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  • This is it.

  • Dresses by Ella.

  • We are a part of the Rhythm Nation. ♫

  • Here's a laugh.

  • This girl fancies herself a businessman!

  • Cinderella,

  • it's only my love for your father, rest his soul

  • that stands between you and a life on the street.

  • I have to make a life for myself.

  • I'll sell one of my signature dresses.

  • Soon everyone will know my name.

  • To make sure your nuptials are done properly,

  • we shall hold a ball.

  • You shall find a bride.

  • Find me somebody to love. ♫

  • Cinderella, you don't need to go to the ball.

  • Please Stepmother, I spent weeks making this dress.

  • My future depends on it.

  • Whoo!

  • Yes!

  • I am your fabulous Godmother!

  • Do you want to go to that ball?

  • And meet a bunch of rich people

  • who will change your life?

  • Yes, I was just crying and singing about it

  • like two minutes ago.

  • Then, go you shall!

  • Oh, look at that!

  • This is different. I didn't think--

  • Ok, dang!

  • You said you wanted to be a businesswoman.

  • It's magic time!

  • Holy...

  • Where's my tail?

  • I can't balance without my tail!

  • Here I go again I'm imagining

  • ♫ a world outside unlike the one I'm in. ♫

  • Oh, my god.

  • It didn't happen, and even if it did happen--

  • Hi.

  • Would you like to dance?

  • Right now?

  • Where did you get that dress?

  • I designed it.

  • I pick you to be my princess.

  • What about my work?

  • I don't want a life stuck waving from a royal box...

  • ...any more than a life confined to a basement.

  • If it's a million to one, ♫

  • ♫ I'm gonna be that one and

  • if it's a shot in the dark

  • I have dreams

  • that I have to chase.

  • ♫ I'm gonna be the sun and I, ♫

  • ♫ I just can't afford to be wrong. ♫

  • Marry him, and all of our problems will be solved.

  • It's too late.

  • You're gonna know my name. ♫

  • Life outside this basement

  • starts right now.

  • The world's half asleep. ♫

  • It's gonna wake up and see. ♫

  • They're glass?

  • Any way you can make 'em more comfortable?

  • No.

  • But you just did a whole thing.

  • Even magic has its limits.

This is it.


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A2 初級 美國腔

Cinderella - Official Trailer | Amazon Original Movie | Sept 3

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