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  • Ah, Catwoman. So we meet again.

  • So we do, Supergirl.

  • No, it's me, Phoebe.

  • Monica, can I talk to you for a second?

  • Listen, I appreciate you getting me the costume

  • Oh, you did this to him?

  • What? I thought he'd love it.

  • His favorite kid's book was "The Velveteen Rabbit"

  • "The Velveteen Rabbit" was brown and white!

  • Well, it was either a pink bunny, or no bunny at all.

  • No bunny at all. Always no bunny at all!

  • - Hey. - You didn't dress up either?

  • Yes, I did. I'm Chandler.

  • Dude, what happened?

  • - How is that me? - 'Okay.'

  • [clears throat]

  • I'm Chandler.

  • [growling]

  • Oh! That is so you!

  • When have I ever done that?

  • "When have I ever done that?"

  • [growling]

  • [laughing]

  • [knock on door]

  • - 'Trick or treat.' - Oh.

  • Oh, well, you're just...the prettiest ballerina I've ever seen.

  • Thank you.

  • Oh, wow! That deserves another piece of candy.

  • Thank you.

  • Well, I have to say, that earns two-two pieces of candy.

  • I love you!

  • Oh! Oh!

  • Aw!

  • Aw, honey, here, take it all.

  • Monica? We need more candy.

  • What? There's only been like four kids.

  • Yeah, I know, but one om just said that she loved me so I just gave her everything.

  • Oh, no wonder you're pregnant.

  • - Hey. - Hey.

  • What are you supposed to be?

  • Remember the Russian satellite, Sputnik?

  • Well, I'm a potato

  • ...or a spud....

  • ...and these are my antennas.

  • So Sputnik becomes..

  • ...Spud-nik! Spud-nik.

  • Wow! I don't have the worst costume anymore.

  • Hey, alright! Ross came as doodie.

  • - No, I'm-I'm not doodi. - No, space-doodie.

Ah, Catwoman. So we meet again.


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Friends: Ross' Terrible Halloween Costume (Season 4 Clip) | TBS

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