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  • kendrick this is about a sales pitch it's not  going to be won by the law it's going to be  

  • won by the lawyers so remember poker faces  don't flinch in front of the court members  

  • something doesn't go our way don't hang your  head don't shift in your seat don't scribble  

  • furiously whatever happens you have to look like  it's exactly what you knew was going to happen  

  • you pass me documents do it  swiftly don't look over anxious  

  • don't wear that perfume in court wrecks my  concentration really i was talking to sam  

  • what time is it it's time to go home try to  get some sleep tonight yeah give me a ride sure

  • you're a good man charlie brown  i'll see you in court counselor

  • danny i know what you're gonna say you  don't have to we've had our differences  

  • i said some things i didn't mean you said some  things you didn't mean but you're happy that i  

  • stuck with the case and if you've gained a certain  respect for me over the last three weeks we'll  

  • of course i'm happy about that but we don't have  to make a whole big deal out of it you like me  

  • that won't make you sad i was just gonna  tell you to wear matching socks tomorrow

  • okay good tip

  • we're ready better believe it

  • we're gonna get creamed

  • you are gonna save our son aren't you  

  • i'll do my best danny i'd like you  to meet jenny miller alvin's aunt

  • your aunt jenny uh-huh

  • i'm sorry i i was expecting someone older so is i

  • last chance i'll flip you  forward all right too late

  • all those having business with  this general court martial  

  • stand forward and you shall be heard colonel  julius alexander randolph is presiding  

  • is the government prepared to  make an opening statement yes

  • the facts of the case are these on midnight of  september 6 he accused entered the barracks room  

  • of their platoon mate pfc william santiago they  woke him up tied his arms and legs with tape and  

  • forced a rag into his throat a few minutes later  a chemical reaction called lactic acidosis caused  

  • his lungs to begin bleeding he drowned in his own  blood and was pronounced dead at 37 minutes past  

  • midnight these are the facts of the case  and they are undisputed that's right  

  • the story i've just told you is the exact same  story you're going to hear from lance corporal  

  • dawson and it's the exact same story  you're going to hear from private down  

  • furthermore the government will also  demonstrate that the accused soak the  

  • rag in poison and entered santiago's  room with motive and intent to kill  

  • now lieutenant cathy is going to try  and pull off a little magic act here  

  • just going to try a little misdirection going to  astonish you with stories of rituals and dazzle  

  • you with official sounding terms like code red he  might even try to cut into a few officers for you  

  • he'll have no evidence mind you none  but it's going to be entertaining  

  • and when we get to the end all the magic  in the world will not have been able to  

  • divert your attention from the fact that wheelie  santiago is dead and dawson and downey killed him  

  • these are the facts of the  case and they are undisputed

  • look at cafe there was no poison on the  rag and there was no intent to kill in  

  • any attempt to prove otherwise is  futile because it just ain't true  

  • when dawson and downey went into santiago's  room that night it wasn't because of vengeance  

  • or hatred it wasn't to kill her harm and  it wasn't because they were looking for  

  • kicks on a friday night it's because  it was what they were ordered to do  

  • let me say that again it's because  it was what they were ordered to do  

  • now out in the real world that means nothing and  here at the washington navy yard doesn't mean a  

  • whole lot more but if you're a marine assigned  to rifle security company windward guantanamo  

  • bay cuba and you're given an order you follow it  or you pack your bags make no mistake about it  

  • harold dawson and loudon downey are sitting  before you today because they did their job

  • is the government ready to call its first witness  

  • please the court the  government calls mr r.c mcguire

  • squad would you raise your right hand please  do you solemnly swear that the testimony you  

  • will give this general court marshall will be the  truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so  

  • help you god i do have a seat please sir would you  state your full name and occupation for the record  

  • robert steve mcguire's special agent naval  investigative service thank you mr mcguire  

  • did your office receive a letter from a pfc  william santiago on three september of this year  

  • we did what did that letter say thatmember of private santiago's unit had  

  • illegally fired his weapon over the fence line  was that marine identified in the letter no  

  • i notified the barrack ceo colonel jessup  that i would be coming down to investigate  

  • and what did you find the shift reported only  one century returned his weapon to the switch  

  • with a round of ammunition missing who was that  lance corporal harold dawson you're a witness

  • mr mcguire have you questioned lance  corporal dawson about defense lane shooting  

  • yes he claims to have been engaged in some  manner by the enemy but you don't believe them  

  • it's not my place it's corporal dawson's been  charged with a number of crimes why wasn't he  

  • charged with firing at the enemy without cause  there was enough evidence to support such a charge  

  • thank you mr mcguire i don't understand what  you mean when you say there wasn't enough  

  • evidence to support such a charge  you had william santiago's letter  

  • santiago was the only eyewitness i never  had the chance to interview him so i  

  • don't know what he saw and now we'll  never know what will be mr maguire no

  • no more questions witnesses excused

  • corporal carl edward hammacker marine barracks  rifle security company windward sec platoon bravo  

  • corporal were you present at a meeting that  lieutenant kendrick held on the afternoon of  

  • september 6 with the members of the second platoon  yes sir would you tell the court the substance of  

  • that meeting lieutenant kendrick told us we had  an informer in our group that private santiago had  

  • gone outside the chain of command and reported to  the nis on a member of our platoon did that make  

  • you mad you could tell the truth corporal it's  all right did it make you mad yes sir how mad

kendrick this is about a sales pitch it's not  going to be won by the law it's going to be  


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A Few Good Men 法庭09(A Few Good Men 法庭09)

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