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  • Dad!!!!

  • I'm ok.

  • You see that?! I almost died! Wheww!

  • Good thing I didn't.

  • Ha ha! That would have really stunk wouldn't it?

  • I mean I just got here!

  • Hey.

  • I'm still alive.

  • Thank God.

  • I was so scared.

  • Listen, there's something I need to tell you.

  • Because I'm a responsible husband.

  • Get out of the city there's giant monsters!

  • It's headed straight for the city and people are gonna die!!!

  • Leave now before it's too late!!

  • You don't want me to wait for you to get here first?

  • For God's sake, stop talking and just go!

  • Oh, and take our son with you!

  • Whatever you do, do not leave him with a stranger. That's just weird!

  • Okay, I will. Thank you for letting me know. Goodbye!!

  • You're welcome!!!

  • The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in their control

  • and not the other way around.

  • Let them fight!

  • Are you sure there's nothing we can do?

  • Let them fight.

  • Maybe nuke the creatures before they reach a major city?

  • Let them fight.

  • Maybe power down the facilities these monsters feed off of?

  • Let them fight.

  • You just wanna see giant monsters fight, don't you?

  • Let them fight.

  • Ok there's cat 5 kaiju in San Francisco, we've combined our memories and we're ready to fight.

  • Right!

  • Alright, guys let's do this.

  • Gypsyyyyyy dangerrrr!!!!

  • AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • It's over.

  • We made it.

  • The boat's driving away with the bomb.

  • And everything's safe.

  • There's no way that boat got far enough away in time!!

  • We're all gonna di--- (boooomm)

  • Woohooo! yeah!!

  • I was so worried but now everything's okay!

  • Be amazed, ladies and gentlemen, because we are clearly looking at the greatest hero to ever exist on this great earth.

  • What???

  • Woohoo, We're saved!

  • Oh sure, when Godzilla destroys half the city and kills the unstoppable threat

  • to save the world everyone cheers!

  • but when I do it, everyone gets all grouchy and judgmental.

  • I see how it is.

  • Hey, way to go Godzilla. You killed those awful creatures... that only wanted to breed.

  • you know who else wanted to procreate at the expense of humanity??

  • Zod.

  • That's right. You're welcome.

  • Godzilla!! Yea, woohoooooo!

  • Holy cra------- AHhhh!!!!

  • Say my name.

  • Rooaarrrrrr!!!

  • You're Godzilla right.

  • Hey we're back!

  • Thank you guys for waiting, HISHE is back!

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  • Oh, there's the ground.

  • Hey Ford, you ever thought about how many times you've crossed paths with these giant creatures?

  • You're like some kind of mega-monster magnet!

  • Ughh!

  • Roarrrrr



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哥斯拉應該如何結束 (How Godzilla Should Have Ended)

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