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  • 911. This is Emergency Operator 625.

  • I've been robbed.

  • I need to know where you are. Last name?

  • Is this the fire department?

  • No, ma'am, you've reached 911,

  • but I can connect you. Hold the line.

  • -What did she look like? -She was tall, pink hair, in heels.

  • Hey man, can you tell me how long it's gonna take?

  • 911. What is the address of your emergency?

  • -I just want to talk to you. -Okay, I'm hanging up.

  • I'm out for a drive, sweetie, okay?

  • Is there someone with you?

  • -Does the person know you called? -No.

  • -They think you called your child? -Yes, sweetie.

  • -Does the person have a weapon? -Yes.

  • I need the color of the car.

  • When I say the right one, say, "It's fine." Red?

  • -White? -It's fine.

  • Is it a car?

  • No, van.

  • No, just yes or no answers, Emily.

  • -What was that? -I'm sorry, I have to hang up.

  • -Give me the phone right now. -I'm gonna die.

  • I have a woman who's been abducted.

  • -What are we looking for? -A white van.

  • -That's not enough. -Come on!

  • -Mommy? -I just talked to your mommy.

  • She's gonna be okay.

  • -Do you promise? -I promise.

  • You have air support?

  • Negative. Air support is grounded due to fire weather.

  • There is a scared little girl whose mother's been abducted.

  • I need a better location.

  • -I'll get it. -How?

  • I know Emily's with you.

  • Where are you going?

  • -What's going on? -Oh my God.

  • LAPD, we need medical immediately.

  • What's going on?

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa!

  • Is your seat belt on?

  • -No. -Does Henry?

  • -Come on. -No.

  • Put yours on.

  • Now listen.

  • I need you to pull the handbrake hard.

  • Pull it.

  • No!

911. This is Emergency Operator 625.


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