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  • how long have you known about the order i didn't  who's this it's joe galloway she's downey's lawyer  

  • she's very pleased to meet you what exactly are  you accusing me of commander how long have you  

  • known about the order jack did know about the  order because if he did and told us jack knows  

  • he'd be violating about 14 articles of the code of  ethics as it is jack's got enough to worry about  

  • god forbid our client's side to plead not guilty  and testify for the record that they were given  

  • in order kendrick specifically told those men  not to touch santiago that's right and then he  

  • went into dusting down his room and specifically  told him to give him a code red that's not what  

  • kendricks kendrick's line you have proof i have  the defendants and i have 23 marines who aren't  

  • accused of murdering a lieutenant with four  letters of commendation why did marxism go  

  • your way we'll never know you don't think i could  subpoena markings you can try but you won't find  

  • him you know what markinson did for the first 17  of his 26 years in the corps counter-intelligence  

  • markinson's gone there is no parkinson look danny  jessup star is on the rise division will give  

  • me a lot of room on this one to spare jesus  and the core any embarrassment how much room  

  • i'll knock it all down to involuntary  manslaughter two years or home in six months  

  • no deal we're going to court joe no you're not  why not because you'll lose and danny knows it  

  • and he knows that if we do go to court i'm gonna  have to go all the way they're gonna be charged  

  • with a whole truckload murder conspiracy conduct  unbecoming and even though he's got me by the  

  • balls out here danny knows it in a courtroom he  loses his case see danny is an awfully talented  

  • lawyer and he's not about to see his clients go  to jail for life when he knows they could be on  

  • six months that's the end of this negotiation  i'll see you tomorrow morning at the arraignment

  • all right here's the story the government's  

  • offering involuntary manslaughter  two years be home in six months

  • wow cathy you're the greatest lawyer in the  world ooh how can we ever thank you fellas you  

  • hear what i just said you're going home in six  months i'm afraid we can't do that sir do what  

  • make a deal sir what are you talking about  we did nothing wrong sir we did our job and  

  • if that has consequences then i'll accept  him but i won't say that i'm guilty sir  

  • did you did she put you up to this no we have  a code sir well zippity doodah you and your  

  • code plead not guilty you'll be in jail for  the rest of your life do what i'm telling  

  • you be home in six months do it harold six  months it's nothing it's a hockey season

  • permission to speak jesus

  • what do we do then sir when after six months we'll  be dishonorably discharged right sir probably

  • what do we do then sir

  • we joined the marines because we wanted  to live our lives by a certain code  

  • and we found it in the core now you're asking  us to sign a piece of paper that says we have  

  • no honor you're asking us to say we're not  marines if a court decides that what we did  

  • was wrong then i'll accept whatever punishment  they give but i believe i was right sir i believe  

  • i did my job and i will not dishonor myself my  unit or the core so i can go home in six months

  • sir commander i'd like to talk to lance  corporal dawson alone for a minute please

  • sergeant we're gonna go to another room we'd  like to go in another holiday all right ma'am

  • you don't like me very much do you  forget it don't answer it doesn't matter

  • you know donny worships you

  • he's gonna do whatever you do are you really gonna  let this happen to him because of a code harold  

  • do you think we were right it doesn't matter  do you think we were right i think you'd lose

  • you're such a coward i can't  believe they let you wear a uniform

  • i'm not gonna feel responsible for this harolddid everything i could you're going to leavenworth  

  • for the better part of your life and  you know what i don't give a [ __ ]

  • what happened to saluting an  officer when he leaves the room

  • open it

  • i don't up i don't believe it thousands gonna  go to jail just to spite me fine if he wants to  

  • jump off a cliff that's his business i'm  not gonna hold his hand on the way down  

  • i want to get him a new lawyer how do i do it just  make a motion tomorrow morning at the arraignment  

  • judge will ask you if you want to enter a plea and  you tell me you want to have new counsel assigned

  • that's that one thing though when you ask the  judge for new counsel danny be sure and ask nicely  

  • what do you want from me i want you to let them be  judged i want you to stand up and make an argument  

  • an argument that didn't work for callie at  me lie an argument it didn't work for the  

  • nazis at nuremberg oh for christ's sake sam  do you really think that's the same as two  

  • teenage marines executing a routine order  they never believe would result in harm  

  • these guys aren't the nazis don't look  now danny but you're making an argument

  • yeah yeah tomorrow morning i get them a new  attorney why are you so afraid to be a lawyer  

  • were daddy's expectations really that high  oh please spare me the psychobabble father  

  • [ __ ] dawson and downey will have their day in  court but they'll have it with another lawyer  

  • another lawyer won't be good enough they need  you you know how to win you know they have  

  • a case and you know how to win if you walk  away from this now you've sealed their fate  

  • their fate was sealed the moment santiago  died do you believe they have a case you're  

  • a dawson you both live in the same dream world  it doesn't matter what i believe it only matters  

  • what i can prove so please don't tell me  what i know and don't know i know the law

  • you know nothing about the law  you're a used car salesman daniel  

  • you're an ambulance chaser withrank you're nothing live with that

  • so i told duncan look if you want to take  this to court you're going to force me to  

  • file like nine kinds of discovery emotions and  you're going to spend the better part of a year  

  • going blind on paperwork because a 90 year  old man misread the delaware insurance code  

  • so what happened he calls back 15  minutes later he says let's make a deal

  • so

  • all rise

  • you

how long have you known about the order i didn't  who's this it's joe galloway she's downey's lawyer  


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