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  • looks a little wild so we've been like semi hiking  through here for probably a good 10 minutes now  

  • and charlotte's still so concerned about  the hornet's nest have you ever like been  

  • right up close to one covered in hornets it was  squirming squirming with hornets i almost want to  

  • go back and get a shot of it now you go do that  i'll be back in the car waiting closed windows

  • there's a lot of gorgeous in japan that  allow you to get like right up to the water  

  • this one looks kind of dangerous because the  current was so strong that's probably why it's  

  • really pretty though charlotte was like oh thank  goodness we didn't get bitten by any hornets and a  

  • bug flies like right into me right hold this for  just two seconds we made it oh god that's so heavy

  • are you pulling up pictures of hornets now  i'm gonna show you how bad it was because  

  • you don't know and you stuck your shoulder in  it just brushed right by it like it was nothing  

  • was it like the japanese hornets yeah wait  like the the big yeah the murder hornet it's  

  • just on the outside of a nest covered in them  oh okay yeah exactly now now i kind of get it  

  • now i was like oh it's just some beans like  this yeah it was like that covered in harness  

  • and you stuck your shoulder in it  can you like air drop that to me  

  • okay okay now now i get it see  i didn't picture it not bad

  • so since you've been living in sendai  a little while now you must know  

  • a lot about it absolutely no okay well  allow me to drop some sendai facts okay  

  • so sendai established in the year 2004 is  one of japan's newest towns it was built

  • i wouldn't say that i know nothing but also  compared to how many places i've had the chance  

  • to travel through and visit in japan i feel like  my my knowledge and experience in sendai is very  

  • underwhelming it's good i live  here now you can come visit  

  • i hope next time you'll actually  be able to teach me so i know

  • hopefully by then i will have had  time to explore for the record  

  • i don't actually believe that sendai was  established in 2004 i'm aware it was 1985.

  • have you brought me up to this  like mountaintop forest just to  

  • end me for taking so long to visit you no um but  there's something i want you to try okay this  

  • way does it have to be at the top of them i like  the top of them also don't let me forget i still  

  • have a gift for you oh okay yeah i'm really  curious i actually forgot about it this is it

  • the maybe two of sendai is  this a bean milkshake yes

  • there's a pikachu vending machine  here and you're making me drink  

  • bean milkshakes it's worth it  i swear come over here okay

  • bean milkshake  

  • there's chunks in it you can literally see  chunks okay just keep the expectations low

  • look at this view

  • look at those summer clouds yeah yeah it's  gonna be really tiny on the screen but i  

  • can the mountains out there and everything wow  forget about the mountains look at the cities  

  • probably the best view of sendai from up here is

  • pretty good it's like a chunky mcdonald's  

  • milkshake this is actually weirdly good it'd  be much better without the chunks because it  

  • yes chunks of the edamame though it is  very chunky but it's actually really good  

  • it really just tastes like you took a vanilla  milkshake from mcdonald's and added edamame to it  

  • yeah blender wow that's good though  and that is a really nice view too

  • charlotte has been so distracted by butterflies  literally all day what is this place by the way  

  • i don't even know where we are no so  this is the ruins of sendai castle  

  • okay we're actually standing on like what  was the base of the castle oh um there it is

  • i think it landed on my head and it's one of  the best places to see a nice view of sunday  

  • actually there's a place that i wanted to go with  a nice view of sendai yeah another one a i don't  

  • know if it's going to be open okay b i want  to make it before sunset which as you can tell  

  • we've got about an hour i would say we've gotbit of a raise i think we can get the car back  

  • and get there on time if we're quick you  know let's try before we go because i know  

  • i'm going to forget i know i'm going to forget  christmas time oh that's so cute it's like a chibi  

  • charizard that's actually awesome because i havecharmander and charmeleon already that's adorable

  • take this car boom she's locked that's  so weird is right near the station so

  • okay so we're here we need to somehow get  here so i think we can walk all the way to  

  • the office entrance all right and then  let's give it a shot it does 31.51 okay

  • all right so far so good look at the clouds  i know i'm just obsessing about clouds  

  • today what type that you like ah but i don't  know i don't know okay let's go find him  

  • oh wow nice breeze too we made it it's not  quite what i expected to be honest i know  

  • i thought it was going to be more outdoor been  like this feels like a garden or something  

  • oh look i can see your apartment  stop it i mean there i mean there  

  • i mean it's probably on this  list in charlotte's apartment

  • okay i don't know if you had a chance to see  that the thrift shop video where i talked about  

  • how all i've ever wanted is a pair of pump shoes  but i finally went ahead and got myself some and  

  • if a perfect pair of pump shoes exist  this might just be them let's try them on

  • well they fit perfectly and they're nerfed they're  nerf pump shoes i don't think i could possibly  

  • be more excited about this by the way charlotte  got me this spiffy pokemon suit for my birthday  

  • mind you it came under the condition that i have  to wear it to a super serious business meeting so  

  • i'll just i'll just grab the skateboard and  we'll just can you imagine me showing up to  

  • a business meeting dressed like this absolutely  absolutely ludicrous i'll tell you it is it is way  

  • way too hot for a suit jacket right now it is  it is still summer as i'm recording this but oh  

  • oh it is hot also for two cynics who are out there  no these are not sponsored or anything like that  

  • i'm just really excited to have nerf pumps like  look at the insoles even the insoles in these are  

  • just tell me that doesn't like come on actually  somebody went out of their way in the last video  

  • to be like don't don't get the pump shoes you will  be wildly disappointed how could you be wildly  

  • disappointed in come on come on how there's  there's zero disappointment here i just okay  

  • okay it is way too hot for this  i'll see you guys again real soon

  • i like sendai me too

  • you

looks a little wild so we've been like semi hiking  through here for probably a good 10 minutes now  


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