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  • There are so many ways to mattify your nails


  • You can use a matte top coat add cornstarch, eyeshadow or baking soda to your nail polish or my personal favorite

    你可以用霧面護甲油 加一點 玉米粉 一些眼影或小蘇打粉到你的指甲油上 或是我個人最愛的

  • the good old fashion waysteam!


  • I figured it since I have to boil water


  • Why not show you how I make my favorite instant ramen noodles


  • usually what I like to do is add the soup base first then the spices

    通常我喜歡先加湯底包 然後是辣粉調味包

  • and then afterwards the dehydrated veggies and meats


  • and if i want to pump up the nutritional value I would add some green onions

    如果我想提升它的營養價值的話 當然 我會加一些青蔥

  • organic onions of course and in goes noodle block

    當然是有機的 然後放入泡麵麵體

  • and while the water is boiling I might as well light two candles with one flame


  • by adding a second coat to my nails working as fast as I can

    加第二層指甲油到我的指甲上 用我最快的速度

  • Carefully hover the nails over the pot so that the nails can catch the steam

    小心的把指甲懸在鍋子中停留 這樣指甲可以接收到一些蒸氣

  • don't bring your hand too close or else it might burn yourself

    別把你的手靠得太近 不然可能會燒到你自己

  • and just wait a few seconds and put away and now you have matte looking nails

    只要等個幾秒鐘就可以了 然後把手移開 現在 你的指甲有了霧面的效果了

  • and you don't need to do anything else


  • A little dry matte and steam matte


  • you can totally see the difference here if you want glassy tips

    你可以看到很明顯的差別 如果你想要玻璃面狀的指尖

  • just add top coat over the tip of your nails and it will instantly return back glassy

    可以再加一層指甲油到你的指甲(尖)上 很快地光亮的指甲又回來了

  • now to finish up this ramen tutorial


  • I usually like to add an egg or two


  • and then just cover the pot with the lid and wait a few minutes


  • personally I like my ramen to have less soup


  • the more dry the better


  • and the egg really adds the yummy flavor to your soup


  • and of course extra protein

    當然囉 還有額外的蛋白質

  • bon appetite!


  • anyone else’s gonna try out this fun DIY trick Let me know below

    有誰想試試看這個有趣的DIY方法嗎 留言在下面讓我知道吧

  • enjoy your new matte nails and of course your ramen

    好好享受你新的霧面指甲吧 當然 還有你的拉麵

  • and good luck!


There are so many ways to mattify your nails



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DIY:使用蒸汽的啞光指甲 (DIY : Matte Nails using Steam)

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