i  


  • wasn't getting cheese so he um suggested this  geez it is cheese it is guys cheese it is


  • not as good cheese my friends i would say this is  probably the thickest dough so far all the grease  


  • from the cheese is just creating that almost soupy  layer that you find in the pizzas and meeples  


  • it stuck with like a very thick but spongy uh  dough can i use the word doughy to describe dough  


  • different dough for sure doughy dough it  is doughy dough there we go is the verdict  

    不同的麵團 肯定是麵團 麵團是麵團 我們去吧結論

  • i still think i prefer my anchovies with tomato  sauce pizza time so i've got two slices guys  

    我仍然認為我更喜歡我的鳳尾魚配番茄醬披薩時間 所以我有兩片傢伙

  • as for as for the way we're doing it in this  whole challenge this argentine pizza challenge  

    至於我們在整個挑戰中的做法 在布宜諾斯艾利斯舉行的

  • in buenos aires i've got the classic mozzarella  and over here i've got the fugazato which is  

    阿根廷披薩挑戰 我有經典馬蘇里拉奶酪和這裡我已經得到了fugazato這

  • a mountain of cheese with onion so let's  go for the classic first love the classic  

    是 洋蔥奶酪的山,讓我們去的經典初戀 ,我們已經確定定做,在每一個地方看看所有

  • we've made sure to order that at every  place look at all that cheese guys

    的 奶酪 傢伙 串掛你的嘴

  • strings of cheese hanging out of your mouth there  you go you got it in there that is hands down the  

    了 經典的 有你去吧,你得到了它,這是 我在整個挑戰中遇到

  • cheesiest slice i've had on this whole challenge  this is number four restaurant number four  

    的最奶酪的 切片這是第四家第四家餐廳 是的,我應該說

  • yeah i should say pizzeria number four  that's the most cheese i've had in a bite  

    第四家 比薩店這是我咬過的最多的奶酪

  • wow that's gonna be a filling slice  i think that's one of the reasons why  

    哇哇做一個餡料片 我認為這就是為什麼

  • it's a lot of people's favorite  pizzeria it's just loaded with cheese  

    它是很多人最喜歡的比薩店 的原因之一 它只是裝滿了奶酪

  • look at this one this one has even more it's so  cheesy that i can't even see like the edge of the  

    看看這個 這個還有更多 它是如此俗氣,我什至看不到邊緣的

  • edge of the pizza of the pizza slice it's actually  spilled out to the sides in both both directions

    邊緣比薩餅的比薩餅 它實際上在兩個方向上都灑到了兩邊

  • we have a new winner that is the cheesiest slice  


  • so that's been thrown to number two this might  be the best pizza of the whole challenge so far  

    所以它被扔到了第二位 這可能是迄今為止 所有 挑戰中最好的比薩餅

  • out of all the places this is very good pizza  also i should mention there are like different  

    地方這是非常好的披薩也是我應該提到的是, 您可以訂購 不同的

  • pizza toppings you can order but you have to get  a whole pizza if you want a specialty one that's  


  • kind of why we're sticking to the classics there  is a special pizza that they make here and it's  


  • got tons of ingredients but they don't sell it  by the slice unfortunately you need to get the  


  • whole thing so you got to come with a group of  friends or something that's too bad because it has  


  • tuna i would have liked to have that one it  would be nice guys and price point for this pizza  


  • all of it including the four slices your pear  juice and my beer it came to 850 us dollars so  

    所有 這 一切包括四片你的梨汁和我的啤酒

  • so far this place has been the cheapest and the  best all right amazing quality and amazing price  


  • pizzeria number five my friends last but not  least we are at el palazio de la pizza basically  

    5 號比薩店我的朋友們最後但並非最不重要的是,我們在 el palazio de la 比薩餅,基本上

  • the palace of the pizza and um i'm trying another  new drink this is a moscato it's a sweet red wine  

    是 比薩餅 的宮殿,嗯,我正在嘗試另一種新飲料,這是一種莫斯卡托,它是一種甜紅葡萄酒,

  • yeah it doesn't it's not nearly as potent as like  a cabernet sauvignon or a malbec this feels sweet  

    是的,它不像赤霞珠那麼有效長相思或馬爾貝克這感覺 有點 濕

  • and a little bit you know smoother going down  but uh i still prefer my ball back i gotta say  


  • the struggle is real guys oh my goodness  but i am very excited about this pizza  


  • this one has something called madame  it's kind of like a deli meat in a way  


  • basically you take a roll of meat and you put  like vegetables and egg you roll it up tightly  

    基本上你拿一卷肉,放入蔬菜和雞蛋, 把它 卷得緊緊的,

  • like you tie it up then you boil it and then you  can serve it as a deli meat and we're having it  


  • on a pizza which is very unusual we have been  to a lot of pizzerias now and this is my first  


  • time seeing a slice of matambre on top of  a pizza so yeah just very different so we  

    一次在比薩餅上看到一片 matambre 所以是的,非常不同,所以我們

  • thought we would give it a go since this  appears to be one of the specialties here

    認為我們會 試一試, 因為這似乎是其中之一這裡的特色菜

  • i would say that is very very good  if you can see the spices here  

    我會說,如果你能看到這裡的香料 ,那就太好 了

  • this gives it a nice little bit of cake it  reminds me a bit of the spices of chimichurri