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  • Hey, do you know you can get high by eating  certain fish? There is even a term for it:  


  • Ichthyoallyeinotoxism. But how does  it feel like to take a “fish trip”?  


  • What species of fish can get you high? And, are  you even supposed to attempt to get high this way?  


  • Let's find out, with People Also Ask.  


  • Hi, I am Shao Chieh Lo, welcome to what people  also ask, where I search for something seemingly  

    嗨,我是 Shao Chieh Lo,歡迎來到《別人Google了什麼》,在本節目中我會搜索一些看似

  • obvious and share with you some of its PAA, aka  People Also Ask, which is a feature telling you  

    顯而易見的東西, 並與您分享一些 PAA,又名《別人Google了什麼》,這是一個功能,告訴您

  • what other people are searching on Google  that relates to your query. Today's query  

    其他人在 Google 上搜索了與您的查詢有關的問題。今天的關鍵詞

  • is Hallucinogenic Fish, Ichthyoallyeinotoxism  & Salema Porgy. So let's start with our first  


  • two PAA: Can fish make you high? What fish  can get you high? Google's auto-generated  

    兩個 PAA 開始:魚能讓你HIGH嗎?什麼魚能讓人HIGH?谷歌自動生成的

  • answer is extracted from a Wikipedia entry titled  “Hallucinogenic fish”. According to this entry,  


  • several types of fish are said to have psychedelic  effects when eaten. Sarpa salpa aka Salema porgy,  

    據說有幾種魚在食用時會產生迷幻效果。例如,叉牙鯛(Sarpa salpa 又名 Salema porgy)

  • a type of sea bream, for example, is widely  thought to be hallucinogenic. They may  

    一種鯛魚,被廣泛認為有致幻效果。 如果食用,

  • induce hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD if  eaten.However, based on the reports of exposure  

    它們可能會引起類似於 LSD 的致幻作用。然而,根據相關暴露報告,

  • they are more likely to resemble hallucinogenic  effects of deliriants than the effects of  

    它們所產生的致幻效果更可能類似於致譫妄物質(deliriants)的致幻作用,而不是像 LSD 等血清基能致幻劑

  • serotonergic psychedelics such as LSD. So how it  feels like? Let's talk about our next PAA: What  

    的作用 。那麼感覺如何呢?讓我們談談我們的下一個 PAA:

  • is Ichthyoallyeinotoxism? This answer cited a case  report published in Clinical Toxicology in 2008.  

    什麼是幻覺性魚類中毒?這個答案引用了 2008 年發表在《臨床毒理學》上的一份病例報告。

  • According to this report, Ichthyoallyeinotoxism  is a rare kind of food poisoning contracted  


  • following the ingestion of fish. The responsible  toxins are unknown, and the clinical feature is  

    食物中毒 。我們並不知道導致該現象的毒素。臨床特徵的特點是

  • characterized by the development of  Central nervous system disturbances,  


  • especially hallucinations and nightmares. And it  appears that a fish trip is usually not a good  


  • trip. This report provides two case studies,  A 40-year-old man experienced mild digestive  

    旅行經驗。這份報告提供了兩個案例研究,一名 40 歲的男子 在 餐廳

  • problems and terrifying visual and auditory  hallucinations after eating a Sarpa salpa in a  

    吃了叉牙鯛後 經歷了輕微的消化問題和可怕的視覺和聽覺幻覺

  • restaurant. He was then sent to the hospital and  recovered 36 hours after the meal. Another man,  

    。隨後他被送往醫院,並在餐後 36 小時康復。另一名健康男性,

  • 90-years-old and previously healthy, had auditory  hallucinations 2 hours after eating a Sarpa salpa.  

    90 歲,在吃了叉牙鯛後 2 小時出現了幻聽。

  • The two following nights, he had numerous  nightmares and recovered spontaneously after  

    接下來的兩個晚上,他做了無數個噩夢, 三天后自然恢復

  • a period of 3 days. But what did they actually  experience during the fish trip? The answer to  

    但他們在夢魚之旅中究竟實際經歷了什麼? 我們下一個PAA

  • our next PAA has more detailed description. So  what does it feel like to have a Sarpa salpa trip?  


  • Google's auto-generated answer is linked to an  article titleMeet the Hallucinogenic Fish That  


  • Can Give You LSD-like Nightmarespublished  by Atlas Obscura which is an online magazine  

    可以給你 LSD 般噩夢的致幻魚 ”,本文由Atlas Obscura發布, 是一本

  • covering unusual and obscure travel destinationsAnd obviously, the travel destinations include  

    涵蓋不尋常和冷僻旅遊目的地的在線雜誌 。顯然,他們所謂的旅行目的地包括

  • the psychedelic trips. According to the articlein 1994, a 40-year-old man felt nauseated about  

    迷幻旅行。根據這篇文章,1994 年,一名 40 歲的男子

  • two hours after enjoying fresh baked Sarpa  salpa on his vacation on the French Riviera.  


  • With symptoms like blurred vision, muscle  weakness and vomiting persistent and worsening  

    兩個小時後 感到噁心 。 由於視力模糊、肌肉無力和嘔吐等症狀持續

  • throughout the next day,he cut his vacation  short and hopped in the car, only to realize  

    並在第二天惡化 ,他縮短了假期並上了車,卻在

  • mid-journey that he couldn't drive because of all  the shrieking enormous arthropods distracting him.  


  • Another 90-year-old man, in 2002, began to have  hallucinations of screaming humans and squawking  

    2002 年,另一位 90 歲的老人在 同樣位於法國里維埃拉的聖特羅佩(Saint Tropez)吃了叉牙鯛後

  • birds after eating the fish in Saint Tropez, also  on the French Riviera. He experienced terrifying  

    ,開始出現尖叫的人類和鳥的幻覺 。他又經歷了兩個晚上可怕的

  • nightmares for another two nights, but he didn't  tell anyone since he thought he was developing  


  • a mental disorder. After reading this article,  I think I personally won't attempt to get high  

    了精神障礙。看完這篇文章後,我個人認為我不會試圖通過這種方式HIGH 。

  • this way. Okay, let's recap. Today we learned  that certain species of fish can get you high,  


  • what is Ichthyoallyeinotoxism, and it's usuallybad trip. If you made it to the end of the video,  


  • chances are that you enjoy learning what  people also ask on Google. But let's face it,  

    你大概有興趣了解人們也在 Google 上提出了什麼問題。但是讓我們面對

  • reading PAA yourself will be a pain. So here's the  deal, I will do the reading for you and upload a  

    現實,自己閱讀 PAA 會很痛苦。所以不如這樣吧,我會為你閱讀並

  • video compiling some fun PAAs once a week, all  you have to do is to hit the subscribe button and  


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Hey, do you know you can get high by eating  certain fish? There is even a term for it:  



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